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ABB Procontrol P13


We have a huge inventory of ABB (BBC) Procontrol P13 modules, racks and accessories available. We have extensive test systems and experience with P13 modules. We can provide Procontrol P13 module repairs and also extend the life of your modules proactively through electrolytic capacitor replacement.

You can also visit our ABB main page for more information on our other products, parts, and service offerings for ABB.

Procontrol P13

We can also provide the ABB (BBC) Decontic modules that are often used as part of ABB Procontrol P13 installations. 

We can provide application services to make program changes, burn new application proms and do advanced system troubleshooting. These site services are provided by our sister company Automation Evolution

Procontrol P13






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70 AA 02a-E
70 AA 02a-E Analog Output Module
Model: HESG 446433 R1
Qty: 259
70 AB 01a
70 AB 01a Digital Output Module
Model: GJR2 312000 R2, GJR2312000R0002
Qty: 146
70 AB 01b-E
70AB01b-E Digital Output Module
Model: HESG 446867 R2, HESG446867R0002
Qty: 478
70 AB 02a-E
Digital Output Module
Model: GJR2 313600 R3, GJR2313600R0003
Qty: 55
70 AB 02B-E
Digital Output Module
Model: HESG446933R0002
Qty: 21
70 AS 00a
70AS00a Motor Drive Controller
Model: HESG 332079 R1, HESG332079R0001
Qty: 1
70 AS 00b
70AS00b Motor Drive Controller
Model: HESG 332118 R1, HESG332118R00011
Qty: 139
70 AS 04b-E
70 AS 04b-E Motor Control Module
Model: HESG 332140 R1
Qty: 11
70 AS 06a-E
70 AS 06a-E Module
Model: HESG 332112 R1
Qty: Ask
70 AS 10b-E
70AS10b-E Motor Drive Controller
Model: HESG 332118 R1, HESG332118R00011
Qty: 116

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