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Repair Services

At Classic Automation, industrial parts repair process focuses on functional testing. High quality, comprehensively tested repairs are made with system-specific test fixtures. Hundreds of different testing fixtures are used to meet the variety of tests required and all repaired items have a 2-year warranty.

Advanced diagnostic tools are used to quickly pinpoint the root problem. State-of-the-art equipment is available to replace high density components for:

  • Classic Automation LLC Control Systems Repair (DCS, PLC, CNC)
  •  Panel Controllers Repair
  •  HMI and Display Panels Repair
  •  Industrial PCs Repair
  •  Drives Repair (Inverter and Servo)
  •  Power Supply Repair

As a preventive maintenance measure, all components subject to high degradation with age, such as electrolytic capacitors and NVRAM, are replaced. Great care is taken to retain application programs and data parameters. 

Fixed-prices for repair services are offered. For many parts listed you can generate your own repair quote and return material authorization online. If pricing is not listed, fast no-cost evaluation can be made to determine the repair pricing. In these cases, you will be contacted for approval prior to us starting any repairs. 

Back-up and Documentation Services

Services to load, backup, or document your application programs are also available for a very wide range of control systems, panels, and drives. We can accept files via e-mail or may be able to upload them from equipment sent in for repair. Please contact us for additional details for your specific equipment.  


How to Obtain Repair Pricing

RMA Cart

In the right-hand column, go to the ‘Part Search’ field and type in the part number. Then click ‘Search’ button. Select "Request RMA" from the bottom of the part detail page and add the item to your cart to receive an RMA number. You can also request a quote once the item is in your cart.

If the part you need repaired is not listed on our website, use the button below to request an RMA. 

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