Trade-in Program

Panelicity® Series 36 

Trade-in Program


Panelicity® Series 36 is a powerful process panel controller in a small package with pre-defined displays, alarms, trends, and standard industrial control strategy templates. It is designed to simplify the migration of older legacy controllers to modern technology.  Learn more about Panelicity®.

Trade-in your old 1/2 DIN (3x6) controllers for credit and migrate to a new Panelicity. The trade-in value varies based on the type and condition of your controller.

Panelicity Trade-in Program | Classic Automation

Eligible controllers for trade-in:

  • Siemens Moore 351, 352, 352P,353, 372, 382, 383
  • Foxboro 760CNA, 761CNA, 762CNA
  • Honeywell PC6301, PC6302, PC6303
  • Preferred Instruments PC-III
  • Yokogawa YS-131, YS-150, YS-170
  • Taylor/ABB/MicroMOD MOD 30, MOD 30ML
  • F&P/Bailey/ABB/MicroMOD  MicroDCI
  • Bailey/ABB/MicroMOD CLC01, CLC03, SLC01, 53MC5000, 53SC6000


Download Panelicity Trade-in Program Information (PDF)