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Siemens Simatic S5 Memory

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Siemens Simatic S5 Memory


Classic Automation has a large inventory of Siemens Simatic S5 Memory modules. These include EPROM, EEPROM, RAM and Flash modules and sub-modules. All of our Siemens Simatic S5 Memory parts come with a 2-Year Warranty.

All EPROMs are erased and tested before shipment. We can also help you with burning your program to an EPROM card with our Siemens S5 EPROM Programming Service.

Select the part number to go directly to our database for current inventory and additional information. If you do not see what you require, please search our database or Contact Us.

Please visit our Siemens Simatic S5 main page for more information on our other products, parts and services for Simatic S5.

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Part # Alternate Part Number Part Type Description
6AV1202-0AA00 6AV1 202-0AA00 Eprom 256KB
6AV1202-0BA00 6AV1 202-0BA00 RAM 256kB
6AV1903-0BA01 6AV1 903-0BA01 512kB SRAM-Card Memory Module for CP528A
6AV3971-1BA01-0CA0 6AV3 971-1BA01-0CA0 TD10 EPROM 64K
6AV3971-1BA01-0DA0 6AV3 971-1BA01-0DA0 TD10 EPROM 64K
6AV3971-1CA01-0CA0 6AV3 971-1CA01-0CA0 TD20 Flash EPROM 64K
6AV3971-1CA01-0DA0 6AV3 971-1CA01-0DA0 TD20 Flash EPROM 64k
6AV3971-1CA02-0CA0 6AV3 971-1CA02-0CA0 TD20 EPROM - 128 KB
6AV3971-1CA03-0CA0 6AV3 971-1CA03-0CA0 Eprom 256 Byte
6AV3971-1NA01-0CA0 6AV3 971-1NA01-0CA0 Memory Module for OP20 - 64KB
6AV3971-1NA02-0CA0 6AV3 971-1NA02-0CA0 Memory Module for OP20 - 128KB
6AV3971-1NA03-0CA0 6AV3 971-1NA03-0CA0 Memory Module for OP20 - 256KB
6ES5340-3KA11 6ES5 340-3KA11 Memory Module
6ES5340-3KA21 6ES5 340-3KA21 Memory Module
6ES5340-3KA41 6ES5 340-3KA41 Memory Module
6ES5340-3KB11 6ES5 340-3KB11 Memory Card
6ES5340-3KB21 6ES5 340-3KB21 Memory Card
6ES5340-3KB31 6ES5 340-3KB31 Memory Card
6ES5340-3KB41 6ES5 340-3KB41 Memory Card
6ES5340-3KB42 6ES5 340-3KB42 Memory Card
6ES5340-5AA21 6ES5 340-5AA21 RAM Memory Module - 32 KB
6ES5340-5AB11 6ES5 340-5AB11 Memory Module
6ES5340-5AB21 6ES5 340-5AB21 Memory Module
6ES5340-5AB31 6ES5 340-5AB31 RAM Memory Module - 48 KB
6ES5340-5AB32 6ES5 340-5AB32 RAM Memory Module - 48 KB
6ES5350-3KA21 6ES5 350-3KA21 Memory Module
6ES5350-3KA41 6ES5 350-3KA41 Memory Module
6ES5370-0AA31 EPROM
6ES5370-0AA41 6ES5 370-0AA41 EPROM
6ES5370-0AB11 EPROM Memory Module
6ES5371-0AA51 6ES5 371-0AA51 EPROM
6ES5372-0AA51 6ES5 372-0AA51 EPROM Module
6ES5372-0AA61 6ES5 372-0AA61 EPROM Module
6ES5372-1AA61 6ES5 372-1AA61 32KB EPROM Module
6ES5373-0AA21 6ES5 373-0AA21 Eprom 16kB
6ES5373-0AA41 6ES5 373-0AA41 Eprom 32kB
6ES5373-0AA61 6ES5 373-0AA61 Eprom 64 Kb
6ES5373-0AA81 6ES5 373-0AA81 Eprom 128kB
6ES5373-1AA41 6ES5 373-1AA41 Eprom 32 kB
6ES5373-1AA61 6ES5 373-1AA61 Eprom 64 kB
6ES5373-1AA81 6ES5 373-1AA81 Eprom 128 kB
6ES5374-0AA11 6ES5 374-0AA11 EEPROM
6ES5374-0AB11 Memory Submodule
6ES5374-0BA11 6ES5 374-0BA11 EPROM Memory Module
6ES5374-1FG11 Flash Card 128 kBytes
6ES5374-1FH11 6ES5 374-1FH11 Flash Eprom 128kB
6ES5374-1FH21 6ES5 374-1FH21 Flash EPROM
6ES5374-1FJ21 6ES5 374-1FJ21 Flash Eprom 512kB
6ES5374-1KG11 6ES5 374-1KG11 Memory Card
6ES5374-1KH21 6ES5 374-1KH21 Flash 256kb
6ES5374-1KJ11 6ES5 374-1KJ11 Flash Eprom 512kB
6ES5374-2AH21 6ES5 374-2AH21 RAM 256kB
6ES5374-2FH21 6ES5 374-2FH21 Flash 256 KB Module
6ES5374-2FJ21 6ES5 374-2FJ21 Flash Eprom 512kB
6ES5374-2FK21 6ES5 374-2FK21 Flash EPROM 1MB Memory Card
6ES5374-2FL21 6ES5 374-2FL21 Flash EPROM 2MB Memory Card
6ES5374-2FM21 6ES5 374-2FM21 Flash Eprom 4MB Memory Card
6ES5374-2FS21 6ES5 374-2FS21 Flash Eprom 16MB Memory Card
6ES5374-2KG21 6ES5 374-2KG21 Flash Eprom 128kB
6ES5374-2KH21 6ES5 374-2KH21 Flash Memory Module 256 KB
6ES5374-2KK21 6ES5 374-2KK21 Flash Eprom 1MB
6ES5374-2KL21 6ES5 374-2KL21 Flash Module - 2MB
6ES5375-0LA11 6ES5 375-0LA11 EPROM Module
6ES5375-0LA15 6ES5 375-0LA15 EPROM 8k
6ES5375-0LA15-Z 161-44830-3301-012 EPROM
6ES5375-0LA21 6ES5 375-0LA21 EPROM 16k
6ES5375-0LA41 6ES5 375-0LA41 EPROM 32k
6ES5375-0LA61 6ES5 375-0LA61 EPROM 64k
6ES5375-0LA71 6ES5 375-0LA71 EPROM 128K
6ES5375-0LB11 6ES5 375-OLB11 S5-105R EEPROM
6ES5375-0LB21 6ES5 375-0LB21 S5-105R EEPROM
6ES5375-0LC11 6ES5 375-0LC11 EEPROM 2K
6ES5375-0LC21 6ES5 375-0LC21 EEPROM 4K
6ES5375-0LC31 6ES5 375-0LC31 EEPROM 8K
6ES5375-0LC41 6ES5 375-0LC41 EEPROM 16K
6ES5375-0LC61 6ES5 375-0LC61 EEPROM 32K
6ES5375-0LD11 6ES5 375-0LD11 RAM 8K
6ES5375-0LD21 6ES5 375-0LD21 RAM 16K
6ES5375-0LD31 6ES5 375-0LD31 161-4A012 RAM 32K Memory Module
6ES5375-1LA15 6ES5 375-1LA15 EPROM 8K
6ES5375-1LA21 6ES5 375-1LA21 EPROM 16K
6ES5375-1LA41 6ES5 375-1LA41 EPROM 32K
6ES5375-1LA61 6ES5 375-1LA61 EPROM 64K
6ES5375-1LA71 6ES5 375-1LA71 EPROM 128K
6ES5375-8LA11 6ES5 375-8LA11 Memory Submodule
6ES5375-8LA12 6ES5 375-8LA12 Memory Submodule
6ES5375-8LC11 6ES5 375-8LC11 EPROM Module - 2K
6ES5375-8LC21 6ES5 375-8LC21 EEPROM 8K x 8 Bit
6ES5376-0AA11 6ES5 376-0AA11 EPROM 16K
6ES5376-0AA21 6ES5 376-0AA21 EPROM 32K
6ES5376-0AA31 6ES5 376-0AA31 EPROM 64K
6ES5376-1AA11 6ES5 376-1AA11 EPROM 16K
6ES5376-1AA21 6ES5 376-1AA21 EPROM 32K
6ES5376-1AA31 6ES5 376-1AA31 EPROM 64K
6ES5377-0AA11 6ES5 377-0AA11 RAM 16K
6ES5377-0AA21 6ES5 377-0AA21 RAM 32k
6ES5377-0AA31 6ES5 377-0AA31 RAM 64K
6ES5377-0AA32 6ES5 377-0AA32 RAM 64K Memory Module
6ES5377-0AA41 6ES5 377-0AA41 RAM 128K
6ES5377-0AB21 6ES5 377-0AB21 RAM 32K
6ES5377-0AB31 6ES5 377-0AB31 RAM 64K
6ES5377-0AB41 6ES5 377-0AB41 RAM 128K
6ES5377-0BA31 6ES5 377-0BA31 Memory Module With Backup Battery
6ES5377-0BB41 6ES5 377-0BB41 Memory Submodule 128K RAM
6ES5378-0AA11 6ES5 378-0AA11 EPROM Module for OP395
6ES5398-0KS11 6ES5 398-0KS11 OP398 Memory Card for OP398
6ES5840-4SH01 6ES5 840-4SH01 Siemens S5 Flash EPROM
6ES5910-0AA11 6ES5 910-0AA11 Eprom S5-110A
6ES5910-0AA21 6ES5 910-0AA21 Eprom S5-110A
6ES5910-0AA31 6ES5 910-0AA31 Eprom S5-110A
6ES5910-0AA41 6ES5 910-0AA41 Eprom S5-110A
6ES5911-0AA42 6ES5 911-0AA42 EPROM for S5-110S
6ES5911-0AA52 6ES5 911-0AA52 EPROM for S5-110S
6ES5980-4BA11 Module Casing
6ES5985-1AA11 Uv Eraser F. Eprom Memory Submodule
C79458-L331-B1 Memory Module
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