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VIPA System 300S - SPEED7

Classic Automation provides surplus parts for VIPA 300V-SPEED7. Our VIPA 300V-SPEED7 parts come with a full 2-year warranty.

With the VIPA “SPEED7 Technology”, system 300S is the fastest control system in the world programmable with STEP7 from Siemens. The maximum memory for program and data has already been integrated into the SPEED7 CPUs. The CPUs can be operated without an additional memory card. Depending on the CPU type, the integrated work memory can be expanded up to 8 MByte with the VIPA Memory extension card as required. All CPUs in the System 300S are equipped with an Ethernet Interface for PU/OP communication. A CP343 interface for TCP/IP communication has been integrated in the 'NET' CPUs. Because of its high performance and scalable memory, system 300S is especially suitable for mid to high range applications.


Very fast processing and cycle times - up to 100.000 instructions per ms – increase the output of machinery and manufacturing plants.


Due to the standard bus system mixed operation of VIPA and Siemens components is possible.


The High SPEED-Bus is designed for very fast applications. Use of special high-performance VIPA modules such as AIO, DIO, fieldbus modules, communication modules etc. is possible.

Programming Language

Programmable with STEP7 from Siemens or WinPLC7 from VIPA GmbH.


As a standard, all SPEED7 CPUs are equipped with an Ethernet, MPI and PtP interface. Depending on the CPU type a Profibus-DP-Master or Ethernet CP have been integrated. 


Each CPU does have a webpage, which can be accessed in an internet browser. On this webpage, information about the firmware state, current cycle-times, etc. can be gathered.

Standard MMC Card

The MMC card is used for back-up, storage of program/data and also for running the CPU (for CPU operation use of the MMC is not obligatory).

Memory Management

Via a memory configuration card it is possible to increase the working memory of the CPU up to max. 8 Mbyte without changing the hardware.

Stock Cost

Using SPEED7 technology your stock of different CPU types reduces to a minimal amount designs.

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