Part Condition Information

Part Conditions

Classic Automation provides a wide variety of parts, products, and services related to industrial automation. We have a huge surplus inventory and are also a distributor of new products for a variety of quality manufacturers.

Surplus Parts

Classic Automation is a leading provider of surplus parts. Our surplus parts are aquired from many sources such as project overstock, system upgrades, plant shutdowns, and from other surplus vendors.

Great care is taken to assure that the surplus parts meet your quality needs and expectations:

  • All items are inspected as part of our receiving process to assure that parts with physical defects are not entered into our inventory.
  • The parts are handled with proper anti-static management practices.
  • The items are fully cleaned.
  • We have extensive test systems and equipment to assure proper function.
  • Many items are refurbished as necessary especially for items with limited life such as new batteries, electrolytic capacitors, NVRAM, etc.
  • Shipping quality procedures to assure correct shipments and serial number tracking.

Condition Levels:

  • Used/Refurbished - These parts have been previously used, but are in good condition and clean. They have been refurbished but may have minor cosmetic or superficial flaws. 
    Note: Some items may not include all factory new accessories such as mounting brackets, connectors, keys, manuals, CDs, etc.
  • New Without Package - These parts are new. They have not been used, but their original packaging is no longer available.
  • New In Opened Package -These parts are new. They have not been used, but their original packaging has been opened or the packaging is significantly aged.
  • New In Sealed Package - These parts are new. They have not been used and still have their original package seal intact.
  • New in Original Package - These parts are new. The packages were not originally sealed by their original manufacturer.

Note: Surplus parts might not be the most recent version, revision or date code currently offered by the original vendor.

New Parts and Products

Classic Automation also sells new parts and products. We sell these either as the official distributor or through an official distributor that we have developed a relationship with.

  • Factory New - These are new and current items that are procured from the manufacturer.


We also provide a variety of services that can be added to your quote. These have service conditions such as Repair Service. In this situation we are providing a service and not selling a part or product.

  • Repair ServiceClassic Automation will repair your item for the price and turnaround time listed.
Part Conditions