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Siemens Texas Instruments TI 305

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Siemens Texas Instruments TI 305

Classic Automation provides surplus parts and repair services for Siemens Texas Instruments TI 305 control systems. All of our Texas Instruments TI 305 parts come with a 2-Year Warranty.

The TI 305 control system family has been around for many years and includes modules from many different vendors. The system has been primarily manufactured by Koyo and originally private labeled by Texas Instruments, then Siemens and then as Direct Logic. It was also sold separately as the GE Series One.

  • Koyo
  • FACTS Engineering
  • Direct Logic
  • PLC Direct
  • Automation Direct
  • GE Series One

    Select the part number below or type in the part number or a fragment of the part number to go directly to our database for current inventory and additional information. Please let us know if you do not see what you require as we can often source or repair it for you.

    You can also visit our Texas Instruments Instruments main page for more information on our other products, parts and services for Siemens Texas Instruments.

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    Part # Alternate Part Number Part Type Description
    2587681-8021 ROM Kit
    305 60PV 305-60PV Programmer
    305-01AD Analog Input Module 4-20MA/1-5VDC 4 POINT
    305-01DA Analog Output Module
    305-01N Digital Input Module
    305-01NT I/O Module DC Relay
    305-01S TI-305-01S Input Simulator 8 point
    305-01T Output Relay Module - 8 Point
    305-01Z Counter Module
    305-02DM Data Communications Unit
    305-02N Input 24 VAC/DC
    305-03DM TI-305-03DM Communications Module
    305-04B TI305-04B/05B 10 Slot Rack with Power Supply
    305-05B TI 305-05B TI 305-04B/05B 8 Slot Rack with Power Supply
    305-05J TI-305-05J Cable
    305-05N TI305-05N Input Module - 24 VDC
    305-05NH TI-305-05NH Input Module
    305-05T TI305-05T Output Relay Module
    305-10D TI-305-10D Timer/Counter Setpoint Unit
    305-10T TI-305-10T Output Module
    305-110B TI305-110B HE305RLY110B Output Relay Isolated
    305-12T TI-305-12T Output Module
    305-15PJ-1 TI-305-15PJ-1 Cable
    305-15T Output Module
    305-16AC TI-305-16AC Output Module
    305-16ADC TI-305-16ADC Input Module
    305-16DC Universal DC Sink/Source Input Module
    305-20N TI305-20N Input Module 115VAC 8 Point
    305-20T Output Module 8 Point 115VAC
    305-20T-1 TI305-20T-1 Output Module 115 VAC
    305-21T TI-305-21T Output Module
    305-22N TI-305-22N Input Module
    305-22P TI-305-22P Module Prom
    305-25N Input Module - 115 VAC
    305-25T Output Module
    305-35N Input Module - 24 VDC
    305-35T 24VDC Output Module
    305-4ADC-S Isolated Analog Input Module
    305-4DAC TI-305-4DAC Analog Module
    305-4DAC-S TI-305-4DAC-S Analog Module
    305-50T Output Module - 24 VDC
    305-55N Input Module 24 AC/DC
    305-55T Output Module - 24 VDC
    305-6 TI305-6 ASCII/Basic Extended
    305-6ABM-1 TI-305-6ABM-1 ASCII Basic Extencer
    305-8AC-S TI-305-8AC-S Output Module
    305-8AD590 TI-305-8AD590 Temperature Transducer
    305-8ADC TI-305-8ADC Analog Input Module
    305-8RLY-I 305-8RLY-1 TI-305-8RLY-I Ouput Module
    305-CPU TI-305-CPU CPU
    305-DCU-C TI-305-DCU-C Universal Converter Module
    305-DCU-C-1 TI-305-DCU-C-1 Universal Converter
    305-DCU-S TI-305-DCU-S Universal Converter Module
    305-DMY Filler Module
    305-IOEX TI305-IOEX Input/Output Expansion Module
    305-OPMX-1 TI-305-OPMX-1 CPU Bridge Module
    305-PROG Programmer
    305DC-02B TI305DC-02B 5-slot Rack, 24 VDC Power Supply
    305DC-04B TI-305DC-04B Rack
    305S-PROG TI-305S-PROG Programmer
    315-10R TI315-10R Central Processing Unit
    315-AA T1315-AA TI315-AA TI315-AA Central Processing Unit
    315-DA TI315-DA Central Processing Unit
    315-DSR Central Processing Unit
    315DC-DD TI315DC-DD, 315-DC-DD CPU Processor Module
    315DC-DR TI315DC-DR, 315-DC-DR Central Processing Unit
    325-07 Model 325 Central Processing Unit
    325S-05 TI325S-05 CPU Module
    330-37 TI330-37 TI330-37 Central Processor Unit
    335-1NIM TI335-1NIM Communications Module Modbus
    335-37 TI 335-37 TI335-37 Central Processing Unit
    F3-PMUX-1 Bridge CPU Module
    PFM-305 USEMCO, D3-FILL Communications Interface
    S-15JP Cable Assembly
    S-30JP Cable
    TI-315-DR CPU Module
    TI305-01BJ 305-01BJ 5-Slot Rack
    TI305-02B 305-02B 305-02B 5-Slot Rack with 115/230 VAC Power Supply
    U-08N Sink/Source Digital Input Module
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