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Rosemount RS3 DCS Replacement Products

Classic Automation provides products that are designed to extend the life of your Rosemount RS3 DCS Control System. These products include flash memory devices that replace MTCC hard drives and tape drives, operator keyboard replacement membranes, track balls, and enhanced configuration keyboards. 

  • Replacement Enhanced RS3 Keyboard 
  • CA-RTEK11 Brochure 
  • Replacement Flash Tape Board
  • CA-RTFDB11 Brochure  
  • Replacement Flash Disk Board 
  • CA-RTFTB11 Brochure  
  • Replacement Operator Keyboard Membrane    
  • CA-RTOKM11    Brochure  
  • Replacement Call Up Keyboard Membrane 
  • CA-RTCKM11 Brochure  
  • Replacement Trackball 
  • CA-RTTB11 Brochure  
  • Replacement Trackball Membrane 
  • CA-RTTBM11 Brochure  
  • Replacement RS3 Virtual Printer 
  • CA-RTVP11 Brochure 

    Please contact us for more information regarding replacement Rosemount RS3 OCS system products or visit our Rosemount RS3 main page for more information on our other products, parts, and service offerings for Rosemount.