ABB H&B Freelance 2000

H&B Freelance 2000 

Classic Automation provides surplus parts and repair services for ABB H&B Freelance 2000. Our ABB H&B Freelance 2000 parts are tested by our technical staff and come with a complete 2-year warranty.

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TK 808F Power Supply Cable Euro Plug 2m
Model: TK 808F
Qty: 1
AM 801F
Freelance battery Module
Model: 3BDH000040R0001
Qty: Ask
DAI 01
DAI01 Analog Input Module
Model: P 37131-4-0369628
Qty: 11
DAI 02
DAI 02 Analog Input Module
Model: 0369630M
Qty: Ask
DAI 03
Analog Input Module
Model: P 37141-4-0369631
Qty: 9
DAI 04
Analog Input Module
Model: P37131-4-0369632
Qty: 5
DAI 05
DAI 05 Analog Input Module
Model: P 37131-4-0336025
Qty: 40
DAO 01
DAO 01 Analog Output Module
Model: P 3717-4-0369629
Qty: 23
DCO 01
DCO01 Serial Interface Module
Model: P 37511-4-0369666
Qty: Ask
DCP 02
DCP02 CPU Module
Model: P 37211-4-0369654
Qty: 5
DCP 10
CPU Module
Model: P37211-4-0338701
Qty: 23
DDI 01
DDI 01 Digital Input Module
Model: P 3711-4-0369626
Qty: 99
DDI 02
DDI 02 Digital Input Module
Model: 0369637M
Qty: Ask
DDI 03
DDI 03 Digital Input Module
Model: 0369643M
Qty: 12
DDI 04
DDI 04 Digital Input Module
Model: 0369643M
Qty: 2
DDO 01
Digital Ouput Module
Model: P 37151-4-0369627
Qty: 11
DDO 02
DDO 02 Digital Ouput Module
Model: P37151-4-0369642
Qty: 40
DDO 03
Freelance Digital Output Module
Model: P37151-4-0369643
Qty: 3
DDO 04
DDO 04 Digital Output Module
Model: 0369644M
Qty: Ask
DFC 01
FieldController Main Board
Model: 37261-4-0369529
Qty: 2
DFC 02
DFC02 FieldController Main Board
Model: Freelance 2000
Qty: 3
DFE 01
Ethernet Module 10Base2
Model: P 37262-4-0369565
Qty: 4
Pulse Input Module
Model: P37112-4-036-9681
Qty: 1
DFM 01
Profibus DPV1 Module
Model: 37262-4-0369570
Qty: 3
DFM 03
Fieldbus M. CAN (Triple) Module
Model: 37262-4-0369572
Qty: 2
DFM 11
Profibus DPV1 Module
Model: P 37262-4-0369575
Qty: 3
Fieldbus M. Serial Module
Model: 37262-4-0369571
Qty: 2
DFP 01
Field Controller Power Supply Module
Model: P 37264-4-0369561, Freelance 2000
Qty: 5
DFP 02 Power Supply
Model: P 37264-4-0369560
Qty: 1
DLM 01
DLM01 Link Module
Model: P 37421-4-0369652
Qty: 20
DLM 02
DLM02 Link Module
Model: P 37421-4-0338434
Qty: 37
DPW 01
DPW01 Power Supply
Model: P3761158018181, 8018181M
Qty: 20
DPW 02
Power Supply - 24 Vdc Input
Qty: 25
DPW 03 Power Supply Module
Model: P37611-5-8018644, 8018544M
Qty: Ask
DRA 02
DRA 02 Card Rack
Model: 37411-4-0369673
Qty: 28
DRA 03
DRA 03 Freelance Rack 3 Slot
Model: 0369674M
Qty: Ask
DRA 04
DRA 04 Freelance Rack 5 Slot
Model: 0369675M
Qty: Ask
DSU 07
Freelance CAN Cable D-PS Bus DigiNet
Model: 3BDM000321R0001
Qty: Ask
DSU 12
Freelance Battery Cable with DLM Plug
Model: 3BDM000327R0001
Qty: Ask
DSU 13
Freelance RS485 Cable 9P (open-ended)
Model: 3BDM000330R0001
Qty: Ask
DSU 211
Freelance RS485 Cable 15P (open-ended)
Model: 3BDM000334R0001
Qty: Ask
DSU 212
Freelance RS485 Cable 15P (open-ended)
Model: 3BDM000338R0001
Qty: Ask
DSU 213
Freelance RS422 Cable 15P (open-ended)
Model: 3BDM000340R0001
Qty: Ask
DSU 221
Freelance RS485 Cable
Model: 0336773M
Qty: Ask
DSU 222
Freelance RS232 Cable
Model: 0336774M
Qty: Ask
DSU 223
Freelance RS422 Cable
Model: 0336775M
Qty: Ask
DSU 451
Freelance I/O Cable 0.14mm (2x30 wires)
Model: 3BDM000353R0001
Qty: Ask
DSU 461
Freelance I/O Test Cable
Model: 0339364M
Qty: Ask
DSU 462
Freelance I/O Test Cable
Model: 0338125M
Qty: Ask
EI 801F
EI 801F Ethernet Module 10Base2
Model: 3BDH000015R0001, 3BDH000015R1
Qty: Ask
EI 802F
EI 802F Ethernet Module AUI
Model: 3BDH000016R0001
Qty: Ask
SA 802F
Freelance Power Supply 24VDC
Model: 3BDH000012R0001
Qty: Ask

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