Schoppe & Faeser

Classic Automation provides surplus parts for Schoppe & Faeser. Our Schoppe & Faeser parts come with a complete 2-year warranty.

You can search our inventory for the Schoppe & Faeser part numbers that you require or select the Schoppe & Faeser part number below to view our live inventory levels. If you do not see what you require, please Contact Us and we may be able to source the part for you.

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Fusing Module
Model: CS 435
Qty: 13
Diode Module
Model: CS 430
Qty: 26
CPD 11
Redundant Power Supply Rack
Model: 073281
Qty: 13
PBW 83
Single Function Control Module
Model: 0775668
Qty: 2

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