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MOD 300

Classic Automation can help you lower the maintenance costs of your ABB MOD 300 system. We have a huge inventory of MOD 300 parts to meet your maintenance or even expansion needs. We can also provide maintenance and engineering services through our team of MOD 300 experts.

You can also visit our ABB main page for more information on our other products, parts, and service offerings for ABB.

ABB Taylor MOD 300 Parts

Classic Automation has a complete test system for Multibus, SC Controllers, Model B (6000 Series) Controllers, and Advant Stations. We can also provide formatted MHM (Winchester) and SCSI drives configured for MOD 300 operation and a large supply of TRIO blocks.

LCD Monitors for MOD 300

Classic Automation provides industrial-grade LCD panels for MOD 300 Multibus consoles. These LCD monitors have a revolutionary built-in display conversion technology designed to work with the signals from the MOD 300 video module. These LCD monitors are also designed for the rugged, high performance and reliability requirements of control rooms.

Migration Planning and Engineering


The ABB MOD 300 and Advant OCS experts at Classic Automation have many years of migration planning and engineering experience.

We can provide a full range of documentation services for your existing system such as the control and I/O database, TCL, TLL, graphics and batch configuration. We can handle any type of media such as streaming tapes, MHM and SCSI disks and DAT tapes as the source for the documentation.

We can also provide full migration plans and do site engineering.

 ABB MOD 300 Asset Recovery

We are interested in buying surplus ABB MOD 300 and Advant OCS systems and parts. Send us a note with a list and description of the items you wish to sell to customerservice@classicautomation.com.

Historical Information

The MOD 300 system was developed by a company called Taylor. This company has an interesting heritage that Classic Automation is proud to make available through the document links below.

Heritage of Taylor Instrument 

Download Taylor History PDF 

Taylor Instrument - Graduated by years from 0 to 100 

Republished 1951 document about the first 100 years of Taylor

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