ABB Procontrol P13 Decontic

Procontrol P13 Decontic

Classic Automation provides surplus parts and repair services for Procontrol P13 Decontic. Our Procontrol P13 Decontic parts are tested by our technical staff and come with a full 2-year warranty

You can search our inventory for the Procontrol P13 Decontic part numbers that you require or select the Procontrol P13 Decontic part number below to view our live inventory levels and repair pricing. If you do not see what you require, please Contact Us and we may be able to source or repair the part for you.

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Classic Automation provides a Procontrol P13 Decontic repair service using our extensive experience and test systems to repair your Procontrol P13 Decontic parts, and all of our repairs have a 2-year warranty.


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AP5524a Module
Model: HTGR 414729 R1, HTGR414729R0001
Qty: 2
AT 5513a
AT5513a Module
Model: HEIA404921R1, HEIA404921R0001
Qty: Ask
BT 370A-E
BT370 Module
Model: GJR2 3074 00 R1, GJR2307400R0001
Qty: 3
BT 5506a-E
BT5506a-E Module
Model: HEIA405343R1, HEIA405343R0001
Qty: 10
CT 305a
CT 305a Module
Model: GJR2185100, GJR2185100R1, GJR2185100R0001,
Qty: 6
CT 370a
CT 370a Module
Model: GJR2 237500 R1, GJR2237500R0001
Qty: 2
CT 5536a
CT5536a Module
Model: HEIE420807R1, HEIE420807R0001
Qty: 8
DC 371a
DC 371a Group Control Module
Model: GJR2 237100 R1, GJR2237100R0001
Qty: Ask
DC 372a
Step Control Module
Model: GRJ2 238200R1 , GRJ2238200R0001
Qty: Ask
DC 375a
DC375a Operating Mode Controller Module
Model: GJR2 304400 R1, GJR2304400R0001
Qty: 2
DD 370A
DD370A Diode Module
Model: GJR2237400R0001, GJR2237400R1
Qty: 3
DD 371a
DD 371a Module
Model: HEIE 420334 R1
Qty: 1
DD 603
I/O Module
Model: GJR2 9110 00 R1
Qty: 1
DT 337b
DT 337b Module
Model: GJR2158000, GJR2158000R1, GJR2158000R0001
Qty: 5
DT 338b R1
DT 338b R1 Module
Model: GJR2158100R1, GJR2158100R0001
Qty: 2
DT 370a
DT 370a AND Gate Module
Model: GJR2 237600 R1, GJR2237600R0001
Qty: 2
DT 371a
DT371a Module
Model: GJR2 242100 R1, GJR2242100R0001
Qty: 7
DT 5534a
DT5534a Module
Model: HEIE420575R1,HEIE420575R0001
Qty: 14
DT 5535a
DT5535a Module
Model: HEIE420578R0001, HEIE420578R1
Qty: 11
DT680E Module
Model: GJRZ923100R1
Qty: 2
DT681E Module
Model: GJR2923200R1
Qty: 1
DT682E Module
Model: GJR2923300R1
Qty: 1
ET 372 B-E
ET 372 Module
Model: GJR230B600R1
Qty: Ask
ET 5502a
ET5502a Module
Model: HEIA405502R1, HEIA405502R0001
Qty: 3
DT 601E Logic Module E
Model: DT 601E
Qty: 3
DT 602 Module
Model: DT 602
Qty: 3
DT605 Module
Model: DT605
Qty: 3
LT 604 Module
Model: GJR5134700R1
Qty: 3
CT606 Control Module
Model: CT606
Qty: 8
HESG 446037 R1 Extender Module
Model: HESG 446037 R1
Qty: 35
KT 5191a
KT 5191a Module
Model: HEIA 100323 R1
Qty: Ask
KT 7386a
KT 7386a Module
Model: HEIE 210050 R1, HEIE210050R0001
Qty: 5
KT 8991a
KT 8991a Module
Model: HESG 446869 R1
Qty: Ask
LA 370a-E
LA370a-E Voltage/Current Converter Module
Model: HEIE 421267 R1, HEIE421267R0001
Qty: 2
LR 379a-E
LR379a-E Relay Module
Model: GJR2 242000 R1, GJR2242000R0001
Qty: Ask
LR317b-E R1
LR370a-E Relay Module
Model: GJR2 242000 R1, GJR2242000R0001
Qty: 3
LR370a-E Relay Module
Model: GJR2 242000 R1, GJR2242000R0001
Qty: 3
LT 370c
LT 370c Module
Model: GJR2 336500 R1
Qty: 6
LT 371a
LT 371a Buffer Module
Model: GJR2 240200 R1
Qty: 1
LT 9673a
LT 9673a Module
Model: HESG 446076 R1
Qty: 4
Positioner Controller F BBC-EH
Model: HEIA201026R0002, HEIA201026R2
Qty: Ask
PT 5501a
PT5501a Module
Model: HEIA 404828 R1, HEIA404828R0001
Qty: 6
PT 5504a
PT5504a Module
Model: HEIA 404656 R1, HEIA40656R0001
Qty: 2
PT 5505a
PT5505a Module
Model: HEIA 404678 R1, HEIA404678R0001
Qty: Ask
Voltage-Current Insulated Converter
Model: HEIA302753R0001
Qty: Ask
Programmable Compact Controller
Model: HESG223044R0001
Qty: Ask
QT 370a-E
QT 370a-E Summation and Amplification Module
Model: GJR2311200R1, GJR2311200R0001
Qty: 3
RT 370a-E R1
Single Value Step Controller
Model: HEIE 210 157 R1, HEIE210157R0001
Qty: Ask
RT 372a-E
RT372a-E Single Value PI Controller Module
Model: HEIE210162R0001, HEIE210162R1
Qty: 3
RT 374a-E R1
RT374 Module
Model: GJR2 313 100 R1, GJR2313100R0001
Qty: 1
RT 374B-E
RT374 Module
Model: GJR2348600 R1
Qty: 2
RT 5509c
RT5509c Timing Element
Model: HESG446318R1,HESG446318R0001
Qty: 14
RT 5533a
RT5533a Module
Model: HEIE420759R1, HEIE420759R0001
Qty: 3
RT480 Module
Model: GNT7081401R
Qty: 1
RT481 Module
Model: GNT7081299R1
Qty: 5
ST 370B-ER1
ST370b-ER1 Analog Memory Module
Model: GJR2310500R0001, GJR 2310500 R1
Qty: Ask
ST 370c-E
ST370c-E Analog Memory Module
Model: GJR 2310500 R1, GJR2310500R0001
Qty: 1
ST 370d-E
ST370d-E Analog Memory Module
Model: GJR 338100 R1, GJR338100R0001
Qty: 1
ST701E Module
Model: HITR402804R0001
Qty: 1
UA 372b-E
UA372b-E Module
Model: HEIE 420870 R1, HEIE420870R0001
Qty: 10
UA 372c-E
UA372c-E Module
Model: HESG 446000 R1, HESG446000R0001
Qty: 8
UA 373c-E
UA373c-E Signal Distribution Module
Model: HESG 446063 R1, HESG446063R1
Qty: Ask
UA 375c-E
UA375c-E Signal Distrubution Module
Model: HESG 446000 R2, HESG446000R0002
Qty: 2
UA 377a-E
UA377a-E Module
Model: HEIE 421204 R1, HEIE421204R0001
Qty: Ask
UA 377b-E
UA377b-E Module
Model: HESG 446429 R1, HESG446429R0001
Qty: 1
UA 380a-E
UA 380a-E Module
Model: HEIE 421392 R1, HEIE421392R0001
Qty: 1
UA 382a-E
Transmitter Module
Model: HESG446081R0001, HESG446081R1
Qty: 2
UA 383a-E
UA383a-E Expansion Module
Model: HESG446039R0001, HESG446039R1
Qty: Ask
UA374 B-E
UA374 B-E Signal Distribution Module
Model: GJR2318500R2
Qty: Ask
UA 379 a-E Speed Transducer Module
Model: HSEG332084R0001, HSEG 332084 R1
Qty: 7
UB 371a-E
UB371a-E Module
Model: HEIE 420800 R1, HEIE420800R0001
Qty: 6
UB 7391b-E
UB7391b-E Module
Model: HEIE 421004 R1, HEIE421004R0001
Qty: 1
UT 370a
UT370a Module
Model: GJR2 212600 R1, GJR2212600R001
Qty: 6
UT 370a V2
UT370a V2 Module
Model: GJR2 212600 R2, GJR2212600R002
Qty: 3
UT 371a V2
UT371a V2 Interrogation Module
Model: GJR2 212700 R2, GJR2212700R0002
Qty: Ask
UT 372c
UT 372c-sR1 Module
Model: GKWN000070R1, UT 372c-sR1
Qty: 3
UT 373a
UT373a Module
Model: GJR2 237300 R1
Qty: Ask
UT 374c-E
UT374c-E Module
Model: HEIE4221331R1, HEIE4221331R0001
Qty: Ask
UT 375b-E
UT375b-E Module
Model: HEIE 421101 R1, HEIE421101R0001
Qty: Ask
UT 376a-E
UT376a-E Module
Model: GJR2 308200 R1, GJR2308200R0001
Qty: 2
UT 377a-E
UT377a-E Module
Model: HEIE 421304 R1, HEIE421304R1
Qty: Ask
UT 378a-E
UT378a-E Module
Model: HEIE 420632R1, HEIE420632R0001
Qty: Ask
UT 378B-E
UT378B-E Module
Model: HEIE 420632R1, HEIE420632R0001
Qty: Ask
UT 5507a
UT5507a Module
Model: HEIA404926R1, HEIA404926R0001
Qty: 4
Monitoring module
Model: HESG447475R0002
Qty: Ask
UT735E Module
Model: GJR2328100R0001
Qty: 1
Vibration Monitor Unit Analyzer
Model: HEIE420007R0001
Qty: Ask
VT 314c
VT 314c Module
Model: GJR2157600R1, GJR2157600R0001
Qty: 1
VT 374a-E
Simple Drive Control Unit 2-Fold
Model: GJR2240400R1, GJR2240400R0001
Qty: Ask
XB 370a
XB370a Binary Transmitter
Model: HEIE 421443 R1, HEIE421443R0001
Qty: Ask
XB 381a
XB381a Module
Model: WDIB771217R0001
Qty: 5
XB 8970a
XB8970a Binary Simulation Module
Model: HESG 216563 R1, HESG216563R0001
Qty: 2
XB 8971b
XB8970a Analog Simulation Module
Model: HESG 446097 R1, HESG446097R0001
Qty: 1
Compensation Resistor
Model: HEIE420696R0001
Qty: Ask
XS 310c-E R1
XS 310 Module
Model: GJR2206300R1
Qty: 1
XT 375a-E
XT 375a-E Module
Model: HEIE 420142 R1
Qty: Ask
XT 377 e-E
XT 377 e-E Supervisoy Module
Model: HESG 446624R1
Qty: 29
XT 377D-S
XT377D Module
Model: GJR2 3205 00 R10, GJR2320500R0010
Qty: Ask
XT 378d-E
XT378D-E Module
Model: GJR2330300R0010
Qty: Ask
XT 378E-E
XT378E-E Module
Model: HESG446626R0001,HESG446626R1
Qty: Ask

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