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Part Number Part Type Description
0038-H-000100-V01 0038-H-000100 S5 Arcnet Module
018689 ISB50-03 ISB50-03 Control Block
03200 6FX1118-1AA01 , 03202-A Sinumerik 03200 EPROM Module
03810 Operator Video Module
03830 6FX1122-1AC02, 03831-A Sinumerik 03830 Interface Module
06800-A 06800-A Module
15499-147/8 Fan Assembly
15669-36-5 15669-1-15 15669-1-15 Memory Module
15736-69 Moore Module BDD
15736-72 15484-11-4 Console Data Link Module
15736-75 15484-11-4 Console Data Link Module
15737-134 Communication Module
15738-119 Moore 352E - Expanded Housing
15738-120 Moore 352B - Basic Housing
15738-71 Moore 352 Display Assembly
15756-1 Moore 352 Face Plate
15854-31 Moore Module BCF
15854-35 Moore Module BBB
15854-51 Moore Module BCF
15854-53 Moore Module BBB
15950-23 Frequency Input Module Kit - Moore 352
16101-1/16 39SDM024DCNAN SDM - Standard Discrete Module
16101-121/01 39SDM024DCCAN SDM - Standard Discrete Module
16101-174/03 39SDM024DCCBN SDM - Standard Discrete Module
16101-174/05 39SDM024DCCBN SDM - Standard Discrete Module
16101-174/11 39SDM024DCCBN SDM - Standard Discrete Module
16101-174/8 39SDM024DCCBN SDM - Standard Discrete Module
16107-101/01 39IDN115ACCAN IDM - Input Discrete Module
16107-101/03 39IDM115ACCAN IDM - Input Discrete Module
16107-101/04 39IDM11SACCAN IDM - Input Discrete Module
16107-102/1 39IDM11SACCBN IDM - Input Discrete Module
16107-103/3 IDM - QUADLOG
16107-181/04 39IDM115ACAN IDM - Input Discrete Modules
16107-182/1 39IDM115ACCBN IDM - Input Discrete Module
16110-71/03 39HFM2CAN HFM - Hart Fieldbus Module
16114-1/04 MODULRAC - Cardfile Assembly
16114-1/05 Modulrac Card Rack
16114-102/01 39PSR2ANCN POWERAC - Power Supply and Rack Assembly
16114-105/3 39PSR4ANAN POWERAC - Power Supply and Rack Assembly
16114-171/4 MODULERAC
16114-171/6 MODULERAC Module Card Rack
16114-180/02 39PSR4ANCN Powerac Power Supply
16133-101-02 SAM Module
16133-71/01 39SAMCAN SAM - Standard Analog Module
16133-71/04 39SAMCAN SAM - Standard Analog Module
16133-71/10 39SAMCAN SAM  - Standard Analog Module
16133-71/13 39SAMCAN SAM - APACS+ Standard Analog Module
16133-71/8 39SAMCAN SAM - Standard Analog Module
16133-71/9 39SAMCAN SAM - Standard Analog Module
16133-71R/04 39SAMCAN SAM - Standard Analog Module
16133-71R/08 39SAMCAN SAM - Standard Analog Module
16133-79/4 QLSAMBAN QUADLOG SAM Module
16133-79/6 QUADLOG SAM Module
16137-1 Moore APACS Cable
16137-10 Moore APACS Cable
16137-100 Moore APACS Cable
16137-114 Moore APACS Termination Cable
16137-172 Cable Kit
16137-175 Cable Kit
16137-215 Combo Card Cable
16137-4 Moore APACS Cable
16137-40 Moore APACS Cable
16137-41 Moore APACS Cable
16137-43 Moore APACS Cable
16137-7 Moore APACS Cable
16139-105/1 39ACM24DCN ACM - Advanced Control Module 39ACM24DCN
16139-205/1 39ACM24BDN ACM - Advanced Control Module 040/4M
16139-208/1 39ACM28ADN APACS+  ACM - 8MB
16139-215/1 39ACM24BEN ACM+  Advanced Control Module
16139-215/3 39ACM24BEN ACM+ Advanced Control Module
16139-215/5 39ACM24BEN ACM+ Advanced Control Module
16139-218/1 39ACM28AEN ACM+ Advanced Control Module
16139-218/3 39ACM28AEN ACM+ Advanced Control Module
16139-76/02 39ACM24BAN ACM - Advanced Control Module 040/4M
16139-76/09 39ACM24BAN ACM - Advanced Control Module
16139-97/5 QLACM12BBN QUADLOG Advanced Control Module +
16147-21-2 ACM Transition Board
16147-51-1 ACM Transition Board
16147-51-2 ACM Transition Board
16154-101/01 39EAMCAN EAM - Enhanced Analog Module
16154-104/03 EAM - Enhanced Analog Module
16154-104/8 QLEAMBBN EAM - Enhanced Analog Module
16154-93/1 39EAMCBN EAM - Enhanced Analog Module
16155-41-1 Moore 385H Faceplate
16158-1 39CEMNNAN CEM - Computer Expansion Module
16169-1-3 SAM Marshalled Termination Assembly
16169-1-6 SAM Marshalled Termination Assembly
16169-3 SAM Marshalled Termination Assembly
16169-31 SAM Modular Marshalled Termination Assembly
16170-1-2 VIM Marshalled Termination Assembly
16170-1-4 VIM Marshalled Termination Assembly
16170-4 VIM Marshalled Termination Assembly
16171-121/01 39VIMCBN VIM - Voltage Input Module
16171-121/03 39VIMCBN VIM - Voltage Input Module
16171-121/04 39VIMCBN VIM - Voltage Input Module
16171-126/01 39VIMCCN VIM Voltage Input Module
16171-126/3 39VIMCCN VIM - Voltage Input Module
16180-1/09 39MBXNAN MBX - Modulbus Expander
16180-1/11 39MBXNAN MBX - Modulbus Expander
16180-1/14 39MBXNAN Modulbus Expansion
16180-1/15 39MBXNAN MBX - Modulbus Expander
16180-1R/11 39MBXNAN MBX - Modulbus Expander
16180-71/2 QLMBXNAN QUADLOG MBX Module
16182-1R-3 MBX MBX Transistion Board
16184-102/2 ODM - Output Discrete Module
16184-61/04 39ODM115ACCAN ODM - Output Discrete Module
16184-61/1 39ODM115ACCAN ODM - Output Discrete Module
16184-61R/06 39ODM115ACCAN ODM - Output Discrete Module
16190-1-1 EAM Marshalled Termination Assembly
16194-25/07 39ICM411AAN ICM - Industrial Computer Module
16194-32R/09 39NIM421BAN NIM - Network Inteface Module
16194-81/05 39NIM411NAN NIM - Network Interface Module
16197-61/2 39BCMNBN BCM - Bus Continuation Module
16197-61/3 39BCMNBN BCM - Bus Continuation Module
16197-81/3 BCM - Bus Continuation Module
16201-1/01 SDM Marshalled Termination Assembly
16201-1-04 16201-1-4 SDM Marshalled Termination Assembly
16201-1-10 SDM Relay Marshalled Termination Assembly
16249-21-5 Mbus Module - ISA Slot
16249-51-2 M-BUS Interface Module - ISA Slot
16249-51-4 M-BUS Interface Module - ISA Slot
16249-51-5 M-BUS Interface Module - ISA Slot
16267-1/2 MODULNET (M-NET) Interface Module - MNI for ISA
16267-1/3 MODULNET (M-NET) Interface Module - MNI for ISA
16267-1/4 MODULNET (M-NET) Interface Module - MNI for ISA
16267-1/7 MODULNET (M-NET) Interface Module - MNI for ISA
16289-200/2 SIXRAC Moore APACS+
16303-2/00 RNI - Rackmount Network Interface
16303-520/1 39RNI512ABBN RNI - Rackmounted Network Interface
16303-521/0C 39RNI512BBBN RNI - Rackmounted Network Interface
16413-1 16413-1-1 MBI/MNI Combo Card - PCI
16413-1/5 MNI/MBI Combo Card
16418-1-04 Siemens Moore Module
16418-21-4 Siemens Moore Module
16418-41/4 QLCCM24AAN CCM+ Critical Control Module Plus+
16448-1-08 Siemens Moore Module
16448-NEW B-03 Siemens Moore Module
16808-21/5 QUADLOG Critical Control Module (CCM)
16808-21/6 QLCCM12ABN QUADLOG CCM Module
16809-21/05 QLCDM024DCAAN CDM - Critical Discrete Module
16809-21R/05 QLMBXNAN QUADLOG MBX - Modulbus Expander
16809-41/1 QUADLOG CDM Module
16809-41/4 QLCDM024DCBAN QUADLOG CDM Module
198 803-00000 SMP Reset Module
1FT5064-0AC71-2-Z 1FT5 AC Servo Motor
1FT5064-0AC71-2-Z-BRAKE 1FT5 AC Servo Motor with Brake
1FT5076-0AK71-2-Z 1FT5 AC Servo Motor
2288383 FLKMS-D25 FLKMS-D25 SUB/S/REG-U/S100 Interface Connector
2294500 FLKM-50-PA-S400 CONNECTOR  FLKM 50-PA-S400
2493295-0002 Texas Instrument Membrane Keyboard
2493295-0003 Texas Instrument Membrane Keyboard
2560-A CTI Isolated Analog Output Module
2573 2573-MOD 2573-MOD Serial Interface Module
2587678-8005 B9508 Replacement Battery for Texas Instruments
2587678-8010 BR2325 Replacement Battery for Texas Instruments
2587681-8021 ROM Kit
2587705-8010 Side Access Connector
2587705-8011 Front Access Connector
2587716-8002 2493236-0003 Enhanced Runtime Keyboard
2592457-0001 505 Blank Bezel
2XV9450-1AU00 CP1430 TCP
305 60PV 305-60PV Programmer
305-01AD Analog Input Module 4-20MA/1-5VDC 4 POINT
305-01DA Analog Output Module
305-01N Digital Input Module
305-01S TI-305-01S Input Simulator 8 point
305-01T Output Relay Module - 8 Point
305-01Z Counter Module
305-02DM Data Communications Unit
305-02N Input 24 VAC/DC
305-03DM TI-305-03DM Communications Module
305-04B/05B TI305-04B/05B 10-Slot Rack with Power Supply
305-05B D308B RACK 115/230 VAC POWER SUPPLY 8 SLOT
305-05J TI-305-05J Cable
305-05N Input Module  -  24 VDC
305-05NH TI-305-05NH Input Module
305-05T Output Relay Module
305-10D TI-305-10D Timer / Counter
305-10T TI-305-10T Output Module
305-12T TI-305-12T Output Module
305-15PJ-1 TI-305-15PJ-1 Cable
305-16AC TI-305-16AC Output Module
305-16ADC TI-305-16ADC Input Module
305-16DC Universal DC Sink/Source Input Module
305-20N Input Module 115VAC 8 Point
305-20T Output Module 8 Point 115VAC
305-20T-1 TI305-20T-1 Output Module 115 VAC
305-21T TI-305-21T Output Module
305-22N TI-305-22N Input Module
305-22P TI-305-22P Module Prom
305-25N Input Module - 115 VAC
305-25T Output Module
305-35N Input Module - 24 VDC
305-35T 24VDC Output Module
305-4DAC TI-305-4DAC Analog Module
305-4DAC-S TI-305-4DAC-S Analog Module
305-50T Output Module - 24 VDC
305-55N Input Module 24 AC/DC
305-55T Output Module - 24 VDC
305-6ABM-1 TI-305-6ABM-1 ASCII Basic Extencer
305-8AD590 TI-305-8AD590 Temperature Transducer
305-8ADC TI-305-8ADC Input Module
305-8RLY-I TI-305-8RLY-I Ouput Module
305-BATT TI-305-BATT Battery Lithium
305-CPU TI-305-CPU CPU
305DC-02B 5-slot Rack, 24 VDC Power Supply
305DC-04B TI-305DC-04B Rack
305-DCU-C TI-305-DCU-C Universal Converter Module
305-DCU-C-1 TI-305-DCU-C-1 Universal Converter
305-DCU-S TI-305-DCU-S Universal Converter Module
305-DMY Filler Module
305-IOEX TI305-IOEX Input/Output Expansion Module
305-OPMX-1 TI-305-OPMX-1 CPU Bridge Module
305-PROG Programmer
305S-PROG TI-305S-PROG Programmer
315-AA Central Processing Unit
315DC-DR Central Processing Unit
320A2NNF 15918-50S2IK Model 320 Independent Computer Interface
325-07 Central Processing Unit
325S-05 CPU Moduel
330-37 Central Processor Unit
335-37 Central Processing Unit
351A21N1F Moore 351 Triple-Loop Digital Controller
351A21NNF Moore 351 Triple-Loop Digital Controller
351A21NNN 16100-2/3LK Moore 351 Triple-Loop Digital Controller
351A21VNF 16100-26 Moore 351 Triple-Loop Digital Controller
352BA11NNF 15935-1 Moore 352 - Basic
352BA1NNNF Moore 352 - Basic
352BA21NNF 352 Basic with Extended Terminations
352BB11NNF Moore 352 - Basic
352BB11NNN Moore 352 - Basic
352BC11NNF Moore 352 - Basic
352BC11NNN Moore 352 - Basic
352EA21C1C Moore 352E
352EA21D1F Moore 352E
352EA21DNF Moore 352E
352EA21F1F Moore 352E
352EA21FNF Moore 352E
352EA21N1F 15935-37 Moore 352E
352EA21NNF 15935 Moore 352E - Expanded
352EA21T1F Moore 352E
352EA21TNF Moore 352E
352EA21V1F Moore 352
352EA21V1N Moore 352
352EA21VNF Moore 352
352EA21VNN Moore 352
352EC21D1F Moore 352E - 24 VDC Power
352EC21DNF Moore 352E - 24 VDC Power
352EC21FNF Moore 352E - 24 VDC Power
352EC21N1F Moore 352E - 24 VDC Power
352EC21NNF 15935-9/10LA Moore 352E - 24 VDC Power
352EC21T1F Moore 352E - 24 VDC Power
352EC21TNF Moore 352E - 24 VDC Power
352EC21V1F Moore 352 - 24 VDC Power
352EC21VNF Moore 352E - 24 VDC Power
352PEA21VNNNAW Moore 352P
353A2F1NNLNNNA4 16353-122 Moore 353
353A2F1NNNNNNA4 Moore 353
353A2FNNNLNNNA4 16353-123 Moore 353
353A4F1NNETNNA4 Moore 353
353A4F1NNNNNNA4 Moore 353
36103-118/2 ACM-4 PanelRAC ACM-4
363A21N4NN1B4 Moore 363 Multi-Point Digital Recorder
363A21N4NNNA4 Moore 363 Multi-Point Digital Recorder
363A21N4UD1B4 Moore 363 Multi-Point Digital Recorder
363A21N4UN1B4 Moore 363 Multi-Point Digital Recorder
372A11NF 15815-88 Moore 372 Indicator
372A21NF Moore 372
382EA21D1F Moore 382 Logic and Sequence Controller
382EA21N1F Moore 382 Logic and Sequence Controller
382EA21NNF Moore 382 Logic and Sequence Controller
383TA21N1F Moore 383 Indicator
39GIMAAN GIM - Gage Interface Module
39PSR4ANDN 16114-200/1 QUADLOG Power Supply
39VIMCCN Voltage Input Module
3RG9001-0AG00 Sensor Interface - 4AI
3RG9010-0AA00 Base Module
3RH1140-2KB40 Siemens Auxillary Contactor
3RH1191-1HA22 Aux. Contact Block 2NO+2NC
3RK1200-0CE02-0AA2 AS-I Module - 4 Inputs
3RK1402-3CE01-0AA2 AS-I Module, 4I/4O
3RK1408-0BT01-0CA0 AS-I Slave Module
3RK1901-1NN00 Distributor K45
3RK2400-1FQ03-0AA3 I/O Module
3RP1511-1AQ30 Timing Module
3RP1574-1NQ30 Time Relay
3RT1016-1AF01 Contactor
3RT1016-1BB42 Contactor
3RT1017-1BB42 3ZX1012-0RH11-1AA1 Contactor
3RV1011-1KA10 3ZX1012-0RV01-1AA1 Overload Breaker
3RV1021-0EA10 Motor Starter Protector 25A, 3-POLE
3RV1021-1GA10 Motor Protector Module
3RV1021-4BA10 Motor Protector
3RV1421-1DA10 Transformer Protector
3RX9300 AS-Interface Adapter Module
3RX9300-0AA00 AS-Interface Adapter Module
3RX9307-0AA00 POWER SUPPLY 2.4AMP 115/230VAC-30VDC AS-I
3RX9307-1AA00 Power Supply
3RX9400-0AA00 AS-Interface Addressing Device
3RX9501-0BA00 AS-i Power Supply
3SB3000-3AK01 Plastic Round Actuator
3SB3202-0AA51 Pushbutton
3SE2 120-0C Position Switch
3SE230-7C Position Switch
3SE3230-1A Limit Switch Body 1NO + 1NC
3TF2010-0BB4 Contactor DC OPERATED OPEN 24V 1NO
3TF2010-1BB4 Contactor
3TF2222-0BB4 Contactor Size 00 24VDC
3TH2022-0BB4 Relay Module
3TH2040-0BB4 Relay Module - 4 NO
3TH43 10-0BB4 Relay
3TH43 91-0AG2 Control Relay
3TH43 91-0BB4 Control Relay
3TK2801-0DB4 Indicator Control Enable
3TK2802-0DB4 Safety Contactor
3TK2803-0BB4 Contactor Safety Combination
3TK2804-0BB4 Contactor Safety Combination
3TK2805-0BB4 Contactor Saftey Combo 24VDC
3TX422-2A Auxilliary contact block
3TX4490-3G Varistor
3TX4490-3T Surge Suppressor 127-220VAC
3TX7115-5NF13 Relay, 120 Vac 50/60HZ
3TX7144-1E4 Socket 15A
3UA5200-2C Overload Relay
3VU1300-1MF00 Starter Motor Protector
3VU1300-1ML00 Starter Motor Protector
3VU1300-1MS00 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
3ZX1012-0RV01-1AA1 3RV1011-0JA10 Starter Motor Protector
405-12ABM 16 Mhz Basic Coprocessor Module
405-12ABM-RM TI-405-12ABM-RM Coprocessor
405-12ABM-TM TI-405-12ABM-TM Basic Module with Coprocessor
405-15ABM TI-405-15ABM Coprocessor
405-2NIM TI-405-2NIM Module Network Comm Slave Tiway
405-4DAC-1 Analog Output Module
405-4DAC-2 TI-405-4DAC-2 Output Module
405-51ABM TI-405-51ABM Basic Module with Coprocessor
405-6MT Co-processor Module - 6MT Interface
405-8ADC TI-405-8ADC Input Card
405-8ADC-1 TI-405-8ADC-1 Input Card
405-8RLY-I TI-405-8RLY-I Output Module
405-9RLY-I Output Board
405DC-IOEX TI-405DC-IOEX Expansion Unit
405DC-RIC TI-405DC-RIC Power Supply
405-IOEX I/O Base Expansion Unit
405-LIC TI-405-LIC Remote I/O
405-MIU Programmer
405-RIC TI-405-RIC Remote I/O
405S-10P Programmer
405U-15T U-15T Output Module -  16 Point
425-CPU TI425 Model 425 Central Processing Unit
42H3C 7025938RF NULLMATIC Pressure Regulator
430-CPU TI-430-CPU CPU
435-CPU TI 435 TI435 Central Processing Unit
463124952301 Siemens Moore Module
4AM4042-5AT10-0FA0 Transformer
4AV2302-2AB Power Supply
500-2101 I/O Channel Controller
500-2103 Processor Base with Power Supply
500-2108 I/O Channel Controller
500-2109 Distributed Base Controller (DBC)
500-2114 Remote Base Control Module
500-2151 Power Supply Module 110/220VAC
500-5001 110 Vac Input Module
500-5008 24 VDC Input Module
500-5009 Analog Input Module
500-5011 110 Vac Output Module
500-5013 24/48 VDC Output Module
500-5016 Analog Output Module
500-5020 Input Simulator
500-5021 Output Simulator Module
500-5023 High Speed Pulse Unit Module
500-5028 16 Module I/O Base
500-5029 Dual Port Communication Module
500-5037-A Input Module 8 Point Analog
500-5038 Network Interface Module
500-5039 TIWAY Network Interface Module
500-5047A 8 Channel Analog Output
500-5051 Thermocouple Input Module
500-5054 Peerlink Interface Module
500-5055 32 PT Input Module - 110 Vac
500-5056 Digital Output Module
500-5828A Rack 16-Slot
500-5848 14 Module I/O Base Rack
500-5892 6 MODULE I/O BASE
505/ATM-0220 Processor Module
505/ATM-0440 505/ATM, 386/ATM 386 ATM Processor Module
505-2555 16 Pt Differential Analog Input Module
505-2556 16 Pt Thermocouple Input Module
505-2557 16 Pt. RTD Input Module
505-2571 Communication Port Expander
505-2580 Isolated 120 VAC 16 Pt Input Module
505-2590-A Isolated 120VAC Output Module
505-3508 Sinking Output Module
505-3516 Sinking Output Module
505-3532 Sinking Output Module
505-3708 Sinking Ouput Module
505-3716 Sinking Output Module
505-3732 Digital Output Module - Sink
505-4008-A Input Module
505-4016-A Input Module
505-4032-A Input Module
505-4108 Input Module
505-4116 Input Module
505-4132 Input Module
505-4208 110 Vac Input Module
505-4208-A 110 Vac Input Module
505-4216 Input Module
505-4216A Input Module - 110 Vac, 16 Point
505-4232 110 Vac Input Module
505-4232-A Digital Input Module
505-4308 Digital Input Module
505-4316 24 VDC Input Module
505-4316A 24 VDC Input Module
505-4317 Isolate/Interupt Module - 24 Vdc
505-4332 24 VDC Input Module
505-4416 Digital Input Module
505-4416A Digital Input Module
505-4508 Output Module
505-4516 1/2 A DC Output Module
505-4532 1/2 A DC Output Module
505-4608 24-110V Output Module
505-4616 Output Module
505-4632 24~110 VAC Output Module
505-4708 Output Module
505-4716 Output Module
505-4732 Output Module
505-4808 Output Module - 110/220 Vac, 8 Point
505-4816 Output Module - 110-220 Vac, 16 Point
505-4832 110~220 Vac Output Module
505-4908 PPX505-4908 Relay Output Module - 8  Point
505-4916 Relay Output Module
505-4916A Relay Output Module
505-4932 Relay Output Module - 32 Point
505-4932A Relay Output Module - 32 Point
505-5100 Controller 505 TURB
505-5184 MODBUS Network Interface Module
505-5190 6MT Channel Controller
505-5417 Relay Output Module
505-5518 Relay Module - High Current
505-6010 Input Simulator
505-6011 Output Simulator Module
505-6108 Analog Input Module - 8 Channel
505-6108B 8 Channel Input Analog Module
505-6202 Analog Output Module
505-6208 Analog Output Module - 8 Channel
505-6208A 8 Channel Output Analog
505-6208B 8 Channel Output Analog Module
505-6308 8 Channel Word Input
505-6408 Word Output - 8 Channel
505-6504 4-Slot Rack
505-6508 8-Slot Rack
505-6511 Redundant Base
505-6516 16-Slot Rack
505-6660 110/220 Vac Power Supply
505-6660A 110/220 Vac Power Supply
505-6660B Power Supply
505-6830 I/O Channel Controller
505-6840 Distributed Base Controller (DBC)
505-6850A Remote Base Controller
505-6850B Remote Base Controller
505-6851A Remote Base Controller - RS485
505-6851B Remote Base Controller - RS485
505-6860 RS-485 TO COAX Converter
505-6870 Remote Base Controller - Profibus DP
505-7002 PPX505-7002 High Speed Counter
505-7003 High Speed Counter
505-7012 Analog Input/Output Module
505-7012A Analog I/O Module 8 15 Bit Input / 4 12 Bit Output
505-7016 I/O Module Bipolar High Speed
505-7028 Thermocouple Module
505-7028A Thermocouple Module
505-7038 RTD Module
505-7101 Programmable BASIC Module
505-7102 Analog I/O Module
505-7190 7MT Interface Module
505-7201 Field Interface Module
505-7202 Field Interface Module
505-7339 Tiway 1 Network Interface
505-7340 TIWAY I Network Interface Module
505-7354 Peerlink
505-9201 Communications Module MRIO-DC
505-CP1434-TCP TCP Network Interface Module
505-CP1434TF H1 Ethernet Communications Module
505-CP2572 Ethernet TCP/IP Module
510-1101 2458701-0001 Controller
510-2101 I/O Expander Module
520-1101 Controller
520C-1102 Series 500 Controller
525-1102 CPU Module
525-1104 CPU Module
530-1102 Controller
530-1108 Combined CPU and PSU - 8K ladder
530C-1104 CPU Module
530T-1112 PLC 530 TURBO 12K
535-1212 CPU Module
545-1101 CPU Module
545-1102 CPU Module
545-1103 CPU Module
545-1104 CPU Module
545-1105 CPU Module
545-1106 CPU Module
555-1101 CPU MODULE
555-1103 CPU Module
555-1104 CPU Module - 1920K
555-1105 CPU Module
555-1106 CPU Module
560-2122 Power Supply Module
560-2126B Remote Channel Controller
560-2136 Global Memory Card
560-2820 560-2820
565-2120 CPU Module
575-4332 24 VDC Input Module
575-4366 24 VDC 16 In/16 Out Module
575-4916 Relay Output Module
58H 7095S13DD, 7095S13DJ High Limit Relay (SD58H)
5MT11-A05L Input Module 120V AC
5MT12-20AL Output Module
5MT13-C04L Input Module
5MT14-30CL Output Module
5MT23 5MT23 16-Slot Mounting Base
5MT43 5MT43 Mounting Base
5NP7611-0AX Power Supply
5NP7621-0A Counter Module
5SX2 Circuit Breaker
5SX22 Circuit Breaker
5SX9100 Auaxiliary Contact Block
5TI-1013 Sequncer Module
5TI-1021 5TI Sequncer
5TI-1031-1 Sequencer Module
5TI-1032-1 5TI Sequencer
5TI-1034-2 5 TI Sequencer
5TI-2001 Programmer
5TI-3101 5TI  Computer Link/Terminal Link
5TI-3102 5TI Computer Link/Terminal Link
5T-I4000 Simulator
5TI-4100 I/O Simulator
5TI-5010 Logic Module
5TI5-25806 5TI Cable
61F 7200S14FC, 720018SE, 720018SF Pneumatic Booster Relay
6AA5103-0AB70 Module
6AA5103-0AC70 Simatic S5-210 Processor
6AA6400-7AA70 Switch Panel
6AA6500-0BD Siemens Module
6AA6500-0BE MMC 216 SICOMP Module
6AB5102-0AA70 Interface Module
6AB6123-0BA SICOMP Module
6AB6124-0AA Siemens Module
6AB6125-0AA Siemens Power Module
6AB6125-0BA Power Monitor Module
6AB6125-0CA Battery Module
6AB6125-0DA Power Supply Module
6AB6125-2AC SICOMP Card File
6AB6150-0AA70 Interface Module
6AB6150-0BA70 Expansion Module
6AB6515-0AC Interface Module
6AC6968-1AB70 Light Pen
6AF5100-0AB70 Module
6AF5200-0AA70 Module
6AF5201-0AA70 Module
6AF5202-0AA70 Module
6AF5500-0AF70 Siemens Module
6AF6102-0AA MMC 216 SICOMP MMC 216 Digital Input Module
6AF6201-0AB MMC 216 SICOMP MMC 216 Digital Output Module
6AF7003-0BA SICOMP Module
6AF7004-2AA Rack without Power Supply
6AF7021-0AA SICOMP Module
6AF7023-0AA SICOMP Module
6AJ5201-3AA70 Power Supply Module
6AJ5202-3AA70 Power Module
6AJ5203-3AA70 Power Module
6AJ5204-3AA70 Power Module
6AJ6114-0AA MMC 216 SICOMP MMC 216 Module
6AP1562-0BA11-0AH0 SICOMP PC32-M
6AP1800-0AB30 Current Loop Interface Module
6AR1025-2AG00-0AA0 IMC01 SICOMP IMC01 Operator Panel
6AR1300-0JD20-0AA0 SMP16-CPU040 SMP16-CPU040 SICOMP Module
6AR1301-0CA31-0AA0 SICOMPSMP16-M351
6AR1301-0DB10-0AA0 SMP16-MEM161 SICOMP SMP16-MEM161 PCMCIA Module
6AR1302-0AA00-0AA0 Analog Output
6AR1302-0AC00-0AA0 SMP16-TBG100 SMP16-TBG100 SICOMP Module
6AR1302-0AD00-0AA0 SMP16-EA216 SMP16-EA216 SICOMP Digital Output Module
6AR1302-0AE00-0AA0 SMP16-EA217 SMP16-EA217 SICOMP Digital Input
6AR1304-0BA00-0AA0 SMP16-CTR356 SMP16-CTR356 SICOMP Module
6AR1306-0HA00-0AA1 SMP16-SV531 SICOMP SMP16-SV531 Power Supply
6AR1312-0AA01-0AA0 KSP-A361 Sicomp Module
6AR1354-0AA0-0AA0 KSP-SFT550 SICOMP Module
6AR1502-0AA08-0AA0 SMP16-SYS504 SICOMP SMP16-SYS504 19" Rack
6AR1508-0AA06-3AA0 SMP16-ZUB400 SICOMP SMP16-ZUB400 Interface Module
6AV1132-0DA10 OP1 - 240/5 OP1 - 240/5 Operator Panel
6AV1142-0BA10 Text Display
6AV1202-0AA00 Eprom 256kB
6AV1202-0BA00 RAM 256kB
6AV1222-0AA10 CP2000, CP-C30 CP-C30 Processor Module
6AV1222-0AA11 CP2000, CP-C30 CP-C30 Processor Module
6AV1222-0AB20 CP-C10/A1 CP-C10/A1 Display Module
6AV1222-0AC20 CP 2000, CP-C20 Coros Processor Module CP-C20
6AV1222-0AD20 CP2000, CP-C30 CP-C30 Processor Module
6AV1242-0AB00 CP527 CP527 - Monochrome Video Module
6AV1242-0AB10 CP527 CP527 Color Video Module
6AV1903-0BA01 512kB SRAM-Card Memory Module for CP528A
6AV3010-1DK00 TD10 TD10 Text Display
6AV3010-1EL00 TD10/240-8 TD10 Text Display
6AV3017-1NE30-0AX0 TD17 TD17 Text Display
6AV3017-1NE30-0AX1 TD17 TD17 Text Display
6AV3020-1EL00 TD20/240-8 Text Display 20  -  TD20/240-8
6AV3503-1DB10 OP3 Operator Interface Panel OP3
6AV3505-1FB00 OP5 Operator Panel
6AV3505-1FB01 OP 5 Operator Panel
6AV3505-1FB12 OP 5 Operator Panel
6AV3515-1EB00 OP15A OP15A Operator Panel
6AV3515-1EB01 OP15A OP15A Operator Panel
6AV3515-1EB30 OP15-A1 OP15-A1 Operator Panel
6AV3515-1EB30-1AA0 OP15-A1 OP15-A1 Operator Panel
6AV3515-1EB32 OP15-A2 OP15-A2 Operator Panel
6AV3515-1EB32-1AA0 OP15-A2 OP15-A2 Operator Panel
6AV3515-1EK30 OP15-A1VF OP15-A1VF Operator Panel
6AV3515-1EK30-1AA0 OP15-A1 VF OP15-A1 VF Operator Panel
6AV3515-1EK32-1AA0 OP15-A2VF OP15-A2VF Operator Panel
6AV3515-1MA00 OP15B OP15B Operator Panel
6AV3515-1MA01 OP15B OP15B Operator Panel
6AV3515-1MA11 OP397 OP397 Operator Panel
6AV3515-1MA20 OP15C OP15C Operator Panel
6AV3515-1MA20-1AA0 OP15-C1 OP15C Operator Panel
6AV3515-1MA22 OP15-C2 OP15C2 Operator Panel
6AV3515-1MA22-1AA0 OP15-C2 OP15-C2 Operator Panel
6AV3515-1MA30 OP15-C1 OP15C1 Operator Panel
6AV3515-1MA32 OP15-C2 OP15-C2 Operator Panel
6AV3520-1DK00 OP20/220-5 OP20 Operator Panel
6AV3520-1EL00 OP20/240-8 OP20 Operator Panel
6AV3525-1EA01-0AX0 OP25 OP25 Operator Panel
6AV3525-1EA41-0AX0 OP25 OP25 Operator Panel
6AV3525-1EA41-0AX1 OP25 OP25 Operator Panel
6AV3530-1RR00 OP30 Operator Panel OP30
6AV3530-1RS31 OP30/C OP30/C Operator Panel
6AV3530-1RS32 OP30/C OP30/C Operator Panel
6AV3530-1RU31 OP30/C OP30/C Operator Panel
6AV3535-1FA01-0AX0 OP35 OP35 Operator Panel
6AV3535-1FA01-1AX1 OP35 OP35 Operator Panel
6AV3535-1TA01-0AX0 OP35 OP35 Operator Panel - Color
6AV3535-1TA41-0BX0 OP35 OP35 Operator Panel - Color
6AV3572-2FM00 OP25  OP27 Screen Replacement Screen for OP25/OP27 mono
6AV3607-1JC00-0AX0 OP7 Operator Panel OP7
6AV3607-1JC00-0AX1 OP7 Operator Panel OP7
6AV3607-1JC20-0AX1 OP7 Operator Panel  OP7
6AV3607-1JC20-0AX2 OP7 OP7/DP Operator Panel
6AV3607-1JC30-0AX1 OP7 Operator Panel OP7
6AV3617-1JC00-0AX0 OP17 OP 17 Operator Panel
6AV3617-1JC00-0AX1 OP17 OP 17 Operator Panel
6AV3617-1JC20-0AX0 OP17 OP 17 Operator Panel
6AV3617-1JC20-0AX1 OP17 DP OP17 Operator Panel - DP Interface
6AV3617-1JC30-0AX1 OP17 OP17/DP-12 MBaud Operator Panel
6AV3617-5BB00-0AE0 OP17/DP Operator Panel OP17/DP
6AV3627-1JK00-0AX0 OP27 OP27 Operator Panel - Mono
6AV3627-1LK00-1AX0 OP27 OP27 Operator Panel - Color
6AV3627-1NK00-0AX0 TP27 TP27 Touch Panel
6AV3627-1NK00-2AX0 TP27 TP27 Touch Panel with STN-Monochrome-LC-Display
6AV3627-1QK00-0AX0 TP27 TP27 Touch Panel with STN-Color-LC-Display
6AV3627-1QK00-2AX0 TP27 TP27 Touch Panel with STN-Color-LC-Display
6AV3627-1QL00-0AX0 TP27 TP27 Touch Panel with STN-Color-LC-Display
6AV3627-1QL01-0AX0 TP27 TP27 Touch Panel
6AV3637-1LL00-0AX0 OP37 OP37 Operator Panel
6AV3637-1LL00-0AX1 OP37 OP37 Operator Panel
6AV3637-1LL00-0BX0 OP37 OP37 Operator Panel
6AV3637-1LL00-0FX1 OP37 OP37 Operator Panel
6AV3637-1ML00-0BX0 OP37 OP37 Operator Panel
6AV3637-1ML00-0FX0 OP37 OP37 Operator Panel
6AV3637-1PL00-0AX0 TP37 TP37 Operator Panel
6AV3971-1BA01-0CA0 TD10 EPROM 64K
6AV3971-1BA01-0DA0 TD10 EPROM 64K
6AV3971-1CA01-0CA0 TD20 Flash EPROM 64K
6AV3971-1CA01-0DA0 TD20 Flash EPROM 64k
6AV3971-1NA01-0CA0 Memory Module for OP20 - 64KB
6AV3971-1NA02-0CA0 Memory Module for OP20 - 128KB
6AV3971-1NA03-0CA0 Memory Module for OP20  - 256KB
6AV3972-1XB00-0AA0 Battery for TD10, TD20, OP15/A, OP20, OP30
6AV4010-1AA00-0AA0 CP526-III CP526-III Video Module, Monochrome
6AV4010-1AA10-0AA0 CP526-III CP526-III Video Module, Color
6AV4010-1AA10-0AB0 CP526-III CP526-III Video Module, Color
6AV4012-0AA10-0AB0 CP528A CP528A Video Processor
6AV4530-1AB08-5AA0 VP-30/B VP-30/B  Video Module
6AV5040-1BF12-0BA0 MP40
6AV5040-1BF41-0BC0 MP40
6AV6542-0AG10-0AX0 MP270B MP270B Multifunction Keypad Panel
6AV6542-0BB15-2AX0 OP170B OP170B Panel
6AV6542-0DA10-0AX0 MP370 MP370 Multipanel - Keypad
6AV6545-0AA15-2AX0 TP070 TP070 Touch Panel
6AV6545-0AG10-0AX0 MP270B MP270B Multi Panel
6AV6545-0BA15-2AX0 TP170A TP170A Touch Panel
6AV6545-0BB15-2AX0 TP170B TP170B Touch Panel - Mono
6AV6545-0BC15-2AX0 TP170B Touch Panel TP 170B Color
6AV6545-0CA10-0AX0 TP270 TP270-6" Touch Panel
6AV6545-0CC10-0AX0 TP270 TP270 10" Touch Panel
6AV6545-0DA10-0AX0 MP370 MP370 12" Multi Panel
6AV6640-0CA01-0AX0 TP170 TP170 Micro Touch Panel
6AV6641-0CA01-0AX0 OP77B Operator Panel OP77B
6AV6642-0AA11-0AX0 TP177A TP177A Touch Panel 5.7 Inch
6AV6642-0DA01-1AX0 OP177B OP177B Operator Panel
6AV6642-0DC01-1AX0 OP177B OP177B Operator Panel - Blue Mode
6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1 MP277 MP277 Multi Panel Touch - 10 inch
6AV6671-8XB10-0AX0 Secure Digital Memory Card - 256 MB
6AV9020-1DB00 PBT 20 PBT 20 Membrane Keyboard
6AW2003-0A AS80C AS80C Module
6AW2024-0A Sicomp AS80C Module
6AW5454-8BH Moby - M Module
6AW5455-0AE Moby-M Interface Module
6AW5463-0AA MOBY ASM Module
6AW5463-0AB Moby-M Module
6DC1001-1FC Simadyn C Module
6DC1002-8DC Simadyn C Module
6DC1004-8BC Simadyn C Module
6DC1005-1CC Simadyn C Module
6DC1012-8DC Simadyn C Module
6DC1014-1BC Simadyn C Module
6DC1017-8AC Simadyn C Module
6DC1017-8BC Simadyn C Module
6DC1020-8CC Simadyn C Module
6DC2002-8AC Simadyn C Module
6DC2005-8BC Simadyn C Module
6DC2006-1AC Simadyn C Module
6DC2018-8AC Simadyn C Module
6DC2021-8AC Simadyn C Module
6DC3000-1BC Simadyn C Module
6DC3001-1DC Simadyn C Module
6DC3002-1CC Simadyn C Module
6DC3004-1AC Simadyn C Module
6DC3005-1BC Simadyn C Module
6DC3007-1BC Simadyn C Module
6DC3008-1BC Simadyn C Relay Module
6DC3012-8BC Simadyn C Module
6DC3012-8DC Simadyn C Module
6DC3014-1AC Simadyn C Module
6DC3015-1AC Simadyn C Module
6DC3020-1AC Simadyn Module
6DC3032-1AC Simadyn C Module
6DC3032-1BC Simadyn C Module
6DC3036-1AC Simadyn C Module
6DC3037-8CC Simdyn C Module
6DC4000-1CC Simadyn C Module
6DC4001-1AC Simadyn C Module
6DC4001-2AC00 Simadyn C Module
6DC4002-2AC Simadyn C Module
6DC4006-8AC Simadyn C Module
6DC5001-8AC Simadyn C Module
6DC5003-8AC Simadyn C Module
6DC5007-8AC Simadyn C Module
6DC5010-1BC Simadyn C Module
6DD1600-0AC0 Processor Module
6DD1600-0AE0 Processor Module PM3
6DD1600-0AE2 PM12 PM12 Processor Module
6DD1600-0AE3 PM13 PM13 Processor Module
6DD1600-0AF0 PM16 Simadyn D CPU Controller PM16
6DD1600-0AH0 PM4 PM4 Processor Module
6DD1600-0AJ0 PM5 PM5 Processor Module
6DD1601-0AD1 Processor Module
6DD1601-0AE0 PG16 Processor Module PG16
6DD1601-0AF0 PG26 Processor Mdoule PG26
6DD1606-1AA0 PT2 PT2 Simadyn Processor Module
6DD1606-1AC0 PT20 Simadyn D PT20 Module
6DD1606-1AD0 PT20M Simadyn D PT20M
6DD1606-3AC0 IT41 IT41 Sub Module
6DD1607-0AA0 FM458 FM458 CPU Module
6DD1607-0EA1 EXM 448 Communication Expansion Module
6DD1610-0AF0 Simadyn D Memory Module
6DD1610-0AF1 Simadyn D Memory Module
6DD1610-0AG0 Simadyn D Memory Module
6DD1610-0AG1 Simadyn D Memory Module
6DD1610-0AH3 MC521 MC521 Memory Module - 2MB
6DD1611-0AD0 MM11 Simadyn MM11 Module
6DD1611-0AE0 Simadyn Mailbox Module
6DD1611-0AG0 MM4 MM4 Module
6DD1640-0AB0 I/O Module
6DD1640-0AC0 EM11 EM11  I/O Module
6DD1640-0AD0 EM11T EM11T I/O Module
6DD1640-0AH0 Signal Module SM500
6DD1641-0AC0 EB11 EB11 Digital I/O Module
6DD1642-0BC0 EA12 EA12 Analog Output Module
6DD1645-0AF2 Processor Module
6DD1648-0AB0 ES1 ES1 Special Board for Voltage Monitoring
6DD1660-0AD0 CS11 CS11 Communication Module
6DD1660-0AE0 CS21 CS21 Communications Module
6DD1660-0AF0 CS3 CS3 Communications Module
6DD1660-0AK0 CS41 Simadyn D CS41 Communications Module
6DD1660-0BA0 CS12 CS12 Master Module
6DD1660-0BD0 CS22 CS22 Slave module
6DD1662-0AB0 CS7 Communications Module
6DD1670-0AF0 OP1 Operator Panel OP1
6DD1670-0FA0 Symadyn Operator Panel
6DD1672-0AD0 Simadyn D Parallel Programmer
6DD1681-0CA2 SE20.2 SE20.2 Monitoring Module
6DD1681-0EA0 Terminal Block W/Connector
6DD1681-0EB2 SE41.2 Interface Module SE41.2
6DD1681-0EB3 SB61 Binary Input Module
6DD1681-0EC0 SE42 Interface Module SE42
6DD1681-0EH1 SE47 Simadyn D Optical Coupler Module
6DD1681-0FG0 Simadyn D Module
6DD1681-1AA0 SS1 Hybrid Interface Module - 20 mA
6DD1682-0AJ1 Blank Face Plate
6DD1682-0AJ2 Slot Cover
6DD1682-0AK0 6EW1810-3AA Simadyn Rack without Power Supply
6DD1682-0CD0 Simadyn D Rack
6DD1682-0CG0 SRT400 SRT Subrack For T400
6DD1683-0BC0 Simadyn D Power Supply
6DD1683-0CC0 SP22 Power Supply SP22
6DD1683-0CD0 SP23 Simadyn D Power Supply SP23
6DD1688-0AD0 SS4 SS4 Communication Submodule
6DD1688-0AE2 SS52 SS52 PROFIBUS-DP/MPI-Interface Module
6DD1688-1AA0 SS1 SS1 Hybrid Interface Module - 20 mA
6DD1688-1AC0 SS# SS3 Interface Module - RS-485
6DD1842-0AA0 SIMADYN D T400 With Axial Winder
6DM1001-0WB00-2 Mini-Field Regulator
6DP1210-8BB FUM210 Teleperm XP Module
6DP1210-8BC FUM210 Binary Module - FUM210
6DP1230-8CC Analog Module
6DP1232-8BA FUM232 Module
6DP1614-8BB IM614 IM614 Module
6DR1111-6RJ93 Teleperm D Module
6DR1112-1NJ11-0NJ0 Teleperm D Panel Controller
6DR1112-6NJ11-3NU0 Teleperm D Panel Controller
6DR1124-1NJ03-0NN0 Teleperm D Panel Controller
6DR1410-0NJ11-1JN0 Teleperm D Process Indicator Module
6DR2004-4 C73451-A3000-C10 Sipart DR20 Controller - 24VDC
6DR2200-4 SIPART DR22 Sipart DR22 Controller
6DR2200-5 DR22 SIPART DR22 Ccontroller
6DR2400-4 SIPARTDR24 SIPART DR24 Controller
6DR2400-5 Sipart DR24 Controller
6DR2800-8J Sipart Analog Input Module
6DS1000-8AA Power Supply Module
6DS1000-8AB Power Supply
6DS1000-8AC Power Supply Module
6DS1001-8AA Power Supply Module
6DS1003-8AA Power Supply Module
6DS1003-8BA Power Supply
6DS1005-8AA Bus Driver Power Supply
6DS1101-8AB Low Processor ARITHM Module
6DS1102-8AB High Processor ARITHM Module
6DS1103-8AB Teleperm Module
6DS1104-8AA Clock Pulse Gen Module
6DS1105-8AA Synchronization Module
6DS1106-8AA Comparator Module
6DS1106-8BA Teleperm Module
6DS1107-8AA Switching Module
6DS1110-8AA Central Processor AS 230/AS 231
6DS1111-8AA AS 230/AS 231 Central Control Processor
6DS1111-8AB AS 230/AS 231  Central Control Processor
6DS1111-8AC AS 230/AS 231 Central Control Processor
6DS1112-8AA Teleperm CPU AS230/231
6DS1113-8AA Central Processor Memory Module
6DS1113-8BA Central Processor Memory Module
6DS1114-8AA SPST Module
6DS1115-8AA Teleperm Module
6DS1120-8BA Synchronize Module
6DS1121-8AA Controller Voter Module
6DS1121-8BB Center Controller Voter Module
6DS1122-8AA Monitor Coupler for CPU Module
6DS1132-8CA PU-V 215 PU-V 215 CPU
6DS1140-8AA CPU 235 Module
6DS1142-8AA Comparator and Coupling Module
6DS1144-8AA I/O Bus Comparator And Switchover Module
6DS1200-8AC Enable Bus Module
6DS1201-8AB Communication Module
6DS1202-8AB Communication Interface Module
6DS1206-8AA Teleperm Module
6DS1211-8AA Power Supply Module
6DS1212-8AB BUS Interface Module
6DS1213-8AA Coupler Module
6DS1220-8AA N8-H Local Bus Interface
6DS1220-8AB N8-H Local Bus Interface
6DS1223-8AA Local Bus Interface Module
6DS1224-8AA N-PCI Interface Module
6DS1300-8AA Video Module
6DS1300-8AB Monitor/Keyboard Interface Module
6DS1302-8AB I/O Bus Module
6DS1304-8AA Interface Module for Field Multiplexers
6DS1307-8AB Monitor Processor
6DS1308-8AA Siemens Video Module
6DS1308-8AB Color Video Module
6DS1308-8AC Video Module
6DS1311-8AA Interface Module
6DS1311-8AB Interface Module
6DS1311-8AE I/O BUS Driver
6DS1312-8AB I/O BUS Interface
6DS1312-8BB I/O BUS Interface
6DS1314-8AB Teleperm Module
6DS1315-8AB Voter Module
6DS1315-8AC Voter 1, I/O Bus Module
6DS1315-8BB Voter 2, I/O Bus
6DS1318-8AB Teleperm Module
6DS1320-8AA Non-interacting BUS Coupler Module
6DS1321-8AA Interface Module for Simatic S5
6DS1322-8BA Teleperm ME, I/O Coupler
6DS1324-8AA Teleperm Module
6DS1326-8AA Interface Module for Mini Floppy Drive
6DS1326-8BB Interface Module
6DS1327-8AA Teleperm M Module
6DS1330-8BA Teleperm Module
6DS1330-8CA Teleperm Module
6DS1332-8AA Teleperm I/O Coupler
6DS1332-8BB I/O Bus Control Module
6DS1333-8AB Simatic S5 Interface Module
6DS1400-8AA Teleperm M Control Module
6DS1400-8BA PI Regulatory Control Module S
6DS1401-8AA Closed Loop Control Module
6DS1401-8BA Closed Loop Control Module
6DS1402-8AA Closed-Loop Control Module
6DS1402-8BA Closed-Loop Control Module
6DS1403-8AA Closed Loop Control Module
6DS1403-8BA Closed Loop Control Module
6DS1403-8CA Closed-Loop Control Module
6DS1403-8CB Closed Loop Control Module
6DS1408-8BA Closed Loop Control Module S
6DS1408-8BB Closed Loop Control Module
6DS1410-8BB Teleperm, S Closed Loop
6DS1411-8AA Closed Loop Control Module
6DS1411-8CC Teleperm, S Closed Loop
6DS1411-8DD Teleperm, S Closed Loop
6DS1412-8CC K-Loop Controller
6DS1412-8DD K-Loop Controller
6DS1412-8RR K-Loop Controller
6DS1501-8BA Open-Loop Control Module
6DS1503-8AA Open Loop Control Module
6DS1511-8AA Inteface Module
6DS1600-8AA Digital Input Module
6DS1601-8AA Digital Input Module
6DS1601-8AC Digital Input Module
6DS1601-8BA Input Binary 48 Module
6DS1602-8AA Digital Input Module
6DS1602-8BA Digital Input Module 32 Pt
6DS1603-8AA Digital Output Module
6DS1603-8AB Digital Output Module
6DS1603-8BA Teleperm ME, Binary Output
6DS1603-8RR Digital Output Module
6DS1604-8AA Digital Output Module
6DS1605-8AA Relay Module
6DS1605-8BA Binary Output Module - Relay
6DS1606-8BA Binary Output 16
6DS1607-8AB Digital Module
6DS1613-8BB Counter Module
6DS1614-8AA Binary Input Module
6DS1618-8CA Binary Input 48 Module
6DS1621-8AA Digital Input Module
6DS1700-8AA Analog Input Module
6DS1700-8BA Analog Input Module
6DS1701-8AA Analog Module
6DS1701-8AB Analog Input Module
6DS1702-8AA Analog Output Module
6DS1702-8RR Analog Output Module
6DS1703-8AB MS Point Extention
6DS1703-8RR MS Point Extention
6DS1706-8AA Analog Input Module
6DS1708-8AA Analog Input Module
6DS1712-8BA Analog Output Module
6DS1714-8AA Analog Input Module
6DS1714-8BA Analog Input Module
6DS1715-8BB Teleperm M Module
6DS1717-8AA Binary Calculation Module
6DS1717-8CC Teleperm ME, Binary Calculation
6DS1717-8RR Binary Calculation Module
6DS1719-8AA Binary Extention
6DS1722-8BA Teleperm ME, Analog Arithmetic
6DS1730-8AA Analog Input Module
6DS1731-8BA Analog Input Module
6DS1731-8DC Teleperm ME, Analog Input
6DS1731-8EA Analog Input Module
6DS1731-8FA Analog Input Module
6DS1731-8RR Analog Input  Module
6DS1801-8AA EPROM Memory Module
6DS1801-8AD Memory Module
6DS1801-8BA EPROM Module for AS 230/AS 230K
6DS1801-8BD EPROM Module
6DS1814-8AC SPAS230 AS230 EPROM Memory Module
6DS1822-8AA Memory Module
6DS1823-8AA Memory Module
6DS1824-8BA Memory Module
6DS1827-8BD RAM Module
6DS1831-8AB Memory for CPU
6DS1831-8AC Memory Module
6DS1832-8AA EEPROM for CPU
6DS1837-8AA Teleperm RAM Module
6DS1837-8BA RAM Module - 2MB
6DS1837-8CA RAM Module
6DS1837-8DA Memory Module
6DS1844-8CA Memory Module
6DS1901-8AA Signal Logic Module
6DS1901-8BA Power Control Module
6DS1912-8AA Scanning Repition Module
6DS1916-8AA Signal Module Card
6DS1922-8AA Teleperm Module
6DS3303-8AA Keyboard
6DS3305-8AA Teleperm Keyboard (Tastatur) PBT-E
6DS3316-8AA Hand Held Terminal
6DS3900-8AB Floppy Disk Unit
6DS3900-8AD Floppy Disk Drive
6DS4407-8AA Teleperm
6DS4407-8BA Teleperm Rack
6DS4407-8CA Teleperm Rack
6DS4410-8AB Teleperm Rack
6DS4426-8AA Teleperm Rack
6DS8201-8AA Teleperm Front Connector
6DS8204-8SC Teleperm Front Connector
6DS9002-8BA Teleperm Module
6DS9005-8AB Teleperm Rack
6DS9005-8AC Teleperm Rack
6DS9006-8BA Rack
6DS9018-8BA Teleperm Rack
6DS9020-8AA Teleperm Rack
6DS9020-8BA Teleperm Rack
6DS9023-8CA Teleperm Rack
6DS9032-8CH Teleperm Rack
6DS9200-8AA Teleperm Front Connector
6DS9203-8DA Teleperm Terminal Mounting
6DS9207-8AA Teleperm Module
6DS9913-8EB Cable Assembly
6DS9925-8AA Cable
6DS9930-8AA Adaptor Module
6DT2001-0AC Teleperm C Module
6DT2005-0AC Teleperm C Module
6EC1000-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1000-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1001-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1001-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1010-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1010-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1011-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1012-0A Simatic C1
6EC1012-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1040-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1040-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1050-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1050-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1060-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1110-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1110-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1111-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1112-4A Simatic C1 Mini Block
6EC1120-0A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1130-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1150-3B Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1200-0A Simatic C1 Block
6EC1200-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1220-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1220-4A Simacit C1 Mini Block
6EC1240-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1310-3A Counter Module
6EC1400-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1440-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1470-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1470-3A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1600-3A Load Resistor Module
6EC1601-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1608-3AA Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1611-3A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1620-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1621-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1651-4A Simatic C1 Mini Block
6EC1652-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC16540B Teleperm Board
6EC1660-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1661-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1700-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1710-0A Simatic C1 Module
6EC1710-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC1802-3A Siemens Simatic C1 Module
6EC2110-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2120-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2150-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2200-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2220-0B Simatic C2 Module
6EC2340-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2380-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2381-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2382-0A Simatic C2
6EC2383-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2491-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2501-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2511-0A Simatic C2 Module
6EC2680-0A Simatic C2 Module
6ED1052-1FA00-0BA0 LOGO Module 230R
6ED1052-1MD00-0BA3 LOGO! Logic Module with Display
6ED1052-1MD00-0BA4 LOGO! Logic Module with Display
6ED1053-1HH00-0BA2 24RCLB11 LOGO 24RCLB11 Module
6EK2800-0A 6EK2 800-0A Module
6EK2801-0A Siemens Module
6EM3102-0A Siemens Module
6EM3105-0A Simatic MS3 Module
6EM3105-0B Simatic MS3 Module
6EM3105-0C Simatic MS3 Module
6EM3105-0D Simatic MS3 Module
6EM3205-0B Simatic MS3 Module
6EM3205-0C Simatic MS3 Module
6EM3226-0C V012-1 V012-1 Iskamatic Module
6EP1 434-2BA00 POWER SUPPLY 10AMP 480V 24VDC 480VAC
6EP1311-1SH01 LOGO Power Supply
6EP1331-1SH01 Power Supply
6EP1331-1SL11 SITOP Power Supply
6EP1331-2BA00 Power Supply
6EP1332-1SH12 SITOP Power Supply
6EP1332-1SH21 LOGO Power
6EP1332-1SH22 SITOP Power 4 Power Supply
6EP1332-1SH31 Sitop Power Supply
6EP1332-1SH41 LOGO Power
6EP1332-2BA00 SITOP Power Supply
6EP1332-2BA10 Sitop
6EP1333-1SL11 Power Suppy - SITOP Power 5
6EP1333-2AA00 Power Supply - SITOP Power 5
6EP1333-2BA00 SITOP Power Supply - SITOP Power 5
6EP1334-1AL11 SITOP Power Supply -  Power 10
6EP1334-1SH01 SITOP Power Supply
6EP1334-1SL11 SITOP Power 10
6EP1334-2AA00 Power Supply
6EP1334-2BA00 Power Supply Module
6EP1334-3BA00 Power Supply
6EP1336-1SH01 Power Supply
6EP1336-2BA00 Sitop Power Supply
6EP1336-3BA00 Sitop Power Supply
6EP1342-0AA10 Primary Regulator Module
6EP1353-0AA00 SITOP Power Suppy
6EP1434-1SH01 SITOP Power Supply
6EP1434-1SL01 Power Supply SITOP
6EP1436-1SH01 Power Supply - SITOP Power 20
6EP1436-1SL11 Power Supply - SITOP
6EP1436-2BA00 SITOP Power 20 Power Supply
6EP1436-3BA00 SITOP Power Supply
6EP1437-1SH01 Power Supply
6EP1437-1SL01 Sitop Power Supply 30A 480V
6EP1437-1SL11 Power Supply - SITOP Power 40
6EP1437-2BA00 SITOP Power Supply 24VDC 30AMP
6EP1437-2BA10 SITOP Power 40 - Power Supply
6EP1457-3BA00 Sitop Power Supply
6EP1931-2EC31 Sitop Power Supply
6EP1931-2FC01 Sitop DC UPS Module
6EP5100-1AA00 Connector
6EP5400-1BB00 Connectors
6ES5000-1AA31 Counter Module
6ES5010-8FC31 S5-010 Rack
6ES5090-8MA01 S5-90U
6ES5090-8ME11 IIM90 IM90 Interface Module
6ES5095-8FA01 S5-95F S5-95F Central Unit
6ES5095-8FA02 S5-95F S5-95F Central Unit
6ES5095-8FB01 S5-95F S5-95F Central Unit
6ES5095-8MA01 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MA02 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MA03 6ES5095-8MA23 S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MA04 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MA05 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MB01 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MB02 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MB03 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MB04 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MC01 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MC02 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MC03 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit
6ES5095-8MD01 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit - Profibus DP Slave Interface
6ES5095-8MD02 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit - Profibus DP Slave Interface
6ES5095-8MD03 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit - Profibus DP Slave Interface
6ES5095-8ME01 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit - Profibus DP Master
6ES5095-8ME02 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit - Profibus DP Master
6ES5095-8ME03 S5-95U S5-95U Central Unit - Profibus DP Master
6ES5100-8MA01 CPU100 CPU100
6ES5100-8MA02 CPU100 CPU100 Processor Module
6ES5100-8MA11 CPU 100
6ES5101-8RA11 ZG101R ZG101R Compact Controller
6ES5101-8RB11 ZG101R ZG101R Compact Controller
6ES5101-8RW21 ZG101R ZG101R  Compact Controller
6ES5101-8UA12 ZG101U ZG101U Compact Controller
6ES5101-8UA13 ZG101U ZG101U Central Unit
6ES5101-8UA21 ZG101U ZG101U Central Unit
6ES5101-8UA23 ZG101U ZG101U Compact Controller
6ES5101-8UA33 ZG101U ZG101U Compact Controller
6ES5101-8UB13 ZG101U ZG101U Compact Controller
6ES5101-8UC11 EU101U,  ZG101U EU101U Expansion Unit
6ES5101-8UC21 EU101U, ZG101U EU101U Expansion Unit
6ES5101-8UC31 EU101U, ZG101U EU101U Expansion Unit
6ES5101-8UU13 ZG101U ZG101U Central Unit
6ES5101-8UU43 CPU101
6ES5102-8MA01 CPU102
6ES5102-8MA02 CPU102
6ES5103-8MA01 CPU103 CPU103 Processor Module
6ES5103-8MA02 CPU103 CPU103 Processor Module
6ES5103-8MA03 CPU103 CPU103 Processor Module
6ES5105-3RA11 S5-105R Rack
6ES5110-3SA12 CPU110
6ES5110-3SA32 S5-110S System
6ES5130-3KB52 S5 Rack w/o Power Supply
6ES5130-3WE63 S5-130WB Rack
6ES5135-3KA12 Rack without Power Supply
6ES5135-3KA13 S5-135U rack without power supply
6ES5135-3KA21 S5-135U rack without power supply
6ES5135-3KA31 S5-135 Rack w/o power supply
6ES5135-3KA41 S5-135 Rack - without Power Supply
6ES5135-3KB13 S5-135U rack without power supply
6ES5135-3KB21 S5-135U rack without power supply
6ES5135-3UA11 S5-135U rack without power supply
6ES5135-3UA21 S5-135U rack without power supply
6ES5135-3UA31 S5-135U rack without power supply
6ES5135-3UA41 S5-135U rack without power supply
6ES5135-3UA42 Rack 135U without power supply
6ES5150-3SB51 Simatic S5-150S Rack
6ES5150-3SB61 S5-150U rack without power supply
6ES5150-3SU61 S5-150S rack without power supply
6ES5155-3UA11 S5-155U rack without power supply
6ES5155-3UA21 S5-155U rack without power supply
6ES5180-3AA11 Rack - Extension Unit 180
6ES5182-3KB61 S5-182K Rack
6ES5183-3UA11 EG183 EG183 Rack excluding Power Supply
6ES5183-3UA12 EG183 EG183 excluding Power Supply
6ES5183-3UA13 EG183 EG183 Rack excluding Power Supply
6ES5183-3UA21 EG183 EG183 Rack excluding Power Supply
6ES5184-3UA11 EG184 Rack excluding Power Supply
6ES5185-3UA11 185U Expansion Unit Rack, Excluding Power Supply
6ES5185-3UA13 Expansion Rack EU185
6ES5187-5UA11 Expansion Unit Rack
6ES5188-3UA11 S5-135/155U Rack excluding Power Supply
6ES5188-3UA12 S5-135/155U Rack Excluding Power Supply
6ES5188-3UA21 S5-135/155U Rack Excluding Power Supply
6ES5188-3UA22 S5-135/155U Rack Excluding Power Supply
6ES5188-3UA31 S5-135/155U Rack Excluding Power Supply
6ES5188-3UA32 S5-135/155U Rack Excluding Power Supply
6ES5188-3UA52 S5-135/155U Rack Excluding Power Supply
6ES5234-1AC11 Memory Module
6ES5234-1AD11 Memory Module
6ES5240-1AA11 IP240 IP240 Positioning Decoder Module
6ES5240-1AA12 IP240 IP240 Positioning Decoder Module
6ES5240-1AA21 IP240 IP240 Positioning Decoder Module
6ES5241-1AA11 IP241 IP241 Module
6ES5241-1AA12 IP241 IP241 Module
6ES5241-1AB11 IP241 IP241 Daughter Board
6ES5241-1AB12 IP241 IP241 Daughter Board
6ES5241-1AC11 IP241 IP241 Daughter Board
6ES5241-1AC12 IP241 IP241 Daughter Board
6ES5241-1AD11 IP241 IP241 Daughter Module
6ES5241-1AD12 IP241 IP241Daughter Module
6ES5241-1AE11 IP241 IP241 Daughter Board
6ES5241-1AE12 IP241 IP241 Daughter Board
6ES5241-1AF11 IP241 IP241 Daughter Board
6ES5241-1AF12 IP241 IP241 Daughter Board
6ES5241-3BA11 IP241 IP241 Module
6ES5241-3CA11 IP241 IP241 Module
6ES5241-3CA12 IP241 IP241 Module
6ES5241-3CA13 IP241 IP241 Analog Position Controller
6ES5241-3DA11 IP241 IP241Ultrasonic Measurement Module
6ES5241-3DA12 IP241 IP241 Ultrasonic Measurement Module
6ES5242-1AA12 IP 242 Counter Module
6ES5242-1AA13 IP242 Counter Module
6ES5242-1AA31 IP242
6ES5242-1AA32 IP242 IP242
6ES5242-1AA41 IP242B IP242B Counter Module
6ES5242-1AU11 IP242 Converter 24V/5V for IP242
6ES5242-5AA13 IP242 IP242 Counter Module
6ES5242-5AA21 IP242 Counter Module
6ES5243-1AA11 IP243 Analog Module
6ES5243-1AA12 IP243 Analog Module
6ES5243-1AA13 IP243 Analog Modules
6ES5243-1AB11 IP243 Analog Module - Fast Inputs
6ES5243-1AB12 IP243 Analog Module - Fast Inputs
6ES5243-1AC11 IP243 Analog Module
6ES5243-1AC12 IP 243 Analog Module
6ES5243-1BA11 IP243 IP243 Analog Module
6ES5244-3AA11 IP244 IP244 Temperature Control Module
6ES5244-3AA12 IP244 IP244 Temperature Control Module
6ES5244-3AA13 IP244 IP244 Temperature Control Module
6ES5244-3AA21 IP244 IP244 Temperature Module
6ES5244-3AA22 IP244 IP244 Temperature Module
6ES5244-3AB31 IP244 IP244 Temperature Module
6ES5245-1AA12 IP245 IP245 Valve Control Module
6ES5245-1AB11 IP245 IP245 Valve Control Module
6ES5245-1AB12 IP245 IP245 Module
6ES5246-4UA11 IP246 IP246 Servo Positioning Module
6ES5246-4UA21 IP246 IP246 Servo Positioning Module
6ES5246-4UA31 IP246 IP246 Servo Positioning Module
6ES5246-4UA41 IP246 IP246 Servo Positioning Module
6ES5246-4UB11 IP246 IP246 Servo Positioning Module
6ES5246-4UB21 IP246 IP246 Servo Positioning Module
6ES5247-1AA11 IP247 IP247 Stepper Motor Positioning Module
6ES5247-4UA11 IP247 IP247 Stepper Motor Positioning Module
6ES5247-4UA21 IP247 IP247 Stepper Motor Positioning Module
6ES5247-4UA31 IP247 IP247 Stepper Motor Positioning Module
6ES5247-4UA41 IP247 Stepper Motor Positioning Module
6ES5250-1AA11 Monitor Interface Module 250
6ES5251-1AA11 Nahmat OS Keyboard Interface
6ES5252-3AA11 IP252 IP252 Module
6ES5252-3AA13 IP252 IP252 Module
6ES5252-3AA21 IP252 IP252 Module
6ES5252-3AA31 IP252 IP252 Module
6ES5252-3BA11 IP252 IP252 Module
6ES5252-4BA11 IP252B, G26004-A3118-P110 IP252B Module
6ES5252-5AA11 IP252MC IP252MC Module
6ES5252-5BA11 IP252 MC, G26004-A3118-P200 IP252 MC DI/DO Sub-Module
6ES5252-5BB11 IP252 MC IP252 MC Analog Output Sub-Module
6ES5252-5BC11 IP252 MC, G26004-A3118-P702 IP252 MC Counter Module
6ES5254-4UA11 IP254 IP254 Module
6ES5254-4UA12 IP254 IP254 Module
6ES5254-4UA21 IP254 IP254 Moby Interface Module
6ES5254-4UB21 IP254 IP254 Moby Interface Module
6ES5255-1AA11 MONA Video Module
6ES5255-3AA11 IP255 Mona A Display Module
6ES5255-3AB11 IP255 Mona B Display Module
6ES5255-3AC11 IP255 Mona C Display Module
6ES5256-3AA11 AS256 VISRAM 256 Video Module
6ES5256-3AA21 AS256 VISRAM 256 Video Module
6ES5256-3AB11 AS256 VISRAM 256 Video Module
6ES5256-3AB21 AS256 VISRAM 256 Video Module
6ES5257-4UA11 IP257 IP257 Local I/O Processor
6ES5260-4UA11 IP260 IP260 Module
6ES5261-4UA11 IP261 IP261 Measurement Counter Module
6ES5262-8MA12 IP262 IP262 Closed Loop Control Module
6ES5262-8MA13 IP262 IP262 Closed Loop Control Module
6ES5262-8MB11 IP262 IP262 Closed Loop Control Module
6ES5262-8MB12 IP262 IP262 Closed Loop Control Module
6ES5262-8MB13 IP262 IP262 Closed Loop Control Module
6ES5263-8MA11 IP263 Positioning Module
6ES5263-8MA13 IP263 IP263 Positioning Module
6ES5264-8MA11 IP264 CAM Controller Module
6ES5264-8MA12 IP264 IP264 Cam Controller Module
6ES5265-8MA01 IP265 IP265 High Speed Sub-Control
6ES5266-8MA11 IP266 IP266 Positioning Module
6ES5267-8MA11 IP267
6ES5281-4UA11 IP281 IP281 Counter Module
6ES5281-4UA12 IP281 IP281 Counter Module
6ES5281-4UB11 IP281 IP281 Sub Module
6ES5281-4UB12 IP281 IP281 Sub Module
6ES5281-4UP11 IP281 IP281 Counter Module
6ES5281-4UP12 IP281 IP281 Counter Module
6ES5288-4UA11 IP288 IP288 Position Decoder Module
6ES5300-3AB11 IM300 IM300 Interface Module
6ES5300-5AA11 IM300 IM300 Interface Module
6ES5300-5AA12 IM300 IM300 Interface Module
6ES5300-5CA11 IM300 IM 300 Interface Module
6ES5300-5LA11 IM300 IM300 Interface Module
6ES5300-5LB11 IM300 IM300 Interface Module
6ES5300-5UA12 IM300 IM300 Interface Module
6ES5301-3AB11 IM301 IM301 Interface Module
6ES5301-3AB12 IM301 IM301 Interface Module
6ES5301-3AB13 IM301 IM301 Interface Module
6ES5301-5AA12 IM301 IM301Interface Module
6ES5301-5AA13 IM301 IM 301 Interface Module
6ES5301-5AU12 IM301 IM301 Interface Module
6ES5301-5CA12 IM301 IM301 Interface Module
6ES5302-3KA11 IM302
6ES5304-3UA11 IM304 IM304 Interface Module
6ES5304-3UA12 IM304 IM304 Interface Module
6ES5304-3UB11 IM304 IM304 Interface Module
6ES5305-7LA11 IM305 Interface Module
6ES5305-7LB11 IM305 Interface Module
6ES5306-7LA11 IM306 IM306 Interface Module
6ES5307-0MM11 Fiber Optic Media Module
6ES5307-3UA11 IM307 Interface Module
6ES5308-3UA11 IM308A IM308A Interface Module
6ES5308-3UA12 IM308A IM308A Interface Module
6ES5308-3UB11 IM308B IM308B Interface Module
6ES5308-3UC11 IM308C IM308C Profibus Interface Module
6ES5308-3UC21 IM308C IM308C Profibus Interface Module
6ES5310-3AB11 IM310 IM310 Interface Module
6ES5310-5AA12 IM310 Interface Module
6ES5311-3KA11 IM311 IM311 Interface Module
6ES5311-7AA11 IM311 IM311 Serial Interface Module
6ES5312-3AB11 IM312 IM312 including Cable
6ES5312-3AB12 M312 IM312 including Cable
6ES5312-3AB31 M312 IM312 including Cable
6ES5312-3AB32 IM312 IM312 Interface Module - 1.5 M
6ES5312-5AA12 M312 IM312 including Cable
6ES5312-5AA21 M312 IM312 Interface Module
6ES5312-5AA31 M312 IM312 including Cable
6ES5312-5CA11 M312 IM312 including Cable
6ES5312-5CA12 M312 IM312 including Cable
6ES5312-5CA21 M312 IM312 including Cable
6ES5312-5CA22 IM313 IM312 Interface Module including Cable
6ES5313-3AA12 IM313 IM313 Monitoring Module
6ES5314-3UA11 IM314 IM314 Interface Module
6ES5314-3UH12 IM314 IM 314 Interface Module
6ES5314-3UR11 IM314R IM314R Interface Module
6ES5315-8MA11 IM315 Interface Module
6ES5316-3UA11 Communication Module
6ES5316-8FA12 IM316F Interface Module
6ES5316-8MA11 IM316 Interface Module
6ES5316-8MA12 IM316 Interface Module
6ES5317-3UA11 IM317 Interface Module
6ES5318-3UA11 IM318A IM318A Interface Module
6ES5318-8MA11 ET100U
6ES5318-8MA12 ET100U
6ES5318-8MB11 ET200U
6ES5318-8MB12 ET200U - DP Siemens or Profibus DP Interface
6ES5318-8MB13 ET200U - DP Siemens or Profibus DP Interface
6ES5318-8MC11 ET200U
6ES5318-8MC12 ET200U
6ES5324-3UA11 IM324 IM324 Interface Module
6ES5324-3UA12 IM324 IM324 Interface Module
6ES5324-3UR11 IMI324R Watchdog Module
6ES5327-7LA11 IP252 Adaptor Module for IP252
6ES5327-7LA12 IP252 Adaptor Module for IP252
6ES5330-8MA11 Bus Signal Display Module
6ES5331-5AA11 S5 Module
6ES5335-0AA11 DG 335U Diagnositic Hand Held Module
6ES5340-3KA11 Memory Module
6ES5340-3KA21 Memory Module
6ES5340-3KA41 Memory Module
6ES5340-3KB11 Memory Card
6ES5340-3KB21 Memory Card
6ES5340-3KB31 Memory Card
6ES5340-3KB41 Memory Card
6ES5340-3KB42 Memory Card
6ES5340-5AB11 Memory Module
6ES5340-5AB21 Memory Module
6ES5342-3AA11 Parity Check Module
6ES5350-3KA21 Memory Module
6ES5350-3KA41 Memory Module
6ES5355-0AA11 DG 355 Hand Held Diagnostic Module
6ES5355-3UA11 CP355
6ES5370-0AA41 EPROM
6ES5371-0AA51 EPROM
6ES5372-0AA51 EPROM Module
6ES5372-0AA61 EPROM Module
6ES5373-0AA21 Eprom 16kB
6ES5373-0AA41 Eprom 32kB
6ES5373-0AA61 Eprom 64 Kb
6ES5373-0AA81 Eprom 128kB
6ES5373-1AA41 Eprom 32 kB
6ES5373-1AA61 Eprom 64 kB
6ES5373-1AA81 Eprom 128 kB
6ES5374-0AA11 EEPROM
6ES5374-0BA11 EPROM Memory Module
6ES5374-1FH11 Flash Eprom 128kB
6ES5374-1FH21 Flash EPROM
6ES5374-1FJ21 Flash Eprom 512kB
6ES5374-1KG11 Memory Card
6ES5374-1KH21 Flash 256kb
6ES5374-1KJ11 Flash Eprom 512kB
6ES5374-2AH21 RAM 256kB
6ES5374-2FH21 Flash 256kb
6ES5374-2FJ21 Flash Eprom 512kB
6ES5374-2FK21 Flash EPROM 1MB Memory Card
6ES5374-2FL21 Flash EPROM 2MB Memory Card
6ES5374-2FM21 Flash Eprom 4MB Memory Card
6ES5374-2FS21 Flash Eprom 16MB Memory Card
6ES5374-2KG21 Flash Eprom 128kB
6ES5374-2KH21 Flash Memory Module 256 KB
6ES5374-2KK21 Flash Eprom 1MB
6ES5375-0LA11 EPROM Module
6ES5375-0LA15 EPROM 8k
6ES5375-0LA21 EPROM 16k
6ES5375-0LA41 EPROM 32k
6ES5375-0LA61 EPROM 64k
6ES5375-0LA71 EPROM 128K
6ES5375-0LB11 S5-105R EEPROM
6ES5375-0LB21 S5-105R EEPROM
6ES5375-0LC11 EEPROM 2K
6ES5375-0LC21 EEPROM 4K
6ES5375-0LC31 EEPROM 8K
6ES5375-0LC41 EEPROM 16K
6ES5375-0LC61 EEPROM 32K
6ES5375-0LD11 RAM 8K
6ES5375-0LD21 RAM 16K
6ES5375-0LD31 RAM 32K
6ES5375-1LA15 EPROM 8K
6ES5375-1LA21 EPROM 16K
6ES5375-1LA41 EPROM 32K
6ES5375-1LA61 EPROM 64K
6ES5375-1LA71 EPROM 128K
6ES5375-8LA11 Memory Submodule
6ES5375-8LA12 Memory Submodule
6ES5375-8LC21 EEPROM 8K x 8 Bit
6ES5376-0AA11 EPROM 16K
6ES5376-0AA21 EPROM 32K
6ES5376-0AA31 EPROM 64K
6ES5376-1AA11 EPROM 16K
6ES5376-1AA21 EPROM 32K
6ES5376-1AA31 EPROM 64K
6ES5377-0AA11 RAM 16K
6ES5377-0AA21 RAM 32k
6ES5377-0AA31 RAM 64K
6ES5377-0AA32 RAM 64K
6ES5377-0AA41 RAM 128K
6ES5377-0AB21 RAM 32K
6ES5377-0AB31 RAM 64K
6ES5377-0AB41 RAM 128K
6ES5377-0BA31 RAM 64kB
6ES5378-0AA11 EPROM Module for OP395
6ES5380-7AA11 Timer Module
6ES5380-7AA12 Timer Module
6ES5380-8MA11 Timer Module
6ES5382-0AA32 Timer/Counter Adaptor
6ES5382-0AB32 Adjustment Block/Adapter Module
6ES5385-8MA11 Counter Module - 500Hz
6ES5385-8MB11 High Speed Counter Module
6ES5390-0UA11 TD390 Text Display
6ES5390-5AA22 Timer / Counter Module
6ES5391-5AA13 OP391 OP391 Operator Panel
6ES5393-0UA11 OP393 OP393 Operator Panel
6ES5393-0UA12 OP393-II OP393-II Operator Panel
6ES5393-0UA13 OP393-IIC OP393-IIC Operator Panel
6ES5393-0UA14 OP393 III OP393 III Operator Panel
6ES5393-0UA15 OP393-III OP393-III Operator Panel
6ES5395-0UA11 OP 395
6ES5395-0UA21 OP 395
6ES5396-0UA11 Operator Panel - OP396
6ES5398-0DE12 OP398 DEMAG Operator Panel
6ES5398-0KS11 Memory Card for OP398
6ES5400-0AA11 Timer Module for S5-010
6ES5400-7AA11 Digital Input Module - 8DI
6ES5400-7AA12 Digital Input Module - 8DI
6ES5400-7AA13 Digital Input Module - 8DI
6ES5405-7AA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5405-7AA21 Digital Input Module
6ES5405-7AB11 Digital Input Module
6ES5405-7AB21 Digital Input Module 8x220VAC
6ES5410-0AA12 S5-010 Digital Output Module
6ES5410-0AA41 S5-010 Digital Output Module
6ES5410-7AA11 Digital Output Module - 8DO 24VDC
6ES5410-7FA11 S5-110F Digital Output Module
6ES5415-7AA31 Digital Output Module
6ES5415-7AB11 Digital Output Module
6ES5415-7AB21 Digital Output Module - 8DO 220VAC
6ES5417-7AA11 Relay Module
6ES5417-7AA21 Relay Module - 8DO Relay 230VAC
6ES5418-8MB11 ET 200K Module
6ES5420-3BA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5420-4UA11 Digital Input Module - 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5420-4UA12 Digital Input Module - 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5420-4UA13 Digital Input Module, 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5420-4UA14 Digital Input Module - 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5420-5AA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5420-7LA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5420-8MA11 Digital Input Module - 4DI, 24VDC
6ES5421-8MA11 Digital Input Module - 8DI, 24VDC
6ES5421-8MA12 Digital Input Module - 8DI, 24VDC
6ES5422-8MA11 Digital Input Module - 16DI, 24VDC
6ES5430-2BA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5430-3BA11 Digital Input Module - 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5430-4UA11 Digital Input Module - 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5430-4UA12 Digital Input Module - 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5430-4UA13 Digital Input Module - 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5430-4UA14 Digital Input Module - 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5430-6AA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5430-7LA11 Digital Input Module - 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5430-7LA12 Digital Input Module - 32DI, 24VDC
6ES5430-8MB11 Digital Input - 4DI
6ES5430-8MC11 Digital Input Module - 4DI 115 VAC
6ES5430-8MD11 Digital Input Module - 4DI 230VAC
6ES5431-2BA11 Digital Input Module - ET 200B-16DI
6ES5431-3BA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5431-4UA11 Input Module Digital
6ES5431-4UA12 Digital Input Module
6ES5431-7LA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5431-8FA11 Digital Input Module - 24 VDC Floating
6ES5431-8MA11 Digital Input Module - 8DI, 24VDC
6ES5431-8MC11 Digital Input Module - 8DI, 115VAC
6ES5431-8MD11 Digital Input Module - 8DI, 230 Vac
6ES5432-3BA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5432-3BA12 Digital Input Module
6ES5432-4UA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5432-4UA12 Digital Input Module
6ES5432-7LA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5433-6BA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5433-7LA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5433-8MA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5434-4UA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5434-4UA12 Digital Input Module
6ES5434-7LA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5434-7LA12 Digital Input Module - 8DI 24VDC Floating
6ES5435-4UA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5435-7LA11 Digital Input Module - 16DI 115VAC
6ES5435-7LB11 Digital Input Module
6ES5436-4UA11 Digital Input Module - 120/240 Vac
6ES5436-4UA12 Digital Input Module - 16DI, 220VAC
6ES5436-4UB11 Digital Output Module
6ES5436-4UB12 Digital Input Module
6ES5436-6AA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5436-7LA11 Digital Input Module - 16DI, 220VAC
6ES5436-7LB11 Digital Input Module
6ES5436-7LC11 Digital Input Module
6ES5437-8EA12 Digital Input - 4DI Exx
6ES5440-5AA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5440-8MA11 Digital Output Module - 4DO 24VDC 2A
6ES5440-8MA12 Digital Output Module
6ES5440-8MA21 Digital Output Module - 4DO 24VDC 2A
6ES5440-8MA22 Digital Output Module - 4DO 24VDC 2A
6ES5441-4UA11 Digital Output Module 32DO, 24VDC
6ES5441-4UA12 Digital Output Module 32DO, 24VDC
6ES5441-4UA13 Digital Output Module 32DO, 24VDC
6ES5441-4UA14 Digital Output Module 32DO, 24VDC
6ES5441-7LA11 Digital Output Module 32DO, 24VDC
6ES5441-7LA12 Digital Output Module 32DO, 24VDC
6ES5441-7LA13 Digital Output Module 32DO, 24VDC
6ES5441-8MA11 NL535 Digital Output Module
6ES5444-3AA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5445-3AA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5445-3AA12 Digital Output Module
6ES5445-3AE11 Digital Output Module
6ES5450-3AA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5450-6AA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5450-6AA12 Digital Output Module
6ES5450-8FA11 Digitlal Output Module
6ES5450-8FA12 Digital Output Module
6ES5450-8MB11 Digital Output Module
6ES5450-8MD11 Digital Output Module
6ES5451-2BA11 Digital Output Module - ET 200B 16DO
6ES5451-3AA11 Digital Output Module - 16DO
6ES5451-4UA11 Digital Output Module - 32DO 24VDC
6ES5451-4UA12 Digital Output Module - 32DO 24VDC
6ES5451-4UA13 Digital Output Module - 32DO 24VDC
6ES5451-4UA14 Digital Output Module - 32DO 24VDC
6ES5451-5AA12 Digital Output Module - 24 VDC 0.5A
6ES5451-5AA13 Digital Output Module - 24 VDC 0.5A
6ES5451-7LA11 Digital Output Module - 32DO 24VDC
6ES5451-7LA12 Digital Output Module - 32DO 24VDC
6ES5451-7LA21 Digital Output Module - 32DO 24VDC
6ES5451-8MA11 Digital Output Module - 8DO 24VDC
6ES5451-8MD11 Digital Output Module
6ES5451-8MR11 Relay Module - 8 Relay Output
6ES5451-8MR12 Relay Module - 8 Relay Output
6ES5452-8MR11 Relay Module - 4 Relay Output
6ES5453-4UA11 Digital Output Module - 16 DO
6ES5453-4UA12 Digital Output Module - 16DO
6ES5453-7LA11 Digital Output Module - Floating
6ES5453-8MA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5453-8MC11 Digital Output Module
6ES5453-8MC12 Digital Output Module
6ES5454-4UA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5454-4UA12 Digital Output Module
6ES5454-4UA13 Digital Output Module
6ES5454-4UA14 Digital Output Module
6ES5454-7LA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5454-7LA12 Digital Output Module
6ES5454-7LB11 Digital Output Module
6ES5455-3AE11 Digital Output Module
6ES5455-4UA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5455-4UA12 Digital Output Module
6ES5455-7LA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5456-4UA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5456-4UA12 Digital Output Module
6ES5456-4UB11 Digital Output Module
6ES5456-4UB12 Digital Output Module
6ES5456-6AA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5456-7LA11 Digital Output
6ES5456-7LB11 Digital Output Module
6ES5457-3AA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5457-4UA12 Output Module
6ES5457-7LA11 Digital Output Module
6ES5457-8EA12 Digital Output Module - 4DO EXX
6ES5458-4UA11 Relay Output Module
6ES5458-4UA12 Relay Output Module
6ES5458-4UA13 Relay Output Module
6ES5458-4UC11 Relay Output Module
6ES5458-7LA11 Relay Output Module
6ES5458-7LA12 Relay Output Module
6ES5458-7LB11 Relay Output Module
6ES5458-7LC11 Relay Output Module
6ES5460-4UA11 Analog Input Module
6ES5460-4UA12 Analog Input Module
6ES5460-4UA13 Analog Input Module
6ES5460-5AA31 Analog Input Module
6ES5460-7LA11 Analog Input Module
6ES5460-7LA12 Analog Input Module
6ES5460-7LA13 Analog Input Module
6ES5461-5AA11 Analog Input Module
6ES5461-8MA11 Limit Module
6ES5463-4UA11 Analog Input Module
6ES5463-4UA12 Analog Input Module
6ES5463-4UA13 Analog Input Module
6ES5463-4UB11 Analog Input Module
6ES5463-4UB12 Analog Input Module
6ES5464-8MA11 Analog Input Module
6ES5464-8MA21 Analog Input Module
6ES5464-8MB11 Analog Input Module
6ES5464-8MC11 NL541 Analog Input Module
6ES5464-8MD11 Analog Input Module
6ES5464-8ME11 Analog Input Module
6ES5464-8MF11 Analog Input Module
6ES5464-8MF21 Analog Input Module
6ES5465-3AA12 Analog Input Modue - 8AI
6ES5465-3AA13 Analogy Input Module - 8AI
6ES5465-4UA11 Analog Input Module -  16AI
6ES5465-4UA12 Analog Input Module - 16AI
6ES5465-4UA13 Analog Input Module - 16AI
6ES5465-5AA12 Analog Input Module
6ES5465-7LA11 Analog Input Module - 16AI
6ES5465-7LA12 Analog Input Module - 16AI
6ES5465-7LA13 Analog Input Module - 16AI
6ES5466-3LA11 Analog Input Module - 8AI
6ES5466-4UA11 Analog Input Module - 8AI
6ES5466-8MC11 Analog Input Module - 4 AI
6ES5467-8EE11 Analog Input Module
6ES5467-8EF11 EX Analog Input Module
6ES5470-4UA11 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-4UA12 Analog Ouput Module - 8AO
6ES5470-4UA13 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-4UB11 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-4UB12 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-4UB13 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-4UC11 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-4UC12 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-4UC13 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-7LA11 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-7LA12 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-7LA13 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-7LB11 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-7LB12 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-7LB13 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-7LC11 Analog Ouput Module - 8AO
6ES5470-7LC12 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-7LC13 Analog Output Module - 8AO
6ES5470-8MA11 Analog Output Module - 2AO
6ES5470-8MA12 Analog Output Module - 2AO
6ES5470-8MB11 Analog Output Module - 2AO
6ES5470-8MB12 Analog Output Module - 2AO
6ES5470-8MC11 Analog Output Module - 2AO
6ES5470-8MC12 Analog Output Module - 2AO
6ES5470-8MD11 Analog Output Module - 2AO
6ES5470-8MD12 Analog Output Module - 2AO
6ES5475-3AA11 Analog Output Module
6ES5475-5AA11 Analog Output Module
6ES5476-3AA11 Analog Output Module
6ES5476-5AA11 Analog Output Module
6ES5477-8EC11 EX Analog Output Module
6ES5482-3BA11 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES5482-3BE11 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES5482-4UA11 Digital Input/Output Module - 16DI/16DO
6ES5482-4UA20 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES5482-7LA11 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES5482-7LF11 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES5482-7LF21 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES5482-7LF31 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES5482-8MA11 Digital Input/Output Module - 16DI/16DO
6ES5482-8MA12 Digital Input/Output Module - 16DI/16DO
6ES5482-8MA13 Digital Input/Output Module - 16DI/16DO
6ES5484-8AB11 Input Module
6ES5484-8AC11 Digital Output
6ES5485-7LA11 Digital Input Module
6ES5488-3LA11 Siemens Digital Input/Output Module
6ES5488-3LA21 S5-105R Digital Input/Output Module
6ES5488-3LA31 Siemens Digital Input/Output Module - 5DI/3DO
6ES5488-3LU21 Digital Input/Output Card
6ES5490-7LA11 Front Connector
6ES5490-7LA21 Front Connector
6ES5490-7LB11 Front Connector
6ES5490-7LB21 Front Connector
6ES5490-7LC11 Front Connector
6ES5490-7SA11 Simulation Connector Assembly
6ES5490-7SA21 Simulation Connector Assembly
6ES5490-8FB11 Front Connector
6ES5490-8MB11 Front Connector
6ES5491-0LA11 Adaption Casing
6ES5491-0LA12 Adaption Casing
6ES5491-0LB11 Adaption Casing
6ES5491-0LC11 Adaption Casing
6ES5491-0LD11 Adaption Casing
6ES5497-4UA12 Front Connector
6ES5497-4UB12 Front Connector
6ES5497-4UB22 Front Connector, Double-Wide, 25-Pin, Screw
6ES5497-4UB31 Front Connector
6ES5497-4UB42 Front Connector, Double-Wide, 20-Pin, Screw
6ES5498-1AA11 Analog Input Sub-Module
6ES5498-1AA21 Analog Input Sub-Module
6ES5498-1AA31 Analog Input Sub-Module
6ES5498-1AA41 Analog Input Sub-Module
6ES5498-1AA51 Analog Input Sub-Module
6ES5498-1AA61 Analog Input Sub Module
6ES5498-1AA71 Analog Input Sub-Module
6ES5498-1AB11 Analog Input Sub-Module
6ES5500-7AA11 PG Interface Module
6ES5500-7AA12 PG interface module
6ES5511-5AA12 AS511 PG Interface Module - AS511
6ES5511-5AA14 AS511 PG Interface Module - AS511
6ES5512-3HC11 Interface Module - AS512
6ES5512-5BC12 Interface Module - AS512
6ES5512-5BC21 Interface Module - AS512
6ES5513-3LB11 CP513 CP513 256 KB Bubble Memory Module
6ES5513-3MA11 CP513 CP513 Memory Module - 128 KB
6ES5513-3MA12 CP513 CP513 Memory Module - 128 KB
6ES5513-3MB12 CP513 CP513 Memory Module - 256 KB
6ES5516-3UA11 Memory Module
6ES5521-8MA11 Communications Module - CP521
6ES5521-8MA21 Communications Module - CP521
6ES5521-8MA22 Communications Module - CP521
6ES5521-8MB11 Communications Module - CP521
6ES5521-8MB12 Communications Module - CP521
6ES5523-3UA11 CP523 Communication Processor - CP523
6ES5524-3UA13 CP524 Communications Processor - CP524
6ES5524-3UA15 CP524 Communications Processor - CP524
6ES5525-3UA11 CP525 Communications Processor - CP525
6ES5525-3UA21 CP525 Communications Processor - CP525
6ES5526-3LA01 Communications Processor - CP526
6ES5526-3LA11 Communications Processor - CP526
6ES5526-3LA21 Communications Processor - CP526
6ES5526-3LA22 Communications Processor - CP526
6ES5526-3LB01 Communications Processor - CP526
6ES5526-3LB11 Communications Processor - CP526
6ES5526-3LF01 Communications Processor - CP526
6ES5526-3LF11 Communications Processor - CP526
6ES5526-3LG01 CP526-II Communications Processor - CP526
6ES5526-3LG11 Communications Processor - CP526
6ES5530-3LA11 Communications Processor - CP530
6ES5530-3LA12 CP530 Communications Processor - CP530
6ES5530-7LA11 Communications Processor - CP530
6ES5530-7LA12 Communications Processor - CP530
6ES5531-7MA11 CP 531 Communication Module
6ES5535-3LB11 Communications Processor - CP535
6ES5535-3LB12 Communications Processor - CP535
6ES5535-3MA12 CP535 Communications Processor - CP535
6ES5536-3LA12 CP536 CP536 Module
6ES5541-8AA11 CP541 CP541 Profibus Communication Module
6ES5544-3UA11 CP544, C79458-L966-B1 Communications Processor - CP544
6ES5544-3UB11 CP544B Communications Processor - CP544B
6ES5551-3UA11 CP551 CP551 Mass Storage Module
6ES5552-3UA11 CP552 CP552 Communication Module
6ES5552-3UA21 CP552 CP552 Communication Module
6ES5578-0AA11 CP578 CP578 Slot PC Module
6ES5580-0UA12 CP580 S5 Slot PC Module
6ES5580-2UA11 Simatic CP580 Slot Computer
6ES5580-3UA11 CP580 S5 Slot PC Module
6ES5580-3UA12 CP580 Slot PC Module
6ES5581-0EA11 CP581 CP581 Base Module - 4MB
6ES5581-0EB11 CP581 CP581-486 Processor
6ES5581-0EB12 CP581 S5 Slot PC Module
6ES5581-0EC12 CP581 CP581 Base Module
6ES5581-0EC51 CP581 CP581 Base Module
6ES5581-0ED13 CP581 Slot PC Module - CP581 Processor
6ES5581-0ED14 CP581 Slot PC Module - CP581 Processor
6ES5581-0EE15 CP581 Siemens CP581 P5 Module
6ES5581-0HA11 CP581 CP581 Memory Extension - 4 MB
6ES5581-0HB11 CP581 CP581 Memory Extension - 16MB
6ES5581-0RA12 CP581 CP581 AT Slot Module
6ES5581-1EA11 CP581 CP581 Base Module
6ES5581-1EC12 CP581 CP581 - Base Module
6ES5581-1HB11 CP581 CP581 Memory Extension - 8 MB
6ES5581-1LA11 CP581 CP581 Mass Storage Module
6ES5581-2LA11 CP581 CP581 Mass Storage Module
6ES5581-3LA11 CP581 CP581 - Mass Storage Module
6ES5581-4LA11 CP581 CP581 Mass Storage Module
6ES5581-6LA11 CP581 CP581 Mass Storage Module
6ES5605-0RU11 PG605R PG605R - Hand Held Programmer
6ES5605-0UA11 PG605U PG 605U - Hand Held Programmer
6ES5605-0UA12 PG605 PG 605U - Hand Held Programmer
6ES5605-0UB11 PG605U PG605U - Hand Held Programmer
6ES5605-0UB12 PG605 PG605 - Hand Held Programmer
6ES5615-0UB11 PG615 - Hand Held Programmer
6ES5635-0UA11 PG635 Programmer
6ES5687-0AA01 C79458L7000B18 Programming Interface Module
6ES5695-0AA11 External PROM Burner
6ES5700-0LA11 Central Mounting Rack
6ES5700-0LA12 Central Mounting Rack
6ES5700-0LB11 S5-115U Card Rack
6ES5700-1LA11 Central Mounting Rack
6ES5700-1LA12 Central Mounting Rack
6ES5700-1SA11 Central Mounting Rack
6ES5700-2BA11 Termination Base
6ES5700-2BD11 ET 200B Terminal Block
6ES5700-2LA11 Central Mounting Rack-CR2
6ES5700-2LA12 Central Mounting Rack-CR2
6ES5700-2LA22 CR700-2F Mounting Rack
6ES5700-2LB11 Subrack CR2
6ES5700-3LA12 Central Mounting Rack
6ES5700-8EA11 Bus Module
6ES5700-8FA11 Bus Module
6ES5700-8MA11 Bus Module - Standard
6ES5700-8MA21 Bus Module
6ES5700-8MA22 Bus Module -Crimp Connectors
6ES5700-8MB11 Bus Module
6ES5701-0LA11 Sub-Rack 6-slots
6ES5701-1LA11 Extension Sub-Rack 9-slots
6ES5701-1LA12 Extension Sub-Rack 9-slots
6ES5701-2LA11 Extension Sub-Rack ER2
6ES5701-2LA12 Extension Sub-Rack ER2
6ES5701-3LA11 Extension Sub-Rack
6ES5701-3LA13 Extension Sub-Rack
6ES5701-3LH11 Expansion Rack
6ES5705-0AF00 IM Cable - IM306
6ES5705-0BB20 IM Cable - IM306
6ES5705-0BB50 IM Cable -IM306
6ES5705-3CD21 Cable
6ES5710-0AA11 S5-110 Sub-rack
6ES5710-0AA41 S5-110 Subrack
6ES5710-0SA11 S5-110 Sub-rack
6ES5711-0AD20 Cable
6ES5712-8AF00 IM316 Cable - .5 meter
6ES5713-0AD20 S5-110 Cable
6ES5714-0AF00 S5-110F Connecting Cable
6ES5714-2AS01 Simatic Y-Adaptor
6ES5714-2AT01 Simatic Y-Adaptor Cable
6ES5714-2AV01 Adaptor RGB to VGA for CP 581
6ES5721-0BB00 S5-135/155U IM Cable - 1 meter
6ES5721-0BB50 S5-135/155U IM Cable -1.5 meter
6ES5721-0BB60 S5-135/155U IM Cable - 1.6 meter
6ES5721-0BC00 S5-135/155U IM Cable - 2 meter
6ES5721-0BC50 S5-135/155U IM Cable -  2.5 meter
6ES5721-0BD20 S5-135/155U IM Cable - 3.2 meter
6ES5721-0BF00 S5-135/155U IM Cable - 5 meter
6ES5721-0CB00 S5-135/155U IM Cable - 10 meters
6ES5721-0CB20 S5-135/155U IM Cable - 12 meter
6ES5721-0CB60 S5-135/155U IM Cable - 16 meter
6ES5721-0CC50 S5-135/155U IM Cable - 25 meter
6ES5721-0CD20 S5-135/155U IM Cable - 32 meter
6ES5721-4BF00 Cable
6ES5721-5BD20 Cable
6ES5721-5BF00 Cable
6ES5725-0AK00 Cable CP143 to PG Cable
6ES5727-1BD20 Cable
6ES5731-0BD20 Cable
6ES5731-0BF00 Simatic S5 731-1 Cable
6ES5731-1BD20 Cable between PG-MUX and SIMATIC S5
6ES5731-1BF00 Cable between PG-MUX and SIMATIC S5
6ES5731-1CB00 Cable between PG-MUX and SIMATIC S5
6ES5734-0BD20 Serial Cable
6ES5734-1BD20 S5 Programming Cable
6ES5734-2BD20 Simatic S5 Online Cable - 3.2 m
6ES5734-2BF00 PG Programming Cable - 5 meter
6ES5736-2BD20 Cable
6ES5741-0AB31 Housing
6ES5752-0AA12 Interface Module - TTY
6ES5752-0AA22 Interface Module -V24
6ES5752-0AA23 Interface Module - V24
6ES5752-0AA41 Interface Module - RS422/RS485
6ES5752-0AA42 Interface Module - RS422/RS485
6ES5752-0AA43 Interface Module - RS422/RS485
6ES5752-0AA52 Inteface Module - PG
6ES5752-0AA53 Inteface Module - PG
6ES5752-0AA62 Interface Sub-module
6ES5752-0LA12 Interface Module -  TTY/20mA
6ES5752-0LA22 Interface Module - V24 CPU 945
6ES5752-0LA23 Interface Module - V24 CPU 945
6ES5752-0LA52 Interface Module - PG-Module (TTY)
6ES5752-0LA62 Interface Module - Sinec L1
6ES5755-0AA13 Bus Coupler
6ES5755-3AA11 Terminator - Sinec H1
6ES5756-0AA11 Sequence Module for 150 CPUs
6ES5760-0AA11 Terminator for IM310
6ES5760-0AB11 Terminator - IM312/IM301
6ES5760-1AA11 Terminator - IM314
6ES5762-1AA12 Bus Connector
6ES5762-1AA21 Bus Connector
6ES5762-2AA12 Bus Connector
6ES5776-7LA11 Power Output Module
6ES5777-0BB00 Bus Terminal L1
6ES5777-0BB01 Bus Terminal L1
6ES5777-0BC00 Bus Terminal L1
6ES5777-0BC01 Bus Terminal L1
6ES5777-1BC00 Bus Terminal
6ES5777-1BC01 Bus Terminal L1
6ES5782-2MB11 ET200 - Handheld
6ES5788-7LC11 Sizat Module
6ES5788-8MA11 Simulator Module
6ES5816-0AB11 OP396 Operating EPROM Module OP396
6ES5816-1AA11 Operating System Module for CPU944A
6ES5816-1BB11 Operating System Module for CPU944B
6ES5816-1BB21 Operating System Module for CPU944B
6ES5840-4SH01 Siemens S5 Flash EPROM
6ES5858-0AA11 TK858
6ES5900-0AA12 S5-010 CPU Module
6ES5900-7AA11 CPU
6ES5900-7AB11 CPU
6ES5900-7AB21 CPU
6ES5900-7AC11 CPU Module
6ES5900-7AC21 CPU for S5-110A
6ES5900-7AD11 CPU
6ES5900-7FB11 CPU for S5-110F
6ES5900-7FC11 S5-110F CPU Module
6ES5901-7FA11 S5-110F Comparator Module
6ES5902-3SA12 S5 110 S CPU
6ES5905-3RA11 CPU905 for the S5-105R
6ES5905-3RB11 CPU 905 105R
6ES5910-0AA11 Eprom S5-110A
6ES5910-0AA21 Eprom S5-110A
6ES5910-0AA31 Eprom S5-110A
6ES5910-0AA41 Eprom S5-110A
6ES5911-0AA42 EPROM for S5-110S
6ES5911-0AA52 EPROM for S5-110S
6ES5920-3UA12 CPU920
6ES5921-1AA21 CPU921 CPU 921 Central Processing Unit
6ES5921-1BA11 CPU921 CPU 921 for S5-210
6ES5921-3KA12 CPU 921K CPU921 Processor Module
6ES5921-3UA11 CPU921 CPU921 Processor Module
6ES5921-3UA12 CPU921 CPU921 Processor Module
6ES5921-3WA13 CPU 921WA CPU 921WA Processor Module
6ES5921-3WB12 CPU921WB CPU921WB Processor Module
6ES5921-3WB13 CPU 921WB CPU 921WB Processor Module
6ES5921-3WB14 CPU921WB CPU921WB Processor Module
6ES5921-3WB15 CPU921WB CPU921WB Processor Module
6ES5922-1AA21 CPU922 CPU922 Processor Module
6ES5922-3UA11 CPU922 CPU922 Processor Module
6ES5923-3UA11 923A Coordinator
6ES5923-3UC11 923 C Coordinator
6ES5924-3SA11 CPU 924S CPU924S Processor Module
6ES5924-3SA12 CPU 924S CPU924S Processor Module
6ES5925-3KA12 CPU925K CPU925K Processor Module
6ES5925-3SA11 CPU925S CPU925S Processor Module
6ES5925-5AA12 CPU925A CPU925A Processor Module
6ES5926-3KA12 CPU926K CPU926K Processor Module
6ES5926-3SA11 CPU926S CPU926 Processor Module
6ES5926-3SA12 CPU926S CPU926S Processor Module
6ES5926-5AA12 CPU926A CPU926A Processor Module
6ES5927-3KA13 CPU927K CPU927K Processor Module
6ES5927-3SA11 CPU927S CPU 927 Processor Module
6ES5927-3SA12 CPU927S CPU 927 Processor Module
6ES5928-3UA11 CPU928A CPU928A Processor Module
6ES5928-3UA12 CPU928A CPU928A Processor Module
6ES5928-3UA21 CPU928A CPU928A Processor Module
6ES5928-3UB11 CPU928B CPU928B Processor Module
6ES5928-3UB12 CPU928B CPU928B Processor Module
6ES5928-3UB21 CPU928B CPU928B Processor Module
6ES5930-7AA11 Power Supply - PS930
6ES5930-7AA12 Power Supply - PS930
6ES5930-7AA21 PS 930 Power Supply
6ES5930-7AA22 Power Supply 115V
6ES5930-7AA31 Power Supply - PS930
6ES5930-8MD11 Power Supply - PS930 1A
6ES5931-7AA11 Power Supply
6ES5931-8MD11 PS931 Power Supply - PS931 2A
6ES5935-3LA11 Power Supply Module for S5-105R
6ES5935-8ME11 Power Supply Module
6ES5940-7SA11 CPU940 CPU940 Processor Module
6ES5941-7UA11 CPU941 CPU941 Processor Module
6ES5941-7UA12 CPU941 CPU941 Processor Module
6ES5941-7UA13 CPU941 CPU941 Processor Module
6ES5941-7UB11 CPU941B CPU941B Processor Module
6ES5942-7UA11 CPU942 CPU942 Processor Module
6ES5942-7UA12 CPU942 CPU942 Processor Module
6ES5942-7UA13 CPU942 CPU942 Processor Module
6ES5942-7UB11 CPU942B CPU942B Processor Module
6ES5942-7UF12 CPU942F CPU942F Failsafe Module
6ES5942-7UF13 CPU942F CPU942F Failsafe CPU
6ES5942-7UF14 CPU942F CPU942F Failsafe CPU
6ES5942-7UF15 CPU942F CPU942F - Failsafe CPU
6ES5942-7UH11 CPU942H CPU942H Processor Module
6ES5943-7UA11 CPU943 CPU943 Processor Module
6ES5943-7UA21 CPU943 CPU943 Processor Module
6ES5943-7UA22 CPU943 CPU943 Processor Module
6ES5943-7UB11 CPU943B CPU943B Processor Module
6ES5943-7UB21 CPU943B CPU943B Processor Module
6ES5944-7UA11 CPU944 CPU944 Processor Module
6ES5944-7UA12 CPU944 CPU944 Processor Module
6ES5944-7UA21 CPU944 CPU944 Processor Module
6ES5944-7UA22 CPU944 CPU944 Processor Module
6ES5944-7UB11 CPU944B CPU944B Processor Module
6ES5944-7UB21 CPU944B CPU944B Processor Module
6ES5945-7UA11 CPU945 CPU945 Processor Module
6ES5945-7UA13 CPU945 CPU945 Processor Module
6ES5945-7UA21 CPU945 CPU945 Processor Module
6ES5945-7UA23 CPU945 CPU945 Processor Module
6ES5946-3UA11 CPU946 CPU946 Processor Module
6ES5946-3UA21 CPU946 CPU946 Processor Module
6ES5946-3UA22 CPU946 CPU946 Processor Module
6ES5946-3UA23 CPU946 CPU946 Processor Module
6ES5946-3UR12 CPU946R CPU946R Processor Module
6ES5946-3UR21 CPU946R CPU946R Processor Module
6ES5947-3UA11 CPU947 CPU947 Processor Module
6ES5947-3UA21 CPU947 CPU947 Processor Module
6ES5947-3UA22 CPU947 CPU947 Processor Module
6ES5947-3UR21 CPU947R CPU947R Processor Module
6ES5948-3UA11 CPU948 CPU948 Processor Module
6ES5948-3UA12 CPU948 CPU948 Processor Module
6ES5948-3UA13 CPU948 CPU948 Processor Module
6ES5948-3UA21 CPU948 CPU 948 Processor Module
6ES5948-3UA23 CPU948 CPU 948 Processor Module
6ES5948-3UR11 CPU948R CPU948R Processor Module
6ES5948-3UR21 CPU948R Processor
6ES5950-1AA61 Power Supply - PS 950
6ES5950-1AB61 Power Supply - PS950
6ES5950-8MD11 Power Supply - PS950
6ES5951-4LB11 PS951 Power Supply - PS951
6ES5951-7LB13 PS951 E220G5 3WRGD POWER SUPPLY MODULE 3AMP 115/230VAC PS951 3A
6ES5951-7LB14 PS951 E220G5 3WRGD Power Supply - PS951 3A
6ES5951-7LB21 PS951 E220G5 3WRGD Power Supply - PS951 3A
6ES5951-7LD11 PS951, E220G5 15WRGD Power Supply - PS951 7/15A
6ES5951-7LD12 PS951, E220 G515 WRGD Power Supply - PS951 7/15A
6ES5951-7LD21 PS951, E230G5 15WRGD Power Supply - PS951 7/15A
6ES5951-7NB12 PS951, E24G5 3WRGD Power Supply - PS951 3A
6ES5951-7NB13 PS951, E24G5 3WRGD Power Supply - PS 951 3A
6ES5951-7NB21 PS951, E24G5 3WRGD Power Supply - PS951 3A
6ES5951-7ND11 PS951, E24G5 15WRGD Power Supply - PS951 7/15A
6ES5951-7ND12 PS951, E24G5 15WRGD Power Supply - PS951 7/15A
6ES5951-7ND21 PS951, E24G5 7WRGD Power Supply - PS951 7/15A
6ES5951-7ND31 PS951, E24G5 15WRGD Power Supply - PS951 7/15A
6ES5951-7ND32 PS951, E24 G5 15WRGD Power Supply - PS951 7/15A
6ES5951-7ND41 PS951, E24G5 15WRGD Power Supply - PS951 7/15A
6ES5951-7ND51 PS951, E24G5 15WRGD Power Supply - PS951 7/15A
6ES5955-3LC12 PS955 PS955 Power Supply
6ES5955-3LC13 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3LC14 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3LC41 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3LC42 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3LF11 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3LF12 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3LF31 PS955 PS955 Power Supply
6ES5955-3LF41 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3LF42 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3LF44 PS955 PS955 Power Supply
6ES5955-3NA11 PS955 Power Supply  - PS955
6ES5955-3NA12 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3NC11 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3NC12 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3NC13 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3NC41 PS955 Power Supply PS955 - 24VDC
6ES5955-3NC42 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-3NF11 PS955 Power Supply - PS955
6ES5955-7NC12 PS955 S5-155H PS955 PS 24VDC 14A
6ES5956-0AA11 15V Module for PS955
6ES5956-0AA12 C98043-A1341-L2-08 15V Module for PS955
6ES5958-4UA11 Release Supply Module
6ES5980-0AE11 6ES7971-0BA00 Backup battery for S5-115U PS951- OBSOLETE
6ES5980-0MA11 Replacement Backup battery S5-95 and S5-100U
6ES5980-0MB11 6ES7971-1AA00-0AA0 Backup Battery for S5-90U
6ES5980-0NC11 W79084-Q3001-B2 Rechargeable Battery for Power Supplies PS955
6ES5981-0GA11 Cable Duct for Fan
6ES5981-0HA11 Fan Assembly for 115U
6ES5981-0HA21 Fan Assembly - 24 VDC
6ES5981-0HB11 Fan Assembly
6ES5981-0JA11 Fan Filter
6ES5981-0LA11 S5-105R Rack for S5-105R
6ES5982-1AA11 Function Keyboard (Tastatur Braumat)
6ES5982-2AA11 PBT 982 PBT982/1 Membrane Keyboard
6ES5982-2AB12 PBT 982/1 Membrane Keyboard
6ES5982-3AA11 Membrane Keyboard
6ES5982-3BA11 Membrane Keyboard
6ES5982-3UA11 Frame for OP393
6ES5982-3UB11 Frame for OP396
6ES5983-3AA11 Cable Connector for IP252
6ES5984-2UA11 Printer Interface for PG615
6ES5984-2UB11 Adaptor
6ES5985-2MC11 Programming Adaptor
6ES5988-3LA11 Fan Tray
6ES5988-3LA31 Fan Tray Assembly
6ES5988-3NA11 Fan Assembly
6ES5988-3NB41 Replacement Fan for PS955 Power Supplies
6ES5988-7NA11 Fan Kit - Single Fan
6ES7120-0AH01-0AA0 Simatic SC Terminal Block
6ES7122-1BB00-0AA0 Simatic SC Digital Output Module
6ES7122-1BB10-0AA0 Digital Output Module
6ES7131-0BH00-0XB0 ET 200B 16 DI
6ES7131-0BL00-0XB0 ET200B Digital Input Module
6ES7131-0BL10-0XB0 ET200B Digital Input Module
6ES7131-1BH01-0XB0 ET 200L 16 DI
6ES7131-1BL00-0XB0 ET 200L 32DI
6ES7131-1BL01-0XB0 Digital Input Module
6ES7131-4BB00-0AB0 ET 200S 2DI  24VDC - Single Unit
6ES7131-4BD00-0AA0 ET200S Digital Input Module - Single Module
6ES7131-4BD00-0AB0 ET200S Input Module
6ES7131-4EB00-0AB0 ET 200S 2DI AC 12V
6ES7132-0BH01-0XB0 ET 200B 16 DO
6ES7132-0BH10-0XB0 ET 200B Digital Output Module
6ES7132-0BH11-0XB0 ET 200B Digital Output Module
6ES7132-0BL00-0XB0 Digital Output Module
6ES7132-0BL01-0XB0 Digital Output Module
6ES7132-0HF00-0XB0 Digital Output Module
6ES7132-1BH00-0XB0 ET200L Digital Output Module
6ES7132-1BL00-0XB0 ET200L Digital Output Module
6ES7132-4BB00-0AB0 ET 200S 2DO 24VDC .5A - Single Module
6ES7132-4BB30-0AB0 ET 200S 2DO 24VDC 2A
6ES7132-4BD00-0AA0 Digital Output Module
6ES7132-4BD01-0AA0 ET200 Output Module
6ES7132-4HB00-0AB0 ET 200S 2DO Relay
6ES7133-0BH00-0XB0 ET 200B Digital Input/Output Module
6ES7133-0BH01-0XB0 ET 200B Digital Input/Output Module
6ES7133-0BL00-0XB0 ET200B Digital 16 in/16 out
6ES7133-0BN00-0XB0 ET200B Digital Input/Output Module
6ES7133-0BN01-0XB0 ET 200 Digital I/O Module
6ES7133-0BN10-0XB0 ET 200B Digital Input/Output Module
6ES7133-0BN11-0XB0 ET 200 Digital I/O Module
6ES7133-0HH01-0XB0 ET 200B Digital Output/Relay Module
6ES7133-1BL00-0XB0 ET 200L Digital 16 IN /16 Out
6ES7133-1BL01-0XB0 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES7133-1BL10-0XB0 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES7133-1BL11-0XB0 Digital I/O Module
6ES7134-0HF01-0XB0 Analog Input Module
6ES7134-4FB00-0AB0 ET 200S 2AI
6ES7134-4FB51-0AB0 ET 200S 2AI High Speed
6ES7134-4GB00-0AB0 ET 200S 2 AI 2-WIRE
6ES7134-4GB10-0AB0 ET200S Analog Input
6ES7134-4JB00-0AB0 ET 200S 2 A1 RTD
6ES7134-4JB50-0AB0 ET 200S 2 A1 RTD
6ES7135-0HF01-0XB0 Analog Output Module
6ES7135-4FB00-0AB0 ET 200S 2AO
6ES7135-4GB00-0AB0 ET200S Analog Input/Output
6ES7138-1XL00-0XB0 Interface IM-SC Profibus DP
6ES7138-4CB00-0AB0 Simatic DP ET 200S Power Module
6ES7138-4CB10-0AB0 Power Module
6ES7138-4FB02-0AB0 ET200S 4F-DO Profisafe
6ES7141-0BF00-0XB0 ET200X Basic Module BM141
6ES7141-1BD30-0XA0 EM141 EM141 Digital Input Module
6ES7141-1BF10-0XB0 Et200X-BM 141
6ES7141-1BF11-0XB0 BM141 Simatic DP ET 200X BM141
6ES7141-1BF12-0XB0 BM141 Basic Module BM141
6ES7141-1BF30-0XA0 EM141 Simatic DP ET 200X EM141
6ES7141-1BF30-0XB0 EM141 EM141
6ES7141-1BF31-0XA0 EM141 EM141 Expansion Module - Digital Input
6ES7141-1BF41-0XA0 EM141 EM141 Digital Input Module
6ES7142-1BD20-0XB0 BM142 Basic Module BM142
6ES7142-1BD20-1XB0 EM142 Digital Output Module ET200X
6ES7142-1BD21-0XB0 BM 142 Basic Module BM 142
6ES7142-1BD22-0XB0 BM142 Basic Module BM142 - Digital Output
6ES7142-1BD30-0XA0 BM142 Basic Module BM142
6ES7142-1BD40-0XA0 EM142 Simatic DP ET 200X EM142
6ES7142-1BD40-0XB0 BM142 EM142 Digital Output Module ET200X
6ES7143-1BF00-0XB0 BM143 BM143 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES7144-1FB31-0XB0 EM144 EM144 Analog Input Module
6ES7144-1GB41-0XB0 EM144 EM144 Analog Input Modue
6ES7147-1AA01-0XB0 ET 200X BM 147-1 CPU
6ES7148-1CA00-0XB0 PM 148 Simatic DP Power Module ET 200X PM 148
6ES7148-1DA00-0XA0 Simatic DP ET 200X EM 148-P
6ES7148-1EH10-0XA0 Simatic DP ET 200X EM 148-P
6ES7151-1AA00-0AB0 IM151-1 Simatic DP Interface Module IM151-1
6ES7151-1AA01-0AB0 IM151-1 Simatic DP Interface Module IM151-1
6ES7151-1AA02-0AB0 IM151-1 Simatic DP Interface Module IM151-1
6ES7151-1AA03-0AB0 IM151-1 Simatic DP Interface Module IM151-1
6ES7151-1AA04-0AB0 IM151-1 ET200S Interface IM151-1 Standard
6ES7151-1BA00-0AB0 IM151-1 HF ET200S Interface IM151-1 HF
6ES7151-1CA00-3BL0 Digital I/O Module
6ES7151-7AA00-0AB0 IM151-7 IM151-7 CPU Interface Module
6ES7151-7AA10-0AB0 IM151-7 IM151 CPU
6ES7153-1AA02-0XB0 IM153-1 ET200M IM153-1
6ES7153-1AA03-0XB0 IM153-1 ET200M IM153-1
6ES7153-2AA01-0XB0 IM153-2 ET200M IM153-2
6ES7153-2AA02-0XB0 IM153-2 ET200M IM153-2
6ES7153-2AB00-0XB0 IM153-2 FO IM153-2-FO Interface Module
6ES7153-2BA01-0XB0 IM153-2 ET200M IM153-2 Interface Module
6ES7153-2BA02-0XB0 IM153-2 IM153-2   DP Slave High Feature Header Module
6ES7153-2BB00-0XB0 IM153-2 FO IM153-2 FO DP Slave Module High Feature
6ES7153-3AA00-0XB0 IM153-3 ET200M IM153-3  Interface Module
6ES7154-8AB00-0AB0 IM 154-8 IM154-8 PN/DP CPU Module
6ES7156-0AA01-0XA0 DP/AS-I LIink
6ES7157-0AA81-0XA0 IM157 DP-PA Link
6ES7157-0AC80-0XA0 IM157 DP-PA Coupler
6ES7158-0AA01-0XA0 DP/RS232C Link Module
6ES7158-0AD00-0XA0 Simatic DP DP/DP Coupler
6ES7158-0AD01-0XA0 Simatic DP DP/DP Coupler
6ES7178-4BH00-0AE0 IM178 IM178 Positioning Module
6ES7193-0CA10-0XA0 Simatic DP Terminal Block
6ES7193-0CA20-0XA0 Simatic DP Terminal Block
6ES7193-0CA30-0XA0 Terminal Block - ET200B TB3/DC
6ES7193-0CB10-0XA0 6ES5700-2BD11 ET 200B Terminal Block
6ES7193-0CB20-0XA0 ET200B Terminal Block
6ES7193-0CB30-0XA0 ET200B Terminal Block - Spring Terminals
6ES7193-0CC10-0XA0 ET200B Terminal Block
6ES7193-0CD40-0XA0 ET200B Terminal Block
6ES7193-0CD40-7XA0 ET 200B Terminal Block
6ES7193-1CH10-0XA0 ET200L TB16L  Terminal Block
6ES7193-1CL00-0XA0 Simatic DP  ET200L Terminal Block TB32L
6ES7193-1CL10-0XA0 ET200L Block Terminal
6ES7193-1FH50-0XA0 ET200L Add-On Clamp
6ES7193-1FL20-0XA0 Terminal Block
6ES7193-4AJ00-0AA0 Simatic DP Terminating Module ET200S
6ES7193-4CA20-0AA0 Simatic DP ET200S Terminal Block
6ES7193-4CA30-0AA0 Simatic DP ET200S Terminal Block
6ES7193-4CB20-0AA0 Simatic DP ET200S Terminal Block
6ES7193-4CC20-0AA0 Simatic DP ET200S Terminal Block
6ES7193-4CD20-0AA0 Term Module ET200S
6ES7194-1AA01-0XA0 Base Connector ET200X
6ES7194-1FC00-0XA0 ET 200X Connector
6ES7194-1KB00-0XA0 Connector
6ES7194-3AA00-0BA0 Simatic DP Connecting Block
6ES7195-1GF30-0XA0 Din Rail Rack
6ES7195-7HA00-0XA0 Bus Module
6ES7195-7HB00-0XA0 Bus Module
6ES7195-7HC00-0XA0 ET200M Bus Unit
6ES7195-7HD10-0XA0 ET200M Bus Unit
6ES7197-1LB00-0XA0 Y-Coupler Module
6ES7211-0AA21-0XB0 CPU221 CPU 221 Module
6ES7211-0BA20-0XB0 CPU 221 Module
6ES7212-1AA01-0XB0 CPU212 CPU 212
6ES7212-1BA00-0XB0 CPU212 CPU 212
6ES7212-1BA01-0XB0 CPU 212 Simatic S7-200 CPU 212
6ES7212-1BA10-0XB0 CPU212 Simatic S7-200 CPU 212
6ES7212-1CA00-0XB0 CPU212 Simatic S7-200 CPU 212
6ES7214-1AC00-0XB0 CPU 214 Simatic S7-200 CPU 214
6ES7214-1AC01-0XB0 CPU 214 Simatic S7-200 CPU 214
6ES7214-1AD22-0XB0 CPU 224 Simatic S7-200 CPU 224
6ES7214-1BC00-0XB0 CPU214 Simatic S7-200 CPU 214
6ES7214-1BC01-0XB0 CPU 214 Simatic S7-200 CPU 214
6ES7214-1BC10-0XB0 CPU 214 Simatic S7-200 CPU 214
6ES7214-1BD21-0XB0 CPU 224 Simatic S7-200 CPU 224
6ES7214-1BD22-0XB0 CPU224 Simatic S7-200 CPU 224
6ES7214-1BD23-0XB0 CPU 224 Simatic S7-200 CPU 224
6ES7214-1CC01-0XB0 CPU 214 Simatic S7-200 CPU 214
6ES7214-1DC01-0XB0 CPU 214 Simatic S7-200 CPU 214
6ES7214-1GC01-0XB0 CPU 214 Siemens S7-200 CPU 214
6ES7215-2AD00-0XB0 CPU 215-2 CPU 215-2 Module
6ES7215-2BD00-0XB0 CPU 215-2 Simatic S7-200 CPU 215-2
6ES7216-2AD00-0XB0 CPU216-2 Simatic S7-200 CPU 216
6ES7216-2AD21-0XB0 CPU226 Simatic S7-200 CPU 226
6ES7216-2AD22-0XB0 CPU226 Siemens S7-200 CPU 226
6ES7216-2BD00-0XB0 CPU216-2 Simatic S7-200 CPU 216-2
6ES7221-1BF00-0XA0 EM221 Digital Input Module
6ES7221-1BF10-0XA0 EM221 Digital Input Module
6ES7221-1BF20-0XA0 Input Module
6ES7221-1BF22-0XA0 Digital Input Module
6ES7221-1EF00-0XA0 Input Module 120VAC 8PT
6ES7222-1BF00-0XA0 EM222 Digital Output Module
6ES7222-1BF21-0XA0 Digital Output Module
6ES7222-1BF22-0XA0 Digital Output Module
6ES7222-1EF00-0XA0 Output Module 8PT
6ES7222-1HF00-0XA0 EM222 Digital Output Relay Module
6ES7223-1BF00-0XA0 EM223 Digital I/O Module
6ES7223-1BH00-0XA0 EM223 Digital I/O Module
6ES7223-1BL21-0XA0 Digital I/O Module
6ES7223-1EF00-0XA0 EM223 Digital I/O Module
6ES7223-1HF00-0XA0 Digital Input/Relay Output Module
6ES7223-1HF21-0XA0 EM223 EM223 Digital I/O Module
6ES7223-1PH20-0XA0 EM 223 DC/Relay Module
6ES7223-1PL00-0XA0 EM223 EM223 Expansion Module 16PT Input
6ES7223-1PL21-0XA0 Expansion Module EM223
6ES7231-0HC00-0XA0 EM231 EM231 Analog Input Module
6ES7231-0HC22-0XA0 EM231 Analog Input Module
6ES7232-0HB00-0XA0 Analog, EM 232 Module
6ES7232-0HB20-0XA0 EM232 Analog Output Module
6ES7235-0KD00-0XA0 EM235 EM235 Analog I/O Module
6ES7235-0KD20-0XA0 EM 235 Analog Input Module
6ES7241-1AA22-0XA0 Modem Module
6ES7272-0AA00-0YA0 TD200 Text Display
6ES7272-0AA20-0YA0 TD 200 Display Panel
6ES7272-0AA30-0YA0 Text Display Panel
6ES7274-1XF00-0XA0 S7 Input Simulator, 212 DC
6ES7274-1XH00-0XA0 Input Simulator Module
6es7290-0AA00-0XA0 I/O Bus Connector
6ES7290-6AA20-0XA0 CPU 22x/EM Expansion Cable
6ES7291-8GC00-0XA0 Memory Cartridge
6ES7307-1BA00-0AA0 PS307 PS307 Power Supply
6ES7307-1EA00-0AA0 PS307 PS-307 Power Supply Module
6ES7307-1KA00-0AA0 PS307 PS307 Power Supply - 10A
6ES7307-1KA01-0AA0 PS307 PS307 Power Supply -10A
6ES7312-5AC02-0AB0 CPU 312IFM CPU 312IFM
6ES7312-5BD00-0AB0 CPU312C Simatic S7-300 CPU 312C Compact
6ES7313-1AD00-0AB0 CPU 313 CPU 313 Processor Module
6ES7313-1AD01-0AB0 CPU 313 CPU 313 Processor Module
6ES7313-1AD02-0AB0 CPU 313 CPU 313 Processor Module
6ES7313-1AD03-0AB0 CPU 313 CPU 313 Processor Module
6ES7313-5BE00-0AB0 CPU 313C CPU 313C Module
6ES7313-5BE01-0AB0 CPU 313C CPU 313C Compact CPU
6ES7314-1AE01-0AB0 CPU 314 Simatic S7-300 CPU 314
6ES7314-1AE02-0AB0 CPU 314 Simatic S7-300 CPU 314
6ES7314-1AE03-0AB0 CPU 314 Simatic S7-300 CPU 314
6ES7314-1AE04-0AB0 CPU 314 Simatic S7-300 CPU 314
6ES7314-1AF10-0AB0 CPU 314 Simatic S7-300 CPU 314
6ES7314-1AF11-0AB0 CPU314 CPU314 Processor Module
6ES7314-5AE02-0AB0 CPU314 IFM S7-300 CPU314 IFM
6ES7314-5AE03-0AB0 CPU314 IFM S7-300 CPU314 IFM
6ES7314-5AE10-0AB0 CPU314 IFM CPU314 IFM Module
6ES7314-6BF00-0AB0 CPU314C-2PTP CPU314C-2PTP
6ES7314-6BF02-0AB0 CPU314C-2PTP CPU314C-2PTP
6ES7314-6CF00-0AB0 CPU314C-2DP CPU314C-2DP
6ES7314-6CF02-0AB0 CPU314C-2DP CPU314C-2DP Processor Module
6ES7315-1AF01-0AB0 CPU315-1 Simatic S7-300 CPU 315
6ES7315-1AF02-0AB0 CPU315-1 S7-300 CPU315-1 24VDC
6ES7315-1AF03-0AB0 CPU315-1 Simatic S7-300 CPU 315
6ES7315-2AF01-0AB0 CPU 315-2DP Simatic S7-300 CPU 315-2DP
6ES7315-2AF02-0AB0 CPU 315-2DP Simatic S7-300 CPU 315-2DP
6ES7315-2AF03-0AB0 CPU 315-2DP CPU 315-2DP Processor Module
6ES7315-2AF83-0AB0 CPU315-2DP CPU315-2DP Processor
6ES7315-2AG10-0AB0 CPU 315-2DP Simatic S7-300 CPU 315-2DP
6ES7316-1AG00-0AB0 CPU 316-1 CPU 316-1 Processor Module
6ES7316-2AG00-0AB0 CPU316-2DP CPU 316-2DP Processor Module
6ES7317-2AJ10-0AB0 CPU317-2DP CPU317-2DP Processor Module
6ES7318-2AJ00-0AB0 CPU 318-2DP Simatic S7-300 CPU 318-2DP
6ES7321-1BH01-0AA0 SM321 Digital Input Module
6ES7321-1BH02-0AA0 SM321 Digital Input Module
6ES7321-1BH50-0AA0 Input Module Digital S7-300
6ES7321-1BL00-0AA0 Simatic S7-300 ET200M 32 DI 24 VDC
6ES7321-1EH01-0AA0 Digital Input Module - 120 Vac
6ES7321-1EL00-0AA0 Simatic S7-300 ET200M 32 DI 120 VAC
6ES7321-1FH00-0AA0 SM321 Digital Input Module
6ES7321-7BH00-0AB0 Digital Input Module
6ES7321-7BH01-0AB0 Digital Input Module
6ES7321-7RD00-0AB0 Digital Input Module
6ES7322-1BF01-0AA0 Simatic S7-300 ET200M 8 DO 24 VDC
6ES7322-1BH01-0AA0 SM322 Digital Output Module
6ES7322-1BL00-0AA0 Simatic S7-300 ET200M 32 DO 24 VDC
6ES7322-1EH00-0AA0 SM322 Digital Output Module
6ES7322-1EH01-0AA0 Relay Module
6ES7322-1FF00-0AA0 SM322 Digital Ouput Module
6ES7322-1FF01-0AA0 Digital Output Module
6ES7322-1FH00-0AA0 SM322 Digital Ouput Module
6ES7322-1HF01-0AA0 Digital Output Module
6ES7322-1HF10-0AA0 Relay Output Module
6ES7322-1HH00-0AA0 Simatic S7-300 ET200M 16 DO
6ES7322-1HH01-0AA0 Relay Output Module
6ES7322-5HF00-0AB0 SM322 Digital Output Module
6ES7322-8BF00-0AB0 SM322 Digital Output Module
6ES7323-1BH01-0AA0 SM323 SM323 Digital Input/Output Module
6ES7323-1BL00-0AA0 SM 323 SM 323 Digital I/O Module
6ES7326-1BK00-0AB0 SM 326
6ES7326-1BK01-0AB0 sm326 SM326 Digital Input Module
6ES7326-2BF01-0AB0 SM326 SM326 Digital Output Module
6ES7331-1KF01-0AB0 Analog Input Module
6ES7331-7KB02-0AB0 Simatic S7-300 SM331 Analog Input
6ES7331-7KF01-0AB0 SM331 Analog Input
6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0 SM331 Simatic S7-300 SM331 Analog Input 8 Point
6ES7331-7NF00-0AB0 Analog Input Module
6ES7331-7NF10-0AB0 Analog Input Module
6ES7332-5HB01-0AB0 Simatic S7-300 SM332 Analog Output
6ES7332-5HD01-0AB0 Simatic S7-300 SM332 Analog Output
6ES7332-5HF00-0AB0 Analog Output Module
6ES7332-7ND00-0AB0 Simatic S7-300 SM332 Analog Output, 16-bit
6ES7334-0CE00-0AA0 SM334 Analog Module SM334
6ES7334-0CE01-0AA0 SM334 SM334 Analog Module
6ES7334-0KE00-0AB0 SM334 Analog Input/Output Module
6ES7335-7HG01-0AB0 SM335 SM335 Analog Input/Output Module
6ES7336-1HE00-0AB0 SM336 SM336 Analog Input Module
6ES7338-4BC00-0AB0 SM338 SM338 Signal Module
6ES7340-1AH01-0AE0 CP340 Communications Processor Module
6ES7340-1AH02-0AE0 CP340 Serial Communication Module
6ES7340-1CH00-0AE0 Communications Processor CP340
6ES7340-1CH02-0AE0 CP340 CP340 RS422/485 Interface Module
6ES7341-1AH00-0AE0 CP341 Simatic S7-300 CP341 RS232C
6ES7341-1AH01-0AE0 CP341 CP341 Communication Module - Serial
6ES7341-1BH01-0AE0 CP341 CP341 with TTY-Interface
6ES7341-1CH01-0AE0 CP341 Simatic S7-300 CP341 RS422/485
6ES7343-5FA00-0XE0 CP343-5 CP343-5 Communications Processor
6ES7350-1AH01-0AE0 FM350-1 IM350 Counter Module
6ES7350-1AH02-0AE0 FM350-1 Counter Module FM350-1
6ES7350-2AH00-0AE0 FM350-2 FM350-2 High Speed Counter Module
6ES7351-1AH01-0AE0 FM 351 FM 351 Positioning Module
6ES7353-1AH01-0AE0 FM 353 Positioning Module
6ES7354-1AH01-0AE0 FM354 FM354 Servo Motor Module
6ES7355-1VH10-0AE0 FM355 FM355 S  PID Control
6ES7356-4BN00-0AE0 FM356-4 FM356-4 Module
6ES7357-4AH01-0AE0 FM357-2 FM357-2 Positioning Module, 4-Axis
6ES7360-3AA01-0AA0 IM360 Interface Module
6ES7361-3CA01-0AA0 IM361 Simatic S7-300 IM361
6ES7368-3BB01-0AA0 Connection Cable 368
6ES7370-0AA01-0AA0 DM370 Dummy Module
6ES7374-2XH01-0AA0 S7 I/O Simulator
6ES7388-4BN00-0AC0 CPU 388-4 CPU 388-4 M7-300 Central Processing Unit
6ES7390-0AA00-0AA0 7202001-01 S7-300 Bus Connector  (PC-GF20)
6ES7390-1AB60-0AA0 S7-300 Mounting Rail - 160 MM
6ES7390-1AE80-0AA0 Simatic S7 Rail attachment piece
6ES7390-1AF30-0AA0 Simatic S7 Rail attachment piece
6ES7390-1AJ30-0AA0 S7-300 Mounting Rail - 830MM
6ES7390-7BA00-0AA0 S7-300 Module Power Jumper
6ES7392-1AM00-0AA0 9223BF000AC0 Connector, Front Screw, 40 pin
6ES7392-1BJ00-0AA0 Front Connector - Spring
6ES7392-1BM00-0AA0 Connector, Front Screw, 40 pin
6ES7400-1JA00-0AA0 S7-400 Rack
6ES7400-1JA01-0AA0 S7-400 Rack
6ES7400-1TA00-0AA0 S7-400 Rack with 18 slots
6ES7400-1TA01-0AA0 S7-400 Rack UR1
6ES7401-2TA00-0AA0 S7-400 CR2 Rack
6ES7405-0DA00-0AA0 PS405 Simatic S7-400 Power Supply
6ES7405-0DA01-0AA0 PS405 PS405 Power Supply
6ES7405-0KA00-0AA0 PS405 PS405 Power Supply - 10 A
6ES7407-0DA00-0AA0 PS407 PS407 Power Supply  -  4A
6ES7407-0DA01-0AA0 PS407 PS407 Power Supply
6ES7407-0KA00-0AA0 PS407 PS 407 Power Supply
6ES7407-0KA01-0AA0 PS407 PS 407 Power Supply
6ES7407-0KA02-0AA0 PS 407 Power Supply
6ES7407-0RA00-0AA0 PS407 Power Supply
6ES7412-1XF02-0AB0 CPU 412-1 CPU412-1 Processor Module
6ES7412-1XF03-0AB0 CPU412-1 Siemens S7-400 CPU412-1
6ES7412-2XG00-0AB0 CPU412-2 CPU412-2 Processor Module
6ES7412-2XG04-0AB0 CPU 412-2 CPU 412-2 Processor Module
6ES7413-1XG01-0AB0 CPU 413-1 CPU 413-1 Processor Module
6ES7413-1XG02-0AB0 CPU 413-1 CPU 413-1 Processor Module
6ES7413-2XG01-0AB0 CPU 413-2DP CPU 413-2DP Processor Module
6ES7413-2XG02-0AB0 CPU 413-2DP CPU 413-2DP Processor Module
6ES7414-1XG01-0AB0 CPU 414-1 CPU 414-1 Processor Module
6ES7414-1XG02-0AB0 CPU 414-1 CPU 414-1 Processor Module
6ES7414-2XG00-0AB0 CPU414-2 CPU414-2 Processor Module
6ES7414-2XG01-0AB0 CPU 414-2 CPU 414-2 Processor Module
6ES7414-2XG02-0AB0 CPU 414-2 CPU 414-2 Processor Module
6ES7414-2XG03-0AB0 CPU 414-2 CPU 414-2 Processor Module
6ES7414-2XG04-0AB0 CPU 414-2 CPU 414-2 Processor Module
6ES7414-2XJ00-0AB0 CPU 414-2 CPU 414-2 Processor Module
6ES7414-2XJ01-0AB0 CPU 414-2 CPU 414-2 Processor Module
6ES7414-3XJ00-0AB0 CPU 414-3 CPU 414-3 Processor Module
6ES7414-4HJ04-0AB0 CPU 414-4H CPU 414-4H Processor Module
6ES7416-1XJ01-0AB0 CPU 416-1 CPU 416-1
6ES7416-1XJ02-0AB0 CPU 416-1 CPU 416-1
6ES7416-2XK00-0AB0 CPU 416-2 CPU 416-2 DP
6ES7416-2XK01-0AB0 CPU 416-2 CPU 416-2 DP
6ES7416-2XK02-0AB0 CPU 416-2 CPU 416-2 DP
6ES7416-2XK04-0AB0 CPU 416-2 CPU 416-2 DP
6ES7416-2XL00-0AB0 CPU 416-2 CPU 416-2
6ES7416-2XL01-0AB0 CPU 416-2 CPU 416-2
6ES7416-3XL00-0AB0 CPU 416-3 CPU 416-3 Module
6ES7421-1BL00-0AA0 SM 421 Digital Input Module
6ES7421-1BL01-0AA0 SM 421 Digital Input Module
6ES7421-7BH00-0AB0 SM422 Digital Output Module
6ES7421-7BH01-0AB0 SM 421 Digital Input Module
6ES7421-7DH00-0AB0 SM421 Digital Input Module
6ES7422-1BH10-0AA0 SM422 SM422 Digital Output Module
6ES7422-1BL00-0AA0 SM 422 Digital Output Module
6ES7422-1FH00-0AA0 SM422 Digital Output Module
6ES7422-1HH00-0AA0 Output Module
6ES7431-0HH00-0AB0 SM431 SM431 Analog Input Module
6ES7431-1KF00-0AB0 SM431 Analog Input Module
6ES7431-1KF10-0AB0 Input Module 8 Point Analog
6ES7431-7QH00-0AB0 Analog Input Module
6ES7432-1HF00-0AB0 Analog Output Module
6ES7440-1CS00-0YE0 CP440-1 Module
6ES7441-1AA02-0AE0 CP441-1 CP441-1 Interface Module
6ES7441-1AA03-0AE0 CP441-1 CP441-1 Communication Module
6ES7441-2AA01-0AE0 CP441-2 CP441-2 for Point to Point Module
6ES7441-2AA02-0AE0 CP441-2 CP441-2 Communication Module
6ES7441-2AA03-0AE0 CP441-2 CP441-2 Communication Module
6ES7450-1AP00-0AE0 Counter Module
6ES7452-1AH00-0AE0 FM 452 FM452 CAM Function Module
6ES7456-4EY00-0AE0 M7-400 FM456-4
6ES7460-1BA00-0AB0 IM 460-0 Transmitter Interface Module
6ES7461-0AA00-0AA0 IM461-0 IM461-0 Interface Module K-Bus
6ES7461-0AA01-0AA0 IM461-0 IM461-0 Interface Module K-Bus
6ES7461-1BA00-0AA0 IM461-1 IM461-1 Transmitter Module
6ES7461-1BA00-7AA0 IM 461-1 Terminator for IM 461-1
6ES7461-3AA01-0AA0 IM461-3 IM461-3 Receiver Interface Module
6ES7463-2AA00-0AA0 IM463-2 Interface Module
6ES7467-5GJ02-0AB0 IM 467
6ES7468-1AH50-0AA0 IM Cable with K-Bus
6ES7478-2BA00-0AC0 MSM478 MSM478 EXP Module With HD
6ES7478-2CA00-0AC0 ATM 478 ATM 478 M7-400 Expansion Module
6ES7478-2DA00-0AC0 TPM 478 TPM 478 Interface Module
6ES7478-2DA10-0AC0 TPM478-2 M7-400 Interface Module TPM478-2
6ES7478-2DX00-0AA0 TBX478 M7-400 Interface Module TBX478
6ES7488-3AA00-0AB0 CPU488-3 CPU488-3 Processor Module
6ES7488-4GY00-0AC0 M7-400 CPU488
6ES7490-0AB00-0AA0 Connector
6ES7492-1AL00-0AA0 Front Connector for S7-400
6ES7492-1BL00-0AA0 S7-400 Front Connector
6ES7614-1AH00-0AB3 CPU 614 CPU 614 Processor Module
6ES7614-1AH02-0AB3 CPU614 CPU614 Processor Module
6ES7623-1AE01-5AA0 Battery for Siemens C7
6ES7626-1AG01-0AE3 C7-626 C7-626 Compact Station
6ES7626-2AG00-0AE3 C7-626DP C7-626DP Compact Statioin
6ES7626-2AG01-0AE3 C7-626 DP Simatic C7-626 DP Compact Station
6ES7626-2DG04-0AE3 C7-626 P  DP C7-626/P DP
6ES7633-1DF02-0AE3 Compact Controller C7-633/P
6ES7634-1DF00-0AE3 C7-634/P Compact Unit
6ES7634-1DF02-0AE3 C7-634/P C7-634/P Compact Unit
6ES7793-2AA01-0AA0 MPI/Profibus DP PC Card ISA
6ES7901-0BF00-0AA0 MPI/Profibus Online Cable
6ES7901-1BF00-0XA0 RS232 Serial Cable
6ES7911-0AA00-0AA0 S7 CPU Accessory Keys
6ES7922-3BC50-0AC0 CONNECTOR FRT S7300 20PIN CBL 16PT 2.5M
6ES7924-0CA00-0AA0 Terminal Block, 3-TIER
6ES7951-0FD00-0AA0 Flash Memory Card 16 Byte/8Bit
6ES7951-0FE00-0AA0 S7 Memory Card
6ES7951-0KD00-0AA0 Flash Memory Module - 16 KB
6ES7951-0KE00-0AA0 Flash Memory Card - 32KB
6ES7951-0KF00-0AA0 S7- Memory Card 64 KB, Short
6ES7951-0KG00-0AA0 Flash Memory Module - 128 KB
6ES7951-0KJ00-0AA0 Flash EPROM - 512 KB
6ES7951-1AH00-0AA0 S7 256kB Ram
6ES7951-1AJ00-0AA0 Simatic S7 512kB Ram
6ES7951-1AK00-0AA0 S7-300 MC RAM Module - 1MB
6ES7951-1KH00-0AA0 Flash Eprom 256 KB
6ES7951-1KH00-0AA00 Flash Memory
6ES7951-1KM00-0AA0 Memory Card - 4 MB
6ES7952-0AF00-0AA0 S7-400 Memory Card
6ES7952-0KH00-0AA0 MC952 Flash Memory - 256 KB
6ES7952-1AH00-0AA0 256 KB RAM Memory Module
6ES7952-1AK00-0AA0 RAM Memory Card - 1 MB
6ES7952-1AL00-0AA0 RAM Memory Module - 2MB
6ES7952-1AM00-0AA0 S7 Memory Card 4MB
6ES7952-1KK00-0AA0 MC 952 Flash Card - 1 MB
6ES7952-1KL00-0AA0 Memory Card 2MB
6ES7952-1KP00-0AA0 8MB Flash Module
6ES7953-8LF11-0AA0 Micro Memory Card (MMC) 64KB
6ES7960-1AA04-0XA0 Sync Submodule for Patch Cable
6ES7963-1AA00-0AA0 Interface Module IF963-RS232
6ES7971-0BA00 6ES5980-0AE11. Back Up Battery
6ES7971-1AA00-0AA0 Battery 3.6 Volt
6ES7971-2BA00-0AA0 Battery
6ES7972-0AA00-0XA0 Profibus Repeater
6ES7972-0AA01-0XA0 Repeater Module RS4855
6ES7972-0BA10-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BA11-0XA0 90 Degree Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BA12-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BA20-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BA40-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BA41-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BA50-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BB10-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BB11-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BB12-0XA0 Profibus Connector -  90 Degree
6ES7972-0BB20-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BB40-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BB41-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BB50-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0BB52-0XA0 Profibus Connector
6ES7972-0CA21-0XA0 PC Adapter
6ES7972-0CA23-0XA0 PC Adapter (serial conforming to MPI)
6ES7972-0CA33-0XA0 Teleservice Adapter Cable
6ES7972-0CA34-0XA0 Teleservice Adapter Cable
6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0 SIMATIC PC Adapter USB
6ES7972-0DA00-0AA0 Profibus Terminator 24V
6ES7972-4AA00-0XA0 Power Rail Booster Signal Amplifier
6EV1350-5AK00 Power Supply
6EV1353-5AK Power Supply
6EV1354-5AK Power Supply
6EV1411-5DC Power Supply
6EV2200-5DC Power Supply
6EV2300-4AK00 Power Supply
6EV3033-0BK Power Supply
6EV3053-0CC Power Supply
6EV3053-0DC Power Supply
6EV3053-0EC Power Supply
6EV3054-0FC Sinumerik Power Supply
6EV3054-0GC Sinumerik Power Supply
6EV3055-0BC Sinumerik Power Supply
6EV3055-0DC Sinumerik Power Supply
6EV4300-0CC Power Module
6EV5000-1BC Power Supply
6EV5002-0BC Power Supply
6EV5006-0BC Power Module
6EW1000-1BA Logic Power Module
6EW1000-7AA Replacement Backup Battery for S5 - Size C
6EW1110-0AA Power Supply Module
6EW1210-0AA Voltage Regulator Module
6EW1210-1AA Voltage Regulator Module
6EW1360-1AA Battery Module
6EW1380-1AA Power Supply
6EW1380-1AB Power Supply
6EW1380-4AB01 Power Supply
6EW1810-2AA Rack with Power Supply
6EW1810-3AA SP6 Symadin D SP6 Power Supply
6EW1860-0AB Power Supply Module
6EW1860-0AC Power Supply Module
6EW1860-3AA Voltage Regulator Module
6EW1860-8AA Power Module
6EW1861-3AB Power Supply
6EW1880-1AA Power Supply
6EW1880-2AA01 Siemens Rack Mount Power Supply
6EW1881-8AA Power Supply
6FC3151-2FA Sinumerik Cardfile
6FC3241-0AA-Z Sinumerik Cardfile
6FC3871-00A Sinumerik Cardfile
6FC3881-0FA-Z Sinumerik 3 Cardfile
6FC3981-4BQ EPROM Sub Module
6FC3981-7HT02 Sinumerik Cardfile
6FC3984-3RA Sinumerik Module
6FC3984-4BM Sinumerik EPROM Module
6FC3984-7CL38 Sinumerik Mounting Kit
6FC4100-1AA00-Z Sinumerik 805
6FC4700-0BB10 Sinumerik 805 Processor
6FC5012-0CA01-0AA0 Sinumerik Module
6FC5110-0BA02-0AA0 Sinumerik 840C/840CE NC CPU 486DX VB, 8
6FC5110-0BB02-0AA0 Sinumerik 840C/840CE cpu nc 486dx
6FC5111-0CA01-0AA0 Sinumerik 840 Input Module
6FC5111-0CA02-0AA0 Sinumerik 840 Output Module
6FC5111-0CA02-0AA2 Sinumerik 840 Output Module
6FC5111-0CA03-0AA2 Sinumerik 840 Module
6FC5111-0CA05-0AA0 Analog Output Module
6FC5112-0EA01-0AA0 Sinumerik 840C/ 840CE CP 231A Tranceiver
6FC5114-0AA02-0AA0 Sinumerik 840C/ 840CE Central Service Board
6FC5135-0AA01-0AA0 Sinumerik 840C Floppy Disk Unit LW3.5"
6FC5211-0AA00-0AA0 Sinumerik Terminal Block
6FC5310-0DF00-2AA0 Sinumerik PCU 321
6FC5357-0BH00-0XE1 FM-NC NCU570 4 Axis/Stepper Motor Module
6FC5403-0AA00-0AA0 Sinumerik Programmer
6FC5403-0AA00-0AA1 Sinumerik 810D/810DE/840D/840DE Programming Panel
6FC5410-0AA00-0AA0 Sinumerik CPU  810DE CCU Module Assembly
6FC5410-0AX02-0AA0 SINUMERIK 810D CCU2 Module Assembly
6FC5410-0AX02-1AA0 SINUMERIK 810D CCU2 Module Assembly
6FC5603-0AA00-0AA0 Operator Panel
6FC9344-3QM Cable - 2 Meters
6FL5600-4AA10 Level Converter Module
6FL5700-2BA11 SINAUT Memory Module
6FL9010-1AA10 Clock Module
6FL9010-1AA11 Clock Module
6FM1420-1AA00 WS 400-20 WS 400-20 Operator Panel
6FM1420-1CA00 WS 400-20 WS 400-20 Operator Panel
6FM1463-3SA20 WF463S NC Interface Card
6FM1463-3SA21 WF463S WF463 S External Memory Module
6FM1470-3AA21 WF470 WF470 Display Module
6FM1470-3AA25 WF470 WF470 Display Module
6FM1470-3BA20 WF470 WF470 Display Module
6FM1470-3BA21 WF470 WF470 Display Module
6FM1470-3BA25 WF470 WF470 Video Display
6FM1470-3BE20 WF470 WF470 Display Module
6FM1470-3CA20 WF470 WF470 Video Display
6FM1470-4AA20 WF470 WF470 Video Display
6FM1470-4AA21 WF470 WF470 Video Display
6FM1470-4AA25 WF470 WF470 Video Display
6FM1470-4BA20 WF470 WF470 Video Display
6FM1470-4BA21 WF470 WF470 Video Display
6FM1470-4BA25 6fm147 WF470 Video Display
6FM1470-7AA25 WF470 Memory Card for WF470
6FM1480-2BC00 WF480B Module
6FM1480-3BC00 WF480B Module
6FM1481-3AB00 WF 481A WF 481A  Infterface Module
6FM1495-1AB22 Keyboard
6FM1495-1BB10 Keyboard
6FM1496-1AB10 WS496 Keyboard
6FM1496-1BB00 WS496 Keyboard
6FM1496-1BB10 WS496 WS496 Membrane Keyboard
6FM1496-1BD00 WS496 Keyboard
6FM1661-3AA00 WF661 WF661 Module
6FM1661-3AA10 WF661 WF661 Module
6FM1661-3BA00 WF661 WF661
6FM1705-3AA00 WF705 WF705 Module
6FM1706-3AA00 WF706 WF706 Positioning and Counter Module
6FM1706-3AA10 WF706 WF706 Positioning and Counter Module
6FM1706-3AA20 WF706C WF706C Positioning and Counter Module
6FM1706-3AB10 WF706 WF706 Positioning and Counter Module
6FM1706-3AB20 WF706C WF706C Positioning and Counter Module
6FM1706-4AA00 WF706 Analog Module for WF 706
6FM1707-3AA10 WF 707 CAM Controller Module
6FM1715-3AA20 WF715 WF715 Module
6FM1720-3AA10 WS 720
6FM1721-3AA10 WF721 WF721 Positioning Module
6FM1721-3AA20 WF721 WF721 Positioning Module
6FM1723-3AA00 WF723A WF723A Module
6FM1723-3AA10 WF723A Positioning Module
6FM1723-3BA11 WF723B Positioning Module
6FM1723-3CA00 WF723C WF723C Positioning Module
6FM1723-3CA10 WF723C WF723C Positioning Module
6FM1725-3AA00 WF725A WF725A Positioning Module
6FM1725-3BA00 WF725B WF725B Positioning Module
6FM1726-3AA00 WF726A
6FM1726-3BA00 WF726B Module
6FM1726-3CA00 WF726C
6FM1726-3CA10 WF726C Positioning Module
6FM2805-1WB00 Sinumerik 805 SM-TW Rack
6FP1701-0A EU62 EU62 Power Relay Iskamatic Module
6FP1707-0B Teleperm Module
6FP1712-0A Teleperm C Relay Module
6FQ1121-2AE AGS11-2 Iskamatic A  AGS11-2 Module
6FQ1171-2A ASB11-2 Iskamatic A  ASB11-2 Module
6FQ1172-2A ASB12-2 Iskamatic A  ASB12-2 Module
6FQ1191-1B AVB11-1 Iskamatic A  AVB11-1 Module
6FQ1205-2B ABM11-2 Iskamatic A  ABM11-2 Alarm Module
6FQ1228-2A AIU12-2 Iskamatic A  AIU12-2 Module
6FQ1237-4AE AKS11-4 AKS11-4 Iskamatic Module
6FQ1237-4AW AKS11-4 Iskamatic A  AKS11-4  VERSA Module
6FQ1241-1A AMD11-1 Iskamatic A  AMD11-1 Module
6FQ1282-2A AUI12-2 Iskamatic A  AUI12-2 Module
6FQ1282-2B FBG AUI 12 Iskamatic A  FBG AUI 12 Module
6FQ1284-1A AUI22-1 Iskamatic A  AUI22-1 Module
6FQ1292-1A AVG11 Iskamatic A  AVG11 Module
6FQ1394-2A AVT41-2 Iskamatic A  AVT41-2 Module
6FQ1517-2A AAV11-2 AAV11-2 Iskamatic Module
6FQ1528-3A FBG ABZ11 Iskamatic A  FBG ABZ11 Module
6FQ1531-6B ADA11-6 Iskamatic A  ADA11-6 Module
6FQ1540-1A AEM11 AEM11 Iskamatic Module
6FQ1541-1A AEU11-1 AEU11-1 Iskamatic Module
6FQ1543-1A Iskamtic Module
6FQ1544-1A AEU14-6 AEU14-6 Iskamatic Module
6FQ1552-1A AFL11-1 Iskamatic A  AFL11-1 Module
6FQ1553-3B AFS11-3 Iskamatic A  AFS11-3 Module
6FQ1553-3C AFS11-3 AFS11-3 Frequency Module
6FQ1554-1B AFU11-1 Iskamatic A  AFU11-1  Module
6FQ1555-1B AFU12-1 Iskamatic A  AFU12-1 Module
6FQ1556-1A AFV11-1 Iskamatic A  AFV11-1 Module
6FQ1557-3B AFZ11-3 Iskamatic A  AFZ11-3 Module
6FQ1557-3C AFV11-3 Iskamatic A  AFV11-3 Module
6FQ1557-3D AIW11-3 Iskamatic A  AIW11-3 Module
6FQ1558-5A AFZ12-5 Iskamatic A  AFZ12-5 Module
6FQ1571-1A AIA11-1 Iskamatic A  AIA11-1 Pulse Matching Module
6FQ1577-3B AIW11-3 Iskamatic A  AIW11-3 Module
6FQ1583-2B AKC11-2 Iskamatic A  AKC11-2 Module
6FQ1583-2C AKC11-2 Iskamatic A  AKC11-2  Module
6FQ1583-2D AKC11-2 AKC11-2 Iskamatic Module
6FQ1621-2A ARL11-2 Iskamatic A  ARL11-2 Module
6FQ1622-5A AR12-5 Iskamatic A  AR12-5 Module
6FQ1623-5A ARL13-5 Iskamatic A  ARL13-5  Module
6FQ1624-2A ARN11-2 Iskamatic A  ARN11-2 Module
6FQ1625-2A ARP11-2 Iskamatic A  ARP11-2 Module
6FQ1627-1A ARP13 Iskamatic A  ARP13  Module
6FQ1631-4E ASA13-4 ASA13-4 Iskamatic Module
6FQ1633-2B ARS13-2 ARS13-2 Iskamatic Module
6FQ1634-2A ASI12-2 Iskamatic A  ASI12-2  Module
6FQ1635-1A AST11-1 Iskamatic A  AST11-1 Module
6FQ1663-1A AVL12-1 Iskamatic A  AVL12-1 Module
6FQ1663-2B ARS13-2 Iskamatic A  ARS13-2 Module
6FQ1791-2AE AMI11-3 MIWE Iskamatic A  AMI11-3 MIWE  Module
6FQ1821-1AE ARE11-1 RELAIS Iskamatic A  ARE11-1 RELAIS Module
6FQ2111-0A AS11 Iskamatic B AS11 Module
6FQ2112-0AE AS12 Iskamtic B AS12 Module
6FQ2113-0A AS13 Control Interface for Solenoid Valves Module
6FQ2123-0AE FA11 Iskamatic B FA11 Module
6FQ2151-0A US11 Iskamatic B US11 Module
6FQ2152-0A US12 Iskamatic B US12 Module
6FQ2211-0AE GB11 Binary Signal conditioning for Binary Transmitters
6FQ2313-0AE FS11 Iskamatic B FS11 Module
6FQ2321-0AE FA11 Iskamatic B FA11 Module
6FQ2322-0AE FA12 FA12 Iskamatic Module
6FQ2325-0AE FA15 FA15 Iskamatic Module
6FQ2421-0AE VD11 VD11 Iskamatic Power Supply Diode Coupler
6FQ2422-0AE VD12 VD12
6FQ2431-0B VO11 VO11 Protective Logic OR Module
6FQ2436-0B VR11/6 VR11/6 Iskamatic Module
6FQ2437-0AE VS11 Iskamatic B VS11 Module
6FQ2438-0B VU11 VU11 Iskamatic Module
6FQ2451-0B VZ11 Iskamatic B VZ11 Module
6FQ2452-0AE VZ12 VZ12 Iskamatic Module
6FQ2512-0A EU12 EU12 Iskamatic Module
6FQ2516-0A EU16 EU16 Iskamatic Module
6FQ2521-0A EU21 EU21 Iskamatic Module
6FQ2531-0B EU31 EU31 Iskamatic Power Supply Monitoring Module
6FQ2905-0A BZ01 BZ01 Fail-Safe Timer Module
6FR1310-0KA-Z Sinumerik Sirotec Cardfile
6FR1826-0AA10-1G Sinumerik Memory Module
6FR1826-0AB10-1G Sinumerik Memory Module
6FR2490-0AH12 Teach Pendant
6FR4200-0AC01-0AA0 KUKA Rack KRC32
6FX1110-7AB01 Sinumerik Sirotec CPU Module
6FX1110-7AD01 Siemens Sirotec CPU Module
6FX1111-0AB02 Sinumerik Module
6FX1111-0AG02 Sinumerik/Sirotec Module
6FX1111-0AN02 Sinumerik Module
6FX1111-0AP02 CPU Slave
6FX1111-1AA00 Encoder Module
6FX1111-1AA01 03500 SIROTEC RCM 1.1/SINUMERIK 3 SERVO-Interface
6FX1111-4AB00 Input/Output Module
6FX1111-4AC00 Input / Output Module
6FX1111-5AA00 Sinumerik Module
6FX1111-6AA00 Sinumerik Module
6FX1112-0AB01 Output Module
6FX1112-1AE00 Master/Slave Coupling Module
6FX1114-6AC01 Sinumerik PLC Linkage Module
6FX1115-0AA01 03400 Sinumerik 3 Module
6FX1115-0AA02 Sinumerik 3 Module
6FX1116-8AA00 Interface Module NC-PLC
6FX1118-4AA01 Sinumerik 3 Input/Ouput Module
6FX1118-4AB01 Sinumerik 3 (AB GA2)/ Sirotec Input/Output
6FX1118-6AB01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1120-2CA00 Sinumerik Module
6FX1120-2CA01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1120-2CA02 Sinumerik Module
6FX1120-3BA01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1120-3BB01 Sinumerik 3 CU/EU Coupler
6FX1120-3BC01 Sinumerik
6FX1120-4BB02 Communications CPU Module
6FX1120-5BB01 NC CPU Module
6FX1120-5CA01 FBG Servo CPU Module
6FX1120-7BA01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1121-1AC02 Sinumerik Module
6FX1121-2BA03 Sinumerik 800 BGR Interface Module
6FX1121-2BB02 Sinumerik 810 Inteface Module
6FX1121-4BA02 Encoder Module
6FX1121-5CA01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1122-1AA01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1122-1AD02 Interface Module
6FX1122-2AA01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1122-2AB02 Sinumerik Module
6FX1122-2AC02 Sinumerik Module
6FX1122-2AD02 03840 Sinumerik 3 NC-PLC Coupling, 8 MHZ
6FX1122-3CA01 Digital I/O Module
6FX1122-5CC00 Sinumerik Module
6FX1122-5CC01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1122-5CD00 Sinumerik Module
6FX1122-8BD01 Output Module
6FX1123-0BL01 Sinumerik EPROM Module
6FX1123-1CA01 Sirotec ACR Master CPU
6FX1123-3CA00 Sinumerik CPU Interface
6FX1123-3CC01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1123-6AB00 Sinumerik EPROM Module
6FX1123-6AC00 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1123-7AA01 Command Encoder/Measuring Module
6FX1123-8CA03 Siinumerik Module
6FX1123-8CA04 Sinumerik Module
6FX1124-0BA03 Dual Port Module
6FX1124-1CD10 EPROM Module - 4MB
6FX1124-2CA01 6FR3110-0BA00-0AA0 Sinumerik Module
6FX1124-2CA02 6FR3110-0BA00-0AA0 Sinumerik Module
6FX1125-0CA01 KRC32 CPU Card
6FX1125-0CB01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1125-1AA01 Measuring Circuit Module
6FX1125-1AA03 Sinumerik Interface Module
6FX1125-7BA00 Input Module
6FX1125-8AB01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1126-0BL00 32K RAM Memory Module
6FX1126-0BL01 Siinumerik Memory Module
6FX1126-1AA01 Video Module
6FX1126-1AA03 Sinumerik 800 Video Module
6FX1126-1AA04 Sinumerik Module
6FX1126-2AC02 Sinumerik Module
6FX1126-2BA00 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1126-4AA00 Sinumerik Module
6FX1126-6BA00 Sinumerik RAM Module
6FX1126-8BA00 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1126-8BB00 Servio Input Module
6FX1126-8BC00 Sinumerik Servo Module
6FX1126-9BC00 Sinumerik Module
6FX1127-3AA00 Sinumerik/Sirotec Memory Module
6FX1127-3AB00 Sinumerik/Sirotec Memory Module
6FX1127-3AD00 Memory Module
6FX1127-4AB01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1128-1BA00 Sinumerik Module
6FX1128-1BB00 Memory Module
6FX1128-4BA00 EPROM Module
6FX1128-4BA10 Sinumerik Module
6FX1128-4BC00 Sinumerik 256K EPROM Module
6FX1128-7BA01 Sinmerik Memory Module
6FX1130-6BA00 Sinumerik Output Module
6FX1132-0BA01 Central BUS 880 Module
6FX1132-1BB01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1132-8BB01 Sinumerik 810/820-GA2 CPU
6FX1134-2BC01 Memory Module
6FX1135-3BC00 Sinumerik Module
6FX1135-6BA01 Sinumerik NC Module
6FX1135-7BB01 Sinumerik Module
6FX1138-5BB03 CPU Module, 16 Mhz
6FX1138-5BB04 CPU Module
6FX1138-6BL01 CPU for 135W
6FX1151-1BB01 Display Module
6FX1151-1BC01 Video Module
6FX1151-1BD01 Video Module - Monochrome
6FX1154-8BB01 Video Module
6FX1156-6BA01 Video Module
6FX1190-1AA00 Sinumerik Sirotec Module
6FX1192-4AA00 Sinumerik Module
6FX1192-4AB00 Sinumerik 3 Input Module
6FX1805-0BX01 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1805-0BX02 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1805-0BX03 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1805-1BX02 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1805-1BX13 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1819-0AX01 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1820-0AX01 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1820-0AX12 Sinuerik Memory Module
6FX1821-0AX02 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-0AX03 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-0AX13 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-0BX01-2A Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-0BX01-2H Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-0BX12-2A Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-0BX13-4B Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-1BX01-2A Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-1BX01-2F Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-1BX01-2H Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-1BX12-2A Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-1BX12-2E Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-1BX12-2G Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-1BX13-4B Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1821-1BX13-4C Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1822-0AX15-2A Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1822-0BX01-2B Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1822-0BX04-2C Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1822-0BX12-2B Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1822-0BX13-4D Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1822-6BX00 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1830-0BX13 Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1860-0BX01-4E Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1860-0BX02-4E Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1862-0BX01-4E Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1862-0BX12-4E Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1864-0BX01-7C Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX1864-0BX02-7C Sinumerik Memory Module
6FX2001-2CB02 Encoder
6FX2001-5FP24 Simodrive Absolute Value Encoder 24 BIT
6FX2002-1AA03-1BA0 Simodrive Cable, 10 Meter
6FX2006-1BA01 Connector
6GA4601-0BR00 Sitor Module
6GA4630-0BG03 Sitor Module
6GA4630-1BC11 Sitor Module
6GF1710-3AA Simatic VS710 SIMATIC VS710 Vision Sensor, Grundversion
6GK1100-0AA00 Simatic Net - Sinec Transceiver
6GK1100-0AB00 6GK1901-0AA00-0AA0 Transceiver H1
6GK1100-0BA00 Transceiver
6GK1102-0AA00 SSV102 Hub 5-Port
6GK1102-0AC00 SSV 102 Hub 5-ports
6GK1102-4AA00 Optical Link Module F/Ethernet
6GK1102-5AA00 Industrial Ethernet ELM
6GK1104-0AA00 SSV104 Sinec SSV104 8-port Multiplexer
6GK1105-0AA00 Industrial Ethernet OSM
6GK1105-2AA00 OSM ITP62 Optical Switch Module
6GK1105-2AA10 Optical Switch Module
6GK1105-2AB00 OSM TP62 Industrial Ethernet OSM TP62
6GK1105-3AA00 Ethernet Module
6GK1105-3AB00 ESMTP80 Industrial Ethernet ESM
6GK1105-3AB10 ESMTP80 Industrial Ethernet ESM
6GK1140-1AA00 CP1401 CP1401 Communication Module
6GK1143-0AA00 CP143 CP143 Sinec H1 Module
6GK1143-0AA01 CP143 CP143 Sinec H1 Module
6GK1143-0AB00 CP143 CP143 Sinec H1 Module
6GK1143-0AB01 CP143 CP143 Sinec H1 Module
6GK1143-0TA00 CP1430 CP1430 TF Basic Module
6GK1143-0TA01 CP1430 TF CP1430 TF Basic SINEC H1 Module
6GK1143-0TA02 CP1430 TF CP1430 TF Basic SINEC H1 Module
6GK1143-0TB00 CP1430 TF CP1430 TF Extended SINEC H1 Module
6GK1143-0TB01 CP1430 TF CP1430 TF Extended SINEC H1 Module
6GK1147-3MA00 CP1473 MAP
6GK1151-1AA00 CP 1511 Communications Module PCMCIA 10/100
6GK1161-2AA00 CP1612 Simatic Net CP1612
6GK1161-3AA00 CP1613 CP1613 Simatic Net
6GK1161-3AA01 CP1613 CP1613 Simatic Net
6GK1243-0SA00 CP2430 CP2430 AS-Interface Module
6GK1243-0SA10 CP2430 CP2430 AS-Interface Module
6GK1243-0SA20 CP2430 CP2430 AS-Interface Module
6GK1243-3SA00 CP2433 CP2433 AS-Interface Module
6GK1415-2AA00 Profibus DP/ AS Interface Module
6GK1415-2AA01 Simatic Net, DP/AS-Interface Link
6GK1500-0AA00 Bus Terminal RS485
6GK1500-0AB00 Bus Terminal RS485
6GK1500-0DA00 Bus Terminal RS485
6GK1500-0EA00 Bus Connector
6GK1500-0EA01 Bus Terminal
6GK1500-0EA02 Bus Connector
6GK1500-0FC00 Bus Terminal  RS485
6GK1500-1AA00 Bus Terminal
6GK1500-3AA00 Bus Terminal
6GK1502-1AA00 Simatic Net Module - OLP F Profibus
6GK1502-2CB00 Profibus OLM/G11 - V3.0
6GK1502-2CB10 Profibus OLM/G11 - V3.1
6GK1502-3AA10 OLM/P3
6GK1502-3AB10 OLM - Optical Link Module
6GK1502-3BA00 OLM12M
6GK1502-3CA10 OLM-Profibus P12 V3.1
6GK1502-3CB00 Profibus OLM/G12
6GK1502-3CB10 Profibus OLM/G12
6GK1502-3CC10 OLM/G12-1300 Optical Link Module OLM/G12-1300 V3.1
6GK1502-3CD10 OLM/G12-EEC Profibus OLM/G12-EEC
6GK1502-4AA10 Sinec L2FO OLM/P4
6GK1502-4AB10 L2F00LM/S4 Sinec L2FO OLM/S4
6GK1503-2CB00 OLM/G11 Profibus OLM/G11 - V4.0
6GK1503-3CB00 OLM/G12 Profibus OLM/G12 V4.0
6GK1510-0AC00 Sinec L2 Repeater RS485
6GK1541-1AA00 CP5411, C79458-L7000-B71 CP5411 Sinec L2 PC Card ISA
6GK1541-2BA00 C79458-L9006-B1, CP5412-A2 CP5412-A2 Sinec L2 PC Module
6GK1543-0AA00 CP5430 CP5430 Sinec L2 Communications Card
6GK1543-0AA01 CP5430 CP5430 Sinec L2 Communications Card
6GK1543-0AA02 CP5430 CP5430 Sinec L2 Communications Card
6GK1543-1AA00 CP5431 CP5431 Profibus Module
6GK1543-1AA01 CP5431 CP5431 Profibus Module
6GK1548-0AA00 CP5480 Sinec L2-TF Interface Module
6GK1551-1AA00 CP5511, C79459-A1890-A1, C79459-A1890-A10 CP5511 MPI/Profibus PC Card PCMCIA
6GK1551-2AA00 CP5512 CP5512 MPI/Profibus PC Card PCMCIA
6GK1561-1AA00 CP 5611 CP 5611 Simatic Net Communication Module
6GK1561-1AA01 CP5611-A2 CP5611-A2 MPI/Profibus PC Card PCI
6GK1561-3AA00 CP5613 - C79458-L8000-A77 Profibus PC Card for PCI Slot
6GK1561-3AA01 CP5613 A2 CP5613 A2 Profibus PC Card for PCI Slot
6GK1561-4AA00 CP5614 - C79458-L8001-A77 CP5614
6GK1561-4AA01 CP5614 A2 CP5614 A2 Communication Module
6GK1588-2AA00 Slave=ASIC SPC4
6GK1901-0AA00-0AA0 Bus Coupler
6GK1901-0AA00-0AC0 Bus Coupler
6GK1901-1FC00-0AA0 Industrial Ethernet Fast Connect Outlet RJ45
6GK7242-2AX00-0XA0 Simatic Net, CP 242-2
6GK7342-2AH01-0XA0 CP342-2 CP342-2 AS-I Communication Module
6GK7342-5DA00-0XE0 CP342-5 CP342-5 Profibus Communications Module
6GK7342-5DA01-0XE0 CP 342-5 CP 342-5 Profibus Communications Processor
6GK7342-5DA02-0XE0 CP 342-5 CP 342-5 Profibus Communications Processor
6GK7343-1CX00-0XE0 CP343-1 CP343-1 Ethernet Module
6GK7343-1EX00-0XE0 CP 343-1 CP 343-1 Ethernet Communication Module
6GK7343-1EX10-0XE0 CP 343-1 CP 343-1 TCP COM
6GK7343-1EX11-0XE0 CP 343-1 CP 343-1 Ethernet Communication Module
6GK7343-1EX20-0XE0 CP 343-1 CP 343-1 Ethernet Module
6GK7343-1GX11-0XE0 CP 343-1 CP343-1 Industrial Ethernet Module
6GK7343-1HX00-0XE0 CP 343-1 Communications Processor CP343-1
6GK7343-2AH00-0XA0 CP343-2 CP 343-2  AS Communication Module
6GK7343-2AH10-0XA0 CP343-2 CP343-2 ASI Communication Module
6GK7343-5FA00-0XE0 CP343-5 CP 343-5 Profibus Communications Processor
6GK7343-5FA01-0XE0 CP 343-5 CP 343-5 Profibus
6GK7443-1BX00-0XE0 CP443-1 CP443-1 Ethernet Module
6GK7443-1BX01-0XE0 CP443-1 CP443-1 Ethernet Module
6GK7443-1EX00-0XE0 CP443-1 CP443-1 Ethernet Module
6GK7443-1EX02-0XE0 CP 443-1 CP 443-1 TCP Communication Processor
6GK7443-1EX10-0XE0 CP443-1 CP443-1 Industrial Ethernet Module
6GK7443-1EX11-0XE0 CP443-1 CP443-1 Industrial Ethernet Module
6GK7443-1GX11-0XE0 CP443-1 Communication Processor CP443-1
6GK7443-5DX00-0XE0 CP 443-5 CP 443-5 Extended
6GK7443-5DX01-0XE0 CP 443-5 CP 443-5 Extended
6GK7443-5DX02-0XE0 CP443-5 CP443-5 Profibus Module
6GK7443-5DX03-0XE0 CP 443-5 Communication Module CP 443-5 Extended
6GK7443-5DX04-0XE0 CP 443-5 Communication Module CP 443-5 Extended
6GK7443-5FX00-0XE0 CP443-5 CP443-5 Profibus Communication Module
6GK7443-5FX01-0XE0 CP443-5 CP443-5 Profibus Module
6GT2000-0DC00-0AA0 MDS 506 MDS 506 Mobile Data Memory - 32K FRAM
6GT2001-0AA00 SLG41 Moby Module
6GT2001-0AA00-ZA23 SLG41 MOBY I SLG 41 ZA23
6GT2002-0AA00 Moby Module
6GT2002-0AB00 CM422 Moby CM422 Sub Module for ASM 400
6GT2002-0BA00 ASM 410 Moby-1 Module
6GT2002-0EB00 Moby Profibus Interface Module ASM450
6GT2002-0HA00 ASM 473 ASM 473 Module
6GT2002-0HA10 ASM 473 ASM 473 Configurable
6GT2002-1AB00 CM423 MOBY I CM423 Channel Module
6MA5930-1AA00 FBG MX Module
6MT11-E05L Input Module
6MT12-40EL Output Module
6MT14-40CL Digital Ouput Module
6MT14-40DL Output Module
6MT33 Logic Interface I/O Module
6NH1800-8AA SINAUT Communication Module
6NH1801-0E ST 1 TIM
6NH1801-8CC TIM 11
6NH1802-0BA SINAUT ST1 TIM Module
6NH1802-0EA SINAUT TIM 11 Module
6NH1802-5BA TIM11 Module
6NH1804-0AA01-2BB2 Memory Module
6NH1804-0AA01-3BB2 TIM011B Memory Module ST1 TIM
6NH1804-1BB01-2BB2 6ES5521-8MA11 Communications Module CP521
6NH7800-3AA40 SINAUT ST7
6NH9805-1LB SINAUT MOA-MP Module
6NH9806-1AB SINAUT Module MOA-F2
6NH9807-1FB SINAUT Interface Module
6PA1000-1BC Sitor Module
6PA1001-1BC Sitor Module
6PC1001-8DC Sitor Module
6PG1146-6CC Sitor Module
6QG2212-4FG10 SITOR Thyristor
6QG2232-4FG10 SITOR Thyristor
6QG2232-4FL10 SITOR Thyristor
6RA2228-6DV62-0 Simoreg Compact Converter
6SC6100-0GB00 Power Supply Module
6SC6100-0GB11 FBG Power Supply Module
6SC6100-0GB12 FBG Power Supply Module
6SC6100-0GC08 Power Supply Module
6SC6100-0GE01 Central Module
6SC6100-0NA11 Analog Control Module - Simodrive 610
6SC6100-0NA21 AC-VSA FBG Controller
6SC6110-0EA00 Drive Module
6SC6120-0FE00 SIMODRIVE 610 FBG Power Module
6SC6130-0FE01 Simodrive Power Module 30/60A
6SC6140-0FE00 Simodrive Power Module 40/80A
6SC6140-0FE01 Simodrive Power Module 40/80A
6SC6190-0FB00 Drive Module
6SC6500-0UC01 Simodrive 650 I/O Module
6SC6512-0AA02 SIMODRIVE 650 Module
6SE1200-7AA10-3 Drive Display Screen
6SE2100-1CA00 Operator Panel
6SE3112-8CA40 Mico Master Drive
6SE3114-0DC40 Micromaster Drive
6SE3190-0DX87-2DA0 Braking Module
6SE3212-1BA40 MMV37 MMV37 Micromaster Drive
6SE3213-6CA40 Siemens Micromaster Module
6SE3214-0DA40 Micromaster Vector Drive - 2HP/1500W
6SE3217-3DB40 Micromaster Vector Drive - 4HP/3000W
6SE3221-0DC40 Mircomaster Vector 5HP/4000W
6SE3221-5DC40 MMV440/3 MMV440/3 Micromaster Drive
6SE3290-0XX87-8PB0 Profibus Interface module CB15
6SE3290-0XXB7-8PB0 CB15 Profibus Interface Module
6SE5922-1AA11 CPU922 CPU 922 Processor
6SE6400-0SP00-0AA0 MicroMaster Simple Operator Panel (SOP)
6SE6400-3CC02-2CD0 Commutation Unit
6SE6410-2UA12-5AA0 Micromaster 410
6SE6410-2UB17-5BA0 Micromaster 410 Inverter
6SE6420-2UD22-2BA1 MicroMaster 420 Drive
6SE6440-2AD25-5CA1 Micromaster 440 (MM440) Series AC Inverter
6SE6440-2UC15 MicroMaster 440
6SE6440-2UD21-5AA1 Mircomaster 440 Drive
6SE7014-0TP60 Simvert Master Drive Inverter
6SE7018-0EP60-Z Simovert Master Drive Vector Control
6SE7022-6EC61 Converter Unit
6SE7024-7ED61 Vector Control Compact Unit
6SE7031-2HF84-1BG0 IVI Inverter Interface Module
6SE7090-0XX84-0FF0 CBP CBP Profibus Communication Module
6SE7090-0XX84-0FF5 CBP2 CBP2 Profibus Communication Module
6SE7090-0XX84-2FK0 Operator Keypad for Drive
6SE9212-0DA40 Micromaster MM75/3
6SE9212-7DA40 Micromaster MM110/3
6SE9212-8CA40 Micromaster Drive
6SN1111-0AA00-0CA1 Line Reactor
6SN1113-1AB01-0BA1 Power Module
6SN1114-0AA01-0AA0 Parameter Module
6SN1118-0AA11-0AA1 Single Axis Drive Control Module
6SN1118-0BK11-0AA0 Simodrive 611 Module
6SN1118-0DG21-0AA0 611-D Simodrive Drive Board
6SN1118-0DG21-0AA1 Control Module, 1-axis
6SN1118-0DG22-0AA1 Axis Control Module, 1 Axis
6SN1118-0DG23-0AA0 611-D Simodrive Drive Board
6SN1118-0DH21-0AA0 Control Module
6SN1118-0DH23-0AA0 Dual Axis Control Module
6SN1118-0DJ21-0AA1 Digital Control Loop Block - High Performance
6SN1118-0DM13-0AA1 Siemens 611 Dual Axis Module
6SN1118-0DM21-0AA0 Siemens 611 Dual Axis Module
6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2 2-Axis Positioning/Resolver Module
6SN1123-1AA00-0AA0 Power Supply Module
6SN1123-1AA00-0AA1 Power Supply Module
6SN1123-1AA00-0DA1 Simodrive Power Module
6SN1123-1AA00-0HA0 SIMODRIVE 611 Power Module
6SN1123-1AA00-0HA1 SIMODRIVE 611 Power Module
6SN1123-1AB00-0BA1 Power Module - 2 Axis
6SN1123-1AB00-0CA1 Power Module
6SN1123-1AB00-0HA1 Simodrive LT-Module
6SN1145-1BA01-0DA1 Simodrive Feedback Module
6SN1146-1AB00-0BA0 Power Module
6SN1146-1AB00-0BA1 Simodrive U/E Module
6SN1162-1AA00-0AA0 Simodrive Module
6SX7010-0FF05 CBP2 Profibus Module
6XV1418-OCH32 Cable
6XV1440-2AH32 Cable
6XV1440-2AH50 Cable
6XV1440-2KH32 OP Communications Cable -3.2 meters
6XV1820-5BH20 Fiber Optic Cable
6XX3081 Siemens S5 Front Connector
700-374-1KG11 Helmholz EPROM 128 KBytes
700-375-0LA15 Helmholz EPROM 8KB
700-375-0LA21 Helmholz EPROM 16 KByte
700-375-1LA41 Helmholz EPROM 32 KByte
700-377-0AA32 Helmholz EPROM Module 64 KB
70931683 Messwerterfassung Module
73N-B 2469020 Built-In Valve Positioner
7621 VIPA 7621 Module
76222637P Cable
7KE4490-2BA Siemens S5 Module
7KG2131-1ZN21-0AA0 GMUG/H GMUG/H Transducer
7MF4020-1DA00-1AA3-Z Sitrans P Pressure Transmitter
7MH1704-8DA Interface Module
7MH3305-1AA Siwarex Weighing Module
7MH3305-1AB Siwarex Weighing Module
7MH4205-1AB01 Siwarex
7MH4205-1AC01 Siwarex
7MH4553-1AA41 Siwarex M Weighing and Batching System
7MH4710-1AA Siwarex AK Junction Box
7MT-100A Analog Input Module
7NG1102-4AD42 Teleperm Board
7NG1103-4BD43 Teleperm C Module
7NG1106-4DA43 Signalumformer Board
7NG1204-4AD42-5RA3 Teleperm Module
7NG1205-4AD42-1KA8 Teleperm C Module
7NG1206-4BD42-2RA3 Teleperm C Module
7NG1206-4DD35-5RA3 Teleperm C Module
7NG1900-4AD45-1 Teleperm Board
7NG1900-4BD42-1 Teleperm C Module
7NG3020-3JN00 SITRANS T Transmitter
7PU4440-4AJ30 Timer Relay
7TN3923-2/HH Power Supply
812-7210-01 200010623/D05 Siemens Moore Module
8SX8501-0AA0 SIMDAS S5-115E, ANS1300E Interface Module for S5-115E
8SX8501-0AB20 SIMDAS S5-115E CPU943E
9AB4141-1FB03 Siemens 9AB4141-1FB03 Module
9AB4142-0AA11 Sicomp PC
9AC9100-2AA02 IP252 IP252 Analog Output Sub-Module
9AC9100-2AA05 IP252 IP252 Counter Sub-Module
A230 arb-p3d2712-3a A230 Simatic P Module
A5E00098837 Telperm Module
A5E00105839 Siemens Moore Module
A5E00163856KS04 Siemens Moore Module
A5E00212433-2 Siemens Moore Module
A5E00264395 Siemens Moore Module
A5E00282175/07 39VIMCCN VIM - Voltage Input Module
A5E00497260-03 Siemens Moore Module
A5E00818292-03 Siemens Moore Module
A9530-C50-04-85 Siemens Moore Module
ABZ11-Z-2 Counter Module
ABZ11-Z-3 Counter Module
AE11 Control Interface Module
AIS-ep-4009 EPROM 8KB
AIS-ep-4011 EPROM 32K
AMS-M220-A5 C9451A42A522 SICOMP I/O Module
arb-p4e414-1a Transidyn B Module
AS11-1 Iskamatic B Module AS11-1
AS11-1A Electric Motor Drive Module
AS11-3 Electronic Motor Drive Module
AS12-1 Iskamatic B AS12-1 Module
AS12-1/A Iskamatic B Module AS12-1/A
AS12-3 Actuator Drive Module
AS13 6FQ2113-0A Control Interface for Solenoid Valves Module
AS13-1 Iskamatic AS13-1 Module
AS13-1/A Iskamatic AS13-1/A Module
AS13-3 Iskamatic AS13-3
AU11-1 Control Interface Standby Unit Startup Module
AU11-4 Control Interface Standby Unit Startup Module
B221 arb-p2d2735-1a B221 Simatic P Module
B223 arb-p2d-2740-2a B223 Simatic P Module
B224 arb-p2d 2747-2a B224 Simatic P Module
B225 arb-p4d2748-2a B225 Simatic P Module
B250 arb-p3d2741-3a B250 Simatic P Module
B250/arb-p2d2741-1A Simatic P Board
B250/arb-p3d2741-3a Simatic P board
BT01 Pulse Generator Module
BV01-2 Fail Safe And Gate Module
C112.51 J13C78D15, C112.51-61438 Alarm Overspeed Protection Module
C112.91 C112.91-61438 C112.91 Module
C1379-Z Teleperm
C220 arb-p2d2746-1a C220 Simatic P Module
C71458-A4752-A2 4752-2 Module
C71458-A4753-A1 4753-1 Module
C71458-A4754-A1 Teleperm Module
C71458-A4755-A1 Teleperm Relay Module
C71458-A6008-A13 Teleperm Connector Module
C71458-A6489-A11 Teleperm Module
C74103-A1900-A351 Diode Module
C74103-A2137-A33 Teleperm Board
C74451-A1625-A1 Teleperm Module
C74451-A1629-A11 Fan Assembly
C74451-A1856-A11 Teleperm Rack
C74451-A1856-B1 Teleperm Module
C74451-A1858-A1 Cardfile
C74451-A248-A Relay Module - Sicherungs-Baugruppe
C74451-A248-A2 Simatic N Relay Module
C79195-A3205-A35 Ribbon Cable
C79451-21038-49 Telerperm
C79451-A3077-A1 ZSP/PSP Cardfile
C79451-A3111-B101 Teleperm Module
C79451-A3117-B65 Teleperm Power Module
C79451-A3117-B71 Teleperm
C79451-A3117-B73 Teleperm
C79451-A3125-A3 Teleperm Module
C79451-A3125-B100 Power Module
C79451-A3125-B101 Power Module
C79451-A3171-A1 Z3 R30 K Cardfile
C79451-A3260-A25 Teleperm Power Module
C79451-A3260-A30 Power Supply Fan Tray
C79451-Z1038-U9 Teleperm Module
C79451-Z1359-U9 Teleperm Power Supply Module
C79458-L138-A1 L138 Module
C79458-L139-A1 L139 Module
C79458-L13-A1 Teleperm Module
C79458-L13-A11 Teleperm Module
C79458-L140-A1 L140-1 Module
C79458-L141-A1 L141-1Module
C79458-L142-A1 L142-1 Module
C79458-L143-A1 L143-1 Module
C79458-L144-A1 L144-1 Module
C79458-L145-A1 L145 Module
C79458-L147-A1 L147 Module
C79458-L148-A1 L148 Module
C79458-L14-A1 L14-1 Module
C79458-L1-A1 L1-1 Module
C79458-L2343-A2 CP1413 CP1413 Sinec H1 Communication Module
C79458-L2350-A1 VGA card for SIMATIC IPC
C79458-L2363-A1 CP5412-A1 CP5412-A1 Card
C79458-L2395-A1 Siemens Module
C79458-L2-A1 L2-1 Module
C79458-L3439-B885 TBX 478 S7 Communications Module
C79458-L381-A1 RTG Module
C79458-L385-A1 RBE Module
C79458-L393-A1 RAG Module
C79458-L394-A1 RVG Module
C79458-L3-A1 Control L3-1 Module Sicomp R
C79458-L419-A2 Teleperm Module
C79458-L420-A1 Teleperm Module
C79458-L437-B24 L437 Module
C79458-L442-B21 Cable
C79458-L442-B22 Cable
C79458-L445-B5 Teleperm Module
C79458-L445-B8 Teleperm Module
C79458-L4-A1 L4-1 Module
C79458-L5-A1 L5 Module
C79458-L6-A1 L6-1 Module
C79458-L7000-B126 Interface Module
C79458-L7000-B17 CP MPI MPI PC Card ISA
C79458-L7000-B315 6ES7793-2AA01-0AA0 MPI/Profibus DP PC Card ISA
C79458-L701-A1 Teleperm Module
C79458-L703-A131 Teleperm Module
C79458-L703-A31 Teleperm Module
C79458-L71-A1 L71-1 Module
C79458-L72-A23 Teleperm M Module
C79458-L72-A25 L72 Module
C79458-L76-A1 L76-1 Module
C79458-L78-A1 L78-1 Module
C79458-L79-A1 L79-1 Module
C79458-L7-A1 L7-1 Module
C79458-L85-A1 Teleperm M Module
C79458-L85-A2 L85 Module
C79458-L8-A1 L8-1 Module
C8451-A17-A10-2 SMP-E356 SMP-E356 Video and Printer Module
C8451-A17-A12-3 SMP-E160-A1 SMP-E160-A1 Memory Module
C8451-A17-A8-4 SMP-E35-A160 CPU035/IDE Processor Module
C8451-A37-A1-5 AMS-M431-A5 Power Supply
C8451-A45-A12-2 AMS-P216-A32 AMS-P216-A32 Module
C98043-A1051-L Simoreg Module
C98043-A1200-L22 Simoreg Module
Cal. RB 101-b Relay Module
Center Com 210T Twisted Pair Transceiver
CP2000 70931375 CP2000 Coros LS-C
CP5-BG74 CPP/L PC-AT-Pentium Module, 233MHz
CPU RPM Servo Sinumerik CPU RPM Servo Module
CTI 2550 Analog Input Module
CTI 2560 Analog Output Module
D4-16ND2F U-05NH Input Module
D4-16TD2 U-55T Output Module
D4-EX 405IOEX Local Base Expansion Unit
DCS100.124 Power Supply Module
DN3020PM-1 DeviceNet PowerMonitor - Tee
E53290-A2609-S1b G23074-W088-B001-Z1 Siemens Module
E53290-A2610-S1b G23074-W088-B001-Z1 Siemens Module
E89700-89105-A2 Interface Board
E89700-B9104-A1 SICLIMAT X Module
EU12-3 Supply Voltage Monitoring Module
EU15-3 Supply Voltage Monitoring Amplification Module
EU21-3 Supply Voltage Monitoring Fault Display Module
F230 arb-p3d2724-2a F230 Simatic P Module
F230/arb-p2d2724-3a Simatic P Board
FA12-3 FA12-3  Amplifier Module
FBS2545 Adaptor Shoe w/wire, 25 Amp
FS11-1 Iskamatic FS11-1 Module
FS11-4 Iskamatic FS11-4 Module
G25000-FZ/Y6241 Siemens Resistor Module
G26004-A3118-P450 IP252 AI-AO Module
GB11-2 Binary Signal conditioning for Binary Transmitters
GB11-21 Binary Signal Conditioning for Binary Transmitters
H220 arb-p2d 2738-1a H220 Simatic P Module
IBS S5 DAB Interbus Module
IBS S5 DCB/I-T 2758156 Interbus S-Module
IBS S5 DCB-T Interbus S-Module
IBS S5/SL-LB-B Interbus-S Module
IBSS5DSC/I-T 2752000 Interbus Module
IME 3020-FPKG Electronic Proximity Switches
J13C78D14-C112.18 Overspeed Input Module  (Braun GMBH)
KRPA11AN-120V Potter & Brumfield Relay
LMG-90 RMP Module
M72151-B4100 Teleperm C Module
M72151-B4300 Teleperm Board
M72151-C4100 Teleperm Board
M74001-A8122-1 Teleperm C Module
M74002-A8120 Teleperm C Module
M74002-A8210 Teleperm Module
M74003-A172 Teleperm C Module
M74003-A174 Teleperm C Module
M74003-A3020-A1 Teleperm C Module
M74003-A320 Teleperm C Module
M74003-A330 Teleperm C Module
M74003-A8131 Teleperm C Module
M74003-A8152 Teleperm C Module
M74003-A8162 Teleperm C Module
M74003-A8320-A1 Teleperm C Module
M74003-A8335 Teleperm Board
M74003-A8350 Teleperm C Analog Transmitter Module
M74004-A110 Teleperm C Module
M74004-A122 Teleperm C Module
M74004-A8131 Teleperm C Module
M74005-A8413 Teleperm C Module
MC-BATT Battery for Memory Card
ME61-E Beier Module
MTX-1070 Canary 10Base-T Transceiver
MYB01EZ011 Test Button
NL513 1A57375H30 Digital Input
NL-515 1A57375H32 Digital Input Module - 115Vac
NL536 1A57375H45 Digital Output
NLEE-2502 1A57379H04 Memory Submodule -2K
NLHR-2732 1A57379H21 32 KB RAM Module
NLOP-593C 1A57376H23 NLOP-593C Operator Panel
NLPS-530 1A57375H10 Power Supply
NLPS-531 1A57375H11 Power Supply
OP27-Display-Color Replacement LCD Screen for OP27 Color
OT3-1-100/1DC Vario compact switch
PC32-F PC32-F SICOMP Panel
PC-500 1A57375H01 PC-500 CPU Module
PC-502 1A57375H02 PC-502 CPU Module
PCS090 Lauer PCS090 Operator Panel
PCS-2001 2802093-0001 Operator Station Keyboard
PCS-2001A 2802093-0003 Enhanced Operator Keytboard
PCS810 PCS810-1 Lauer PCS810 Interface Module
PM550-212 Power Supply
PM550-410 Timer/Counter Access Module
PS-M06D12S5-NJ1L(S) Inverter for MP277 10" Touch
S220 arb-p2d2729-10a S220 Simatic P Module
S220/arb-p2d2729-11a Simatic P Board
S221 arb-p2d2730-10a S221 Simatic P Module
SMFF01 Starter
SMFFO-1 Starter
SRPA11AG24 Relay
SSM-BG42 VIPA Interface Module with 2 Ports
SSM-BG43 VIPA Interface Module
SSM-MD21 VIPA SSM-MD21 Sub-Module
SSM-MD22 VIPA SSM-MD22 Sub-Module
SSM-MD25 VIPA SSM-MD25 Sub-Module
SSM-MD26 VIPA SSM-MD26 Sub-Module
SSM-MD49 VIPA SSM-MD49 Sub-Module
SSN-BG89A VIPA Ethernet Card for Simatic S5
SSN-BG89D VIPA Ethernet Card for Simatic S5
TCP/IP 200-3000-01 TCP/IP Module
TI305-01BJ 305-01BJ 5-Slot Rack
TI305-02B 305-02B 5-Slot Rack with 115/230 VAC Power Supply
TI305-03DM 305-03DM Data Communications Unit
TI305-04B Rack/Power Supply
TI-315-DR CPU Module
TI335-37 335-37 CPU MODULE RS-232C
Typ1.03 RT Coros LS-B Runtime Decoder
U-01AD Input Analog Module
U-01DA Analog Output Module
U-01DM Host Link Module
U-01T Relay Output Module
U-01Z High Speed Counter Module
U-04B 4-Slot Rack
U-04BJ 4-Slot Local Rack
U-05N Input 12~24 VDC Module
U-05NH Input 12~24 VDC Module
U-05S Input Simulator Module
U-05T U-05T Relay Output Module
U-06B 6 Slot Base
U-08B 8 Slot Base
U-08BJ 8-Slot Base
U-12T Output Module
U-18B Rack 7-Slot
U-18T Output Module
U-20T Output 18~240 VDC
U-25N 405U-25N Inputm Module
U-25T Output Module
U-38N Input Module
U-50N Digital Input Module
U-55N U-55N Input Module
U-55T Output Module
US11-1 Iskamatic US11-1
US12-1 Iskamatic US12-1 Module
V220 arb p2d2731-11a V220 Simatic P Module
V222 arb-p2d2722-2a V222 Simatic P Module
V223 arb-p2d2736-1a V223 Simatic P Module
V224 arb-p2d2732-10a V224 Simatic P Module
V224/arb-p2d2732-11a Simatic P Board
VD11-2 VD11-2 Protective Logic Diode Decoupling Module
VD12-21 Protective Logic Passive OR Module
VE1G-0082 Relay Module - Relaiseinschub
VE1G-0111 Relay Module
VE1G-0112 Relay Module - Relaiseinschub
VE1G-0113 Relay Module - Relaiseinschub
VE1G-0114 Test Print Module - Prüfprint
VE1G-0116 Relay Module - Relaiseinschub
VPU200-3605 Cable Assembly
W79084-E1001-B2 Battery 3.6 Volt
Z231 arb-p2d2743-1a Z231 Simatic P Module
Z240 arb-p2d2742-1a Z240 Simatic P Module







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