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4/10/2024 Find your OEM Siemens SINAMICS Parts & more
3/21/2024 Keep Your Systems Sustainable 
2/22/2024 Break Up With Poor Quality & Unfair Pricing
1/17/2023 Production Downtime = Loss
12/13/2023 Holiday Greetings From Classic Automation 2023
10/25/2023 Skip Upgrading Your Systems - With Spares & Repairs
9/28/2023 Supporting Your GE-Emerson Systems
8/17/2023 Quality Parts At Fair Prices
7/26/2023 New Products to Keep Your Cabinets Cool
6/26/2023 Recover From Unexpected Shutdowns
5/17/2023 Celebrating 20 Years of Spares & Repairs
4/19/2023 Keep Production Running with Siemens Drives & Panels
3/14/2023 Revitalize Your Siemens System: Spares & Repairs
2/17/2023 Don't Lose Sight of Your Production
1/25/2023 Solutions To Your Daunting Parts Problems
8/31/2022 Purchase, Repair, Program Transfer - Operator Panels
5/19/2022 Get Your Parts Repaired Quickly
3/24/2022 Get Support For Your Omron System
3/4/2022 Extend the Lifecycle of Your Mitsubishi System
1/27/2022 Need Support for Your B&R System Now?
12/16/2021 Happy Holidays
11/04/2021 Avoid Supply Chain Issues
09/23/2021 Get the New Panelicity Series 36 Controller
07/15/2021 High Temps Increase Electronic Component Failures
06/23/2021 Upgrade Your Old SINUMERIK Hard Drive (MMC or PCU)
04/29/2021 Get Back Up and Running Fast
03/16/2021 Many LENZE and AC Tech Drives
02/10/2021 Get Support for Your Allen-Bradley PanelView
12/02/2020 Many Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Parts Have Been Discontinued
10/27/2020 Get Siemens SIMOVERT Drives and Support
09/15/2020 Get Support For Your Siemens SIMATIC S5 System
07/22/2020 Keep Your Cool - Get Your Industrial Electronics Repaired
05/12/2020 Restarting Your Production After Pandemic Shutdowns
04/09/2020 Get Support For Your Siemens SIMATIC S5 System
03/19/2020 Coronavirus Statement (COVID-19)
03/18/2020 Replace/Repair Your Operator Panels
02/19/2020 Spares and Repairs for SEW Drives
01/15/2020 Keep Your Siemens SIMODRIVE Systems Running
12/17/2019 Happy Holidays from Our Workshop to Yours
11/20/2019 Get Support For Your Siemens MICROMASTER System
10/17/2019 Use Your Spare Parts Budget Now
09/19/2019 Repair Or Upgrade Your Fagor Panel
07/18/2019 Classic Automation Breaks Ground on Warehouse Expansion
06/20/2019 Get Your Parts Diagnosed & Repaired Quickly
05/16/2019 Extend The Lifecycle Of Your Mitsubishi Control System
04/11/2019 Find Your Parts Quicker with Advanced Search
02/13/2019 Record Data Variables External to Your PLC
01/16/2019 Siemens Control System Experts
12/12/2018 Happy Holidays From Our Workshop To Yours!
11/14/2018 Siemens SIMOVERT Drives And Repairs
10/17/2018 Get Your Parts Repaired
09/13/2018 Keep Your Siemens SIMODRIVE 611 System Running
08/02/2018 Replace/Repair Your Operator Panels
05/22/2018 Siemens Moore Panel Controllers
04/18/2018 Servo Motors and Repairs
01/16/2018 Simadyn D- Spare Parts Available
12/07/2017 2 Ways to Avoid Downtime in 2018
11/06/2017 Massive Stock of Factory Sealed Siemens TI
09/28/2017 Classic Automaton Acquires Spare Parts and Repair Activities of Applied Automation
04/19/2017 Send Us Your Repairs!
10/06/2016 Visit Our New Website!