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Classic Automation can help you back up and transfer your Siemens Simatic S5 PLC and HMI applications.

EPROM, EEPROM or Flash Backup 

You should have your S5 programs on an EPROM, EEPROM or Flash module in your system and also have a back up. This provides you with added protection is case power is interrupted to your S5 PLC and it does not have proper battery backup protection.

Classic Automation can transfer existing STEP 5 programs to EPROM, EEPROM or Flash modules for you. This service is available for $150 per memory module, plus the price of the memory module. Simply send us your program files via e-mail when ordering the modules. If you need help selecting the most appropriate memory module, Contact Us for assistance.

If you do not have your application files available electronically, we can copy them from the existing modules. We also offer low cost programming software to backup your files to a PC.

HMI Backup and Transfer 

There are many different operator panels used with Simatic S5 and many different application program backup methods. Classic Automation can help you backup your existing panel and/or transfer the application to another panel. Our standard fee is $150. Please Contact Us with your specific needs.

All of our Siemens Simatic S5 parts have a 2-Year Warranty.

Please visit our Siemens Simatic S5 main page for more information on our products, parts and services for Simatic S5.

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