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Procontic DP800

Classic Automation provides surplus parts and repair services for Procontic DP800. Our Procontic DP800 parts are tested by our technical staff and come with a full 2-year warranty.

You can search our inventory for the Procontic DP800 part numbers that you require or select the Procontic DP800 part number below to view our live inventory levels and repair pricing. If you do not see what you require, please Contact Us and we may be able to source or repair the part for you.

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Classic Automation provides a Procontic DP800 repair service using our extensive experience and test systems to repair your Procontic DP800 parts, and all of our repairs have a 2-year warranty

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07 FP 00 R1
07FP00R1 Filler Module
Model: GJR2267600R1
Qty: 6
07 XS 01
Model: GJR2280721P4
Qty: 36
07 XS 01C-E
07XS01C-E Module
Model: GJR2280700R3
Qty: 42
07 YS 03
07YS03 Module
Model: GJR2263821P4
Qty: 11
07 YS 03B-E
07YS03B-E Digtial Output Module
Model: GJR2263800R3, GJR2263800R1
Qty: 38
10 ED 01
10ED01 Voltage Control Module
Model: GJR2250300R0001
Qty: 2
100 004P1
Blank Plate
Model: HETN 100 004P1
Qty: 50
2000 07P1
Face Plate
Model: HETN 2000 07P1
Qty: 49
Binary Output Module
Model: GJR5145600R0001, GJR5145600R1
Qty: 4
ED 0100B
Model: HESG330065R0001
Qty: 5
ED 0501
ED0501 Termination Panel
Model: HEDT200483 R1
Qty: 6
ED 0502
ED0502 Termination Panel
Model: HEDT 200486 R2, HEDT200486R0002
Qty: 2
ED 0510
ED0510 Termination Panel
Model: HESG 2222070 R1
Qty: Ask
ED 0936
ED0936 Supply Unit
Model: HEDI 301026 R1, HEDI301026R0001
Qty: 1
ED 1310c
ED 1310c Module
Model: HEDT300841R20, ED1310cR20
Qty: 16
ED 1510
ED1510 Module
Model: HESG 330054 R1, HESG330054R0001
Qty: Ask
ED 1530a
ED1530a Module
Model: HESG 330025 R0001, HESG 330025 R1
Qty: Ask
ED 1531
ED1531 Digital Output Module
Model: HESG330030R1, HESG330030R0001
Qty: Ask
ED 1625
ED1625 Module
Model: HEDT 300383 R1, HEDT300383R0001
Qty: Ask
ED 1685B-E
ED1685B-E Module
Model: GJR2343800R2
Qty: Ask
ED 1705
ED1705 Module
Model: HEDT401049P2
Qty: 1
ED 1705A
ED1705A Module
Model: HEDT300843R1
Qty: 7
ED 1715
ED1715 Module
Model: HEDT300371R1
Qty: Ask
ED 1780
ED1780 Module
Model: HEDT401033P2
Qty: 1
ED 1780a
ED1780A System Bus Amplifier Module
Model: HEDT300340R1
Qty: 7
ED 1781
ED1781 Module
Model: HEDT300379R1
Qty: 1
ED 1781A
ED1781A Module
Model: HEDT300379R1
Qty: 1
ED 1781a R1
ED1781aR1 Module
Model: HEDT300379R1
Qty: 1
ED 1790a R1
ED 1790a Termination Module
Model: HESG 300 254 R1, HESG300254R0001
Qty: 3
ED 1790B
ED 1790B Screening Print Module
Model: HESG330057R1
Qty: 13
ED 1803a
ED1803a Module
Model: HEDT 300852 R1, HEDT300852R0001
Qty: 1
ED 1803b
ED1803b Module
Model: HESG330086R1
Qty: Ask
ED 1817
ED1817 Module
Model: HESG330038R1
Qty: 7
ED 1822a
ED1822a Module
Model: HEDT300867R1
Qty: Ask
ED 1844b
ED1844b Module
Model: HESG 330013R1
Qty: 3
ED 1863
ED1863 Interface Module
Model: HEDT 300289 R1, HEDT300289R1
Qty: Ask
ED 1936
Model: HESG 330100 R1
Qty: 1
ED1633 Module
Qty: 1
ES 0502a
ES0502a Termination Panel
Model: HESG 222124 R2
Qty: Ask
ES 1530c
ES1530c Module
Model: HESG 330187R1, HESG 330187R0001
Qty: 1
ES 1688
ES1688 Module
Model: HITE303018R1
Qty: 4
ES 1803c
ES1803c Module
Model: HESG330191R1
Qty: 1
ES 1822c
ES1822c Module
Model: HESG 3302 03 R1
Qty: 2
ES 1836a
ES1836a Module
Model: HESG330159R1
Qty: 3
ES 1836b
ES1836b Module
Model: HESG330186R1, HESG330186R0001
Qty: 7
35DS90A-E Module
Model: 35DS90A-E
Qty: 3
4 Channel Axis Module
Model: 35AE92
Qty: Ask
4 Channel Axis Module
Model: 35AE92
Qty: Ask
35ZE93 Module
Model: 35ZE93C
Qty: 1

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