Panelicity ™ Series 36 

Experience the Simplicity

Panelicity Series 36 | Classic Automation

The Panelicity™ Series 36 feature intuitive operator interfaces with pre-defined template options to replace commonly used legacy 3x6 panel controllers.

With Panelicity, you can implement up to two control loops with just one slim 3x6 panel controller. This small footprint eliminates panel depth restrictions.

Simply replace your existing controllers with updated technology. Migrate your current configurations to pre-defined templates in Panelicity. Work with us to customize and install your panel controller if needed.

Reasons to Choose Panelicity:

  • Easy Installation
  • Intuitive Menu Options
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Money Saving
  • Updated Technology

Contact us to experience the simplicity of Panelicity or view the Classic Automation main page for more parts, products, and service offerings. 

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Panelicity Series 36 Controller
Model: Series 36
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