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Phoenix Contact


Classic Automation provides surplus parts and repair services for Phoenix Contact. Our Phoenix Contact parts are tested by our technical staff and come with a complete 2-year warranty.

The Phoenix Contact part numbers can be complex and confusing. Most items have both a model number and an order number, and some also have an assembly number. A good example is the part number 2725891. It is a replacement digital I/O electronic module with the model number IBS STME 24 BK RB-T DIO8/8/3LK. This is only for the replacement electronics. The complete assembly part number for the electronics and termination module is on the back of the complete assembly. The complete assembly part number (electronics and termination module) would be 2726049 with a module number IB ST ZF 24BK. When you search you will see both options in our database. We normally sell complete assemblies, but can often provide individual electronics or terminations upon request.

You can search our inventory for the Phoenix Contact part numbers that you require or select the Phoenix Contact part number below to view our live inventory levels and repair pricing. If you do not see what you require, please Contact Us and we may be able to source or repair the part for you.

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Hand Held Monitor
Qty: 1
03 DP/AC
DIGIPOW- AC Output Amplifier
Model: 11745
Qty: Ask
Marker Carriers
Model: UBE
Qty: 1
Thermomagnetic Device Circuit Breaker
Model: TMC 62C 01A, TMC 62C 1A
Qty: 6
TMC 62C 6A Thermomagnetic Device Circuit Breaker
Model: TMC 62C 6A
Qty: 1
Fuse Plug - ST-SILA250-UK 4--EACH
Qty: Ask
Blank Terminal Block Label Strips - 10 pack
Qty: 50
End Clamp
Model: E/UK 1
Qty: 4
End Clamp Terminal Block
Model: E-UK
Qty: 4
Modular Connector
Model: VS-TO-RO-MCBK- F1418/1418
Qty: 1

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