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The MOD 30 product line was originally launched by Taylor Instrument in the early 1980s. Taylor later went through a series of acquisitions. In the 1990s the MODCELL product family was introduced along with a MOD 30ML as a modernization for MOD 30. These introductions were done while these product lines were owned by ABB Kent Taylor with the name later changing to ABB Instrumentation.

Today these product lines are owned by MicroMod Automation. Classic Automation has an inventory of used, surplus MOD 30, MOD 30ML and MODCELL complete unit and parts.

 You can search our on-line inventory database to find the MOD 30, MOD 30ML and MODCELL parts that you require.

 All of our surplus MOD 30, MOD 30ML and MODCELL parts have a 2-Year Warranty.

Classic Automation is also a distributor of new MicoMod Automation products, parts and factory certified repairs. 

 Please Contact Us for new parts, surplus parts, or factory repairs.

You can also visit our ABB main page for more information on our other products, parts, and service offerings for ABB.

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